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Part 46: Mission 15 - Towards an Unseen Tomorrow - Part 3

Unified Route Chapter 15 Part 3

Turn 6

The aliens retreat as quickly as they appeared and it’s now clear the Eldar have also allied themselves with the Gaizock.
Heizaemon remembers their ancient texts mentioning the Gaizock as a race on a mission to destroy all civilizations – if the Eldar have allied with them, then they’re also to be feared and Ichitaro wants to pass this information along to Tsukikage in Trinity City ASAP.
Shaia is very relieved that it’s all over but Jabby seems to have felt something and Mimsy asks if it’s a transfer; similar but he says it feels much more dangerous than one.
Kei remembers being told that Jabby can sense when space-time is being warped and wonders why he’s afraid of this one; Meyrin, meanwhile, has just received an SOS message coming from a nearby Moon Race ship and Talia is confused as to why they’re here when they descended in North Ameria.
It seems they’re being attacked by unknown assailants and are trying to escape – in fact, Saegusa detects that they’re escaping right towards us.

It’s the Soreil being attacked by a bunch of Fallen Angels, with Phil angry that the monsters are still chasing after them.
Milan has already sent the SOS requesting help from our group and, surprisingly, Phil detects the monsters switching their target from them to us; this works for Milan as it allows the Soreil to evacuate the area.
Of course, Arthur isn’t happy that they pushed the monsters onto us before bailing; the Gravion team has never seen Fallen Angels before, so Runa asks what are those skeletons and giant hands (Mizuki seems to have some data on them).
Toga sees something else coming our way, though.

That’d the Aquarion, with Silvia identifying them as coming from DEAVA.
Apollo gives us the rundown on the Fallen Angels and Mimsy has heard of them and their habit of stealing human souls; Pierre is in the Vector Mars today and tells her to leave the disposal of those things to professionals.
Setsuko is surprised at yet another batch of monsters that inhabit the multi-dimensional world while Rand didn’t expect the Aquarion folk to also have been brought over.

The Iron Gear and Freeden are right behind them, too.
Silvia recognizes them as the people they met before the dimensional collapse; Apollo thought they didn’t make it but now he sees Jiron and the others are real tough.
Silvia has to wonder what they’re doing here, though, as their timing is a bit too good to be a coincidence and Garrod says they came over because of a premonition that Tifa had; as for the Iron Gear, they received a message from the Freeden to come here right as they were reaching Galia.
Jamil apologizes for the sudden call but Tifa’s premonition showed something of utmost importance happening here and, whatever it is, it’ll concern many humans - all of us included; Gain is interested in knowing what’s going on and Gwen says Gauli, Bello, Gavane and Joseph have gone after the Moon Race (though “Kihel” is a bit dejected that she missed the Soreil again).
Still, Garrod has to wonder what’s going on here as he can see Zaft, AEUG, Super Robots, Gekkostate and Emaanian units working together – Gainer is also very impressed at the mix of robots from many different worlds; Bright asks the DEAVA folks to explain the situation and Apollo figures all he needs to know is that the Fallen Angels will harvest our lives if we leave them be.
Silvia says that the Aquarion was made to fight them and Apollo adds that it’s already too late to try to escape as the Fallen Angels are already coming after us; Pierre, then, asks everyone to lend them a hand and fight back!
Jamil asks if Tifa’s dream referred to us fighting these Fallen Angels and, while she’s not sure about that, she knows that we HAD to come here; Garrod and Jiron have fought the things before and tell Jamil of how dangerous they are – they have to fight.

Holland is very annoyed that that they can’t escape now, while Kei can only contemplate their running into Chiram, Feds, Aliens and monsters in one day.
Shaia isn’t sure what to do but Setsuko says we’ve no choice but to fight too – if anything, she’s going to do so in order to carry out Glory Star’s mission; Rand, meanwhile, is also ready to dismantle those skeletons even in another world.
Pierre is ready to show his stuff but Silvia is annoyed at how excited he is just because he was designated to replace Sirius for the day; Apollo doesn’t really care who’s in the Mars and Luna, as HE’s going to beat all the Fallen Angels and get Baron back!

OK, here it is, the final wave of enemy and ally reinforcements. We got a bunch of Fallen Angels, and some new mechs to handle them.

Three turns left in the stage, there's no need to worry about Gravion's time limit anymore, so I boost up Toga's Will.

Fortunately, the Fallen Angels aren't in squads.

Ah yes. This is why Fallen Angels are a pain. Stupid high HP.

Still, at this point we have a fair amount of Will on most of the units. Plus with Support Attacks as force multipliers... it's fairly possible to take all of them out in three turns.

That's one down.

Maria repairs Godsigma.

And Kappei gets ready to smack a giant hand.

Ouch. He needs some healing soon.

And here I accidentally move Gainer where he can't hit anybody.

The battleships move up.
Whew, I managed to get every attack the Freeden has on video.

Kei takes aim for one, and yes, the Fallen Angels are male.

Two PLA attacks, and two other attacks, thank you Attack Again.

Moving battleships up (Z throws a ton of Battleships at you) and taking advantage of Bright's Support Attack.

Kamille finished it off after Talia and Bright weakened it.

*Powering down sound*

: What?! Is there a problem with the Gunnery Carver?!

: That’s--!
: …
: There’s no mistaking it…! It’s…it’s…!
: It’s the Chief’s killer!
: Don’t act carelessly, 2nd Lt…!

: Anger has arisen within you…? However, that’s not what I want…
: !

: Urgh…!
: Setsuko, run!
: B-but, that man is…!
: That’s it…Burn with sweet despair.
: I won’t allow it, Asakim!

: Hmph…Toby Watson…!

*Asakim retreats a bit.*

: 1st LT…! 1st LT. Toby, it’s you!
: …Don’t you see the star that I’m carrying, Setsuko?
: Because you too have the burden of the Glory Star!
: I see…I see it, too!
: Toby Watson, Glory Star’s clutch shooter, has just arrived!
: But we’ll have to leave the tearful reunion for later! First off, we’re gonna take out the Chief’s killer!
: 1st LT., do you know who he is?
: His name is Asakim Dowin. Besides that, all I know is that he’s coming after us…!
: Asakim Dowin…
: 1st LT. Toby is alive!
: I thought you were just small-fry but you’re not bad at all!
: I also got something I have to do! I won’t die that easily!
: Let’s go, Setsuko! Cover me!
: Yes, 1st. LT.!
: Hmhmhm…all actors are present.

In Rand’s world, however…

*Powering down sound*

: What’s wrong, Gunleon?! A problem right now?!

: What’s that machine?!
:: Is that him, Mel?
: Without a doubt…! That’s my darling’s Gunleon!
: That voice…Mel?! Is that you?!
: Open the hatch, Darling!

*Asakim moves to the Gunleon and hands Mel over.*

: Darling!!
: Whoa!
: It’s my darling! The man of my dreams!
: Aw, you silly girl! Where were you until now?
: That man… Asakim helped me!
: Indeed.
: You took care of Mel until now? Thanks, bud!
: Don’t worry about it. This was fate.
: You’re a nice fella, ya know…I’m Rand Travis, people know me as…
: THE HEAT, yes? Mel told me about you. That you’re a…passionate man.
Heh…now you’re embarrassing me!
: This isn’t the time to grin, darling! There are Fallen Angels right in front of us!
: Asakim! Give us a hand with these, will ya!
: Understood. My Shurouga and I will lend you our strength.

*Asakim tags into Rand’s squad.

: Rand! You found Mel!
: Welcome home, Mel!
: We’ll hear the rest after we’ve defeated the Fallen Angels! Hang in there, Mel!
: Thanks, guys!
: Gunleon, it got a bit heavier but this seat doesn’t feel empty anymore.
: Let’s go, Mel, Asakim! Time to give these Fallen Angels a Great Dismantling!
:Very well.

Oh yeah, there's one final twist. Asakim! It's a big difference between Setsuko's and Rand's routes on this stage. On Rand's he joins as a temporary ally, while on Setsuko's he's a boss. Let's take a look at him.

Banpresto Originals
Asakim Dowin - Shurouga
Voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa

* Counter (Level 2) - On the opposing side's phase, will sometimes attack before the enemy. Activation rate is determined by the skill stat.
* Perfection - At 130 Will, Hit Rate, Evasion, and Critical Hit rate increased by 30%
* Blocking - If the mech is equipped with a shield and/or sword, can use Sword Block and Shield Block. Sword Block will neutralize melee and missile attacks, while Shield Block will reduce damage taken. Activation rate is based off the skill stat.
* E-Save: The energy costs for weapons is reduced to 80% of standard costs
* Prevail(Level 4) - As the character takes damage, hit rate, evasion, defense, and critical rate will increase.
* Will Limit Break - Pilots maximum Will is increased to 170

Spirit Commands:
* Boost(20) - Caster's Squad gains a one time +4 boost to movement.
* Sense (10) - Casts both "Strike" and "Alert" on the character.
*Mercy(5) - If the caster's Skill stat is higher then the enemy, then the Caster will leave an enemy alive with 10 HP if an attack would normally kill it.

Yeah. Asakim is a nasty boss, hit hits incredibly hard, has high HP and EN regeneration, with pretty high stats just to make things worse for you. He'll basically make a beeline for Toby, and trust me, he can completely wreck him. He's going to be a thorn in our sides for a long time.

This is the player version of him that joins on Rand's version of this stage. Still strong, but obviously lacking boss level HP. Also Asakim traded in the enemy only Perfection for Predict, and just doesn't have E-Save, Prevail, or Will Limit Break at all. Finally, the Player Asakim doesn't have the Shurouga's strongest attack, Ley Buster, available. Also Player Asakim is smiling. Finally, a bit about Asakim's voice actor Hikaru Midorikawa. Midorkawa is a big fan of SRW, and many of the characters he voices get special attention in SRW games, most commonly Heero Yuy of Gundam Wing. And of course, he's fairly famous for voicing Masaki Andoh, pilot of the Elemental Lord of Wind Cybuster and the first original character ever to appear in a Super Robot Wars game. Now, Asakim is meant to evoke the sense of a sort of Evil Masaki, Shuroga having a similar base design and attacks, (the exception being that the Shuroga has no counterpart to Cybuster's strongest attack, Cosmo Nova) and Asakim is even voiced by the same guy. Plus come on, "Asakim Dowin" is an anagram of "Masaki Andoh." Now, what connection, if any beyond meta references, Asakim has to Masaki is completely unknown. Maybe Z3 will answer them, or some OG game. For now he's just a familiar sounding jerk.

I'll need to beat him, the reals here are closer then anyone else, so they get the job of handling him while the rest will blow up the Fallen Angels.

Jiron heads up, Gallia has a pretty good Tri Attack with more ammo then most, so he'll shoot with one of those.

: Don’t botch this up, guys! This is the last leg of our trip before we get home!
: What was that you just said?
: Elchi taught it to me! It’s a phrase to keep people from getting too relaxed as they’re coming back from a trip!
: Heh…very cultural, as expected.
: Culture can’t fill our bellies, though.
: But, once we get back to Galia, we can eat lizard meat again!
: That’s right, so we can’t lose in a place like this!

Thankfully, unlike most Reals the Walker Gallia can take a hit.

Finally, Loran makes his move.

: (Lady Diana and the others are also going to Galia…that issue should be resolved, then…)
: Don’t just stand around doing nothing, Loran! The enemy’s right in front of you!
: Understood, Ms. Sochie!
: (With Inglessa confiscated by the New Federation, Keith and Fran were separated…)
: (However, as a servant of the Heim family, I must keep Ms. Sochie and Ms. Kihel safe at all costs…!)
: (For the two ladies and my deceased master, who made those two years in Inglessa so wonderful…!)
Ok the ∀ can take a hit to, thanks to its HP regen. But, ehhh.. I really need to remember that Loran has SP Regen and use more Focus spam.

Garrod can finish this one off.

: These Fallen Angels are some really freaky things!
: Fallen Angels, eh…well, this crazy world suits monsters like them.
: Was Tifa’s premonition telling us to fight them, then?

But Witz and Roybea do the job first

Aquarion Mars is best for getting to the fight, so I switch around and do some damage to a nearby hand.

: Finally, I’m the head! I’ve been waiting for a long time but my turn’s here at last!
: You better do your best, Pierre! I won’t forgive you if you so much as scratch my brother’s Mars!
: Oh, ye of little faith! Just you wait and see - as Sirius has his sword techniques, I’ve my deadly shots!
: I’m gonna settle this with a Fire Goal!

Good job with that 30% chance dodge Pierre. That's a good note to end the turn on.

On the enemy phase I underestimate how much damage the Fallen Angel can do.
You know, the Aquarion has pretty low HP for a Super. I guess it's size helps with that though.

That triggers the Element System, which isn't quite at "Shatter the game" levels at this point.

And Kappei triggers a miraculous 15% chance dodge!

And of course Asakim goes for Toby.

: Asakim…! I’ve been chasing you all over this crazy world!
: …
: I’ll take you down today, and then I’ll raise a glass of beer for the Chief’s soul!
: It’s dangerous to call upon the souls of the dead. You might find yourself being drawn into the Underworld.
: Huh…
: Furthermore, the emotion I want you to feel is not anger…
: You can spew that nonsense in Hell! Come on!!

Annnnd at this point I skipped out of the animation, thinking Toby was dead, and I needed to restart the stage. But nope, turns out he survived with 515