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Part 47: Mission 15 - Towards an Unseen Tomorrow - Part 4

Turn 7

The Glomar repairs the Virgola 2, but I don't know if it'll help much.

Shinn switches frames and gets ready to smack Asakim in the face with a sword with Setsuko providing Support.

Thanks to Spirit Commands, everyone avoids his High FamiliarTragic Genocider.

At this point I realize I have a dozen people able to cast Trust so Maria heals Toby the rest of the way.
I meant to use her Jack Carver, but I forgot that pressing O when leaving the "select support attack" goes back to default. Oh well it worked out in the end anyways.

A casting of Attune to help the Gekko Go hit him.

So Eureka can unload on him.

And I think that's enough wearing down, I think it's time to finish him off.

Sara casts Cheer on Setsuko.

: Get ready, Asakim! I’m gonna end this right here!
: Tell me something first: why did you kill our Chief?!
: If you knew the answer, you would writhe in even deeper sorrow.
: What?!
: However, right now you should just be happy that you’re reunited with your companion.
: …We’ll meet again, my jeweled offering.

: He vanished. We can’t chase after…
: Asakim Dowin…the Chief’s killer…

With Asakim gone, I can focus back on dealing with the Fallen Angels.

Almost there...

Kei's going to get Resupplied next turn, he just burns through ammo. B-Save is a good skill for him.

Talia removes the last 1000 HP on the thing.

Toga finishes off another.

Toshiya moves to weaken this one with the King Beal.

I love Godsigma.

Kappei ends what Toshiya began.

Gainer finally gets to attack something!

: Siberia’s right in front of us! Don’t play around and get yourself shot in a place like this, Gainer!
: I got it! And, Gain, once you get back to Siberia, you better do a good job!
: Of course...Now, let’s carve some black crosses on these Fallen Angels and get back to that frozen wasteland…!
: (As much as I hate to admit it…Well said…!)

Gainer, sadly, doesn't do to hot against these enemies because they're so much bigger then him. But you know what?

It's time to punch things.

: (Hold on, Baron…I’ll save you from wherever these Fallen Angels took you!)
: And, for that, I can’t lose in a place like this!
So what if a video's been made? You can expect several more videos of Apollo punching things into the moon by the time this LP is done.

Jiron's turn to soften up one.

Good job!

Finish the job Garrod.
I really like the Gundam X's Beam Saber animation

Loran and Elchi bring it down to just 300 HP, come on. Oh well, I end the turn.

At least Loran finishes the job on the enemy phase.

Turn 8

Wow, I have only one Fallen Angel left, and a whole turn to spare.

To ensure I beat it with my next attack, I take have it surrounded. Units take more damage if they're surrounded by opposing units.

The battle’s won and things were even easier than Pierre expected.
Silvia is pretty impressed that these people were able to fight evenly with the Fallen Angels and Apollo’s glad that, if anything, they didn’t get in their way.

In Rand’s path…

: You’re going already, Asakim?
: I’ve delivered Mel to you, so my role is done.
: Thanks, Asakim… I can never thank you enough for this.
: Will we meet again?
: Certainly. Fate will bring us together.
: Well, if you’re ever in trouble, you just need to call the Wandering Repairmen of the Beater Services.
: Wherever you are, we’ll come running, bro!
: Thank you, THE HEAT…may you smile like that next time we meet.
: Asakim…
: What a nice guy…There aren’t a lot of people with pure eyes like that.

Rand’s budding friendship with the guy who calls his weapon “Devil’s Sword” notwithstanding, Talia gets in touch with the Aquarion and asks if they could forward any information they have on the Fallen Angels.
Apollo doesn’t know why she cares, though, seeing how those are DEAVA’s enemies – Zaft’s better off fighting other humans, he says; of course, Shinn protests that they’re not doing this because they like the war.
Pierre sighs at Apollo’s crummy attitude but, regardless, they need to get back home lest “pops” never let them hear the end of it; Pierre quickly apologizes to our folks but says there’s a lot happening, so they need to get going.
Jiron tries to get Apollo to wait but he leaves, thanking him for the lizard meat he gave him before.

Julie is left wondering how such an arrogant, uncooperative man could be piloting a combining mech.
Eiji adds that he’ll take even Toga as the pilot over that guy any day – Toga is his usual straight-faced self but, below that, Mizuki sees that he got a bit annoyed at Eiji’s quip and she considers it to be a step in the right direction; Jiron, however, says that Apollo is a nice guy despite his flaws and Kei’s surprised to hear that he knows him.
Garrod tells him how they hung out for a bit in their previous world; speaking of Garrod, Lunamaria sees that his GX is rather similar to the Second Stage units.
Of course, he says it’s also a Gundam and both Camille and Loran are surprised to see so many Gundams and different units gathered in one place – even a few that are similar to Gavane’s Borjanon; this is Miashey’s first time seeing these famous Super Robots up close and they’re even bigger than she expected (Kappei’s very happy to flex his Zambot-3 muscles).
Stoner, at Matthew’s suggestion, is taking a lot of pictures of this rare moment; Holland isn’t having it, though, reminding them that the Zaft folk are still following them around and calls for them to leave quickly.
Kouji is rather dejected at this, though, as he was hoping to get an autograph from them; Bright is about chase after when Torres detects a unit entering the area.

It’s a Windam: the pilot confirms the presence of everyone and introduces himself as Captain Löwen General, of the New Earth Federation Army Special Forces: Chimera Squad.
Garrod and Sara quickly assume that he’s here to cause trouble but he says it’s not so: he’s here under orders to request our assistance; the Federation asking us for help certainly surprises Bright.
Löwen adds that he’s unarmed and asks to talk to us in person and Jamil is willing to meet him; he thinks that Tifa’s premonition is connected to this man and he’d like to know more.
Heizaemon has heard a bit about the Chimera Squad, as well as the person who commands them…

The meeting with Löwen occurs aboard the Minerva, with Bright and Talia wondering if he came aboard the ship, unarmed, because he’s very confident or very naïve.
As Löwen finishes his introduction, Gwen asks if he came over knowing that nearly all of us are opposed to the New Federation – he did, though only a handful of people in the army know that he’s even here; Elchi figures it’s a secret mission and Löwen, very nervously, confirms.
When Elchi asks why he got so nervous out of nowhere, Löwen apologizes but says he’s not very good with women; either way, Jamil wants to know the reason why a Fed would want a secret meeting with us.
Gain jokingly asks if he’s come to ask our help in staging a Coup but Löwen says he’s not that far off; Bright is surprised at this which Löwen finds curious, as he knows the reason the AEUG was created was to thwart the Titan's perverse designs for the old Earth Federation - the person who gave him his orders shares in a similar viewpoint.
The New Federation was created by the union of several great powers from other worlds and that helped consolidate its dominance over the world; however, a terrible power struggle has started to rot the insides of the organization, with governance of the new combined world at stake.
Gain wonders, if things are this bad, why don’t they just split up the Federation and be done with it? Löwen, however, says the current situation wouldn’t allow for that kind of separation of the armed forces and Heizaemon knows why: the existence of the many exterior threats.
Löwen says that, as we know, the world is currently is surrounded by chaos: the Plants, Colonies, the Former Space Revolutionary Army, the relations between the Chiram and Emaan, the Moon Race’s homecoming, the various alien invasions, Fallen Angels…there are numerous enemies for the New Federation to face.
Gain knows that, as the self-styled “world police”, the Feds can’t afford to ignore any of those but, as Gwen realizes, the Feds won’t be able to fight properly if the control of the army is lost during that power struggle.

And, as Löwen points out, if the war keeps expanding, the common folk will be further affected and he wants to find a way to protect them from having to deal with even more confusion.
Bright and Talia mention that Durandal also wishes the same, which is why he ordered the Minerva and Argama teams to only attack structures directly controlled by the Titans; facing this situation, Löwen says they’ve been gathering supporters in secret as a way to initiate a reform of the Federation Army – which is why he came here, to request that we join their fight to protect the world order.
The proposition is to continue fighting the forces that are driving the Federation army apart, but add the aliens and other external threats to the list; the result is sort of a fusion of the AEUG, Zaft and King Beal Team's mission.
Heizaemon presumes it was Löwen’s superior the mysterious supporter inside the army that allowed the Blue Fixer to keep acting independently but he’s not at liberty to confirm nor deny that – he’s a soldier, after all; still, Bright agrees that our desire of world peace is the same and everyone here has shown willingness to fight against aliens and Fallen Angels today.
Quattro, however, figures that Löwen asking us to band together is a different story as he’s from the Federation Army; he’s feeling like there’s a hidden agenda here and wants to know what it is, as it could be the Feds are simply using us for it.
Löwen expected that Quattro’s eyes wouldn’t be fooled and, inwardly, Quattro thinks he probably knows about his past if he knows how the AEUG was formed.

Löwen says that, truth be told, the current New Federation Army isn’t really an organization seeking the protection of ALL the people.
Talia figures he’s talking about the anti-Coordinator and anti-Spacenoid policies but it’s not just that: as is, the army considers even the possibility of abandoning entire regions – Federation members, too – to fend for themselves; of course, Bright knows that that’s not an impossible course-of-action with the Titans in control, as they’ve been known to sacrifice people who do not follow their will.
Löwen says he’s correct and, as Jamil imagines, what he wants is our help to save the people that the Federation has abandoned and his superior is willing to provide us with resources, information and funds to do so – not as a reward but merely as a way to help us indirectly; naturally, they’re aware of our situation and won’t force us to cooperate any more than we’d like but he wants to ask us to lend our power to safeguard peace and order on the planet.
Gwen certainly sees the merit behind Löwen’s words as, if anything, joining our forces together would greatly boost our power (plus, it’d also help his own goals); Bright and Talia can’t make a decision like this on their own but they give their conditional approval for now – pending actual approval from Durandal.
Löwen thanks her nonetheless, as being able to establish connections with Durandal in person will already prove very helpful; Elchi asks Gain if they can join in, too, and he agrees as having a contact within the army could help the Exodus – despite being part of the Federation, Siberia is controlled by the Siberian Rail but Löwen will still help in any way possible.
Jamil is also on board as he also has a few things he’d like to ask Löwen to look into and Shaia will also help but, as an Emaanian, they will require payment; Heizaemon figures this to for the best in the fight against the aliens and offers his group’s combat data to everyone.

Löwen is certainly happy, deeply thanking everyone for accepting.
Gwen says that’s not necessary, though, as everyone here shares the same wish for peace and order; first things first, then: Löwen will need to install UN terminals in our ships so we can keep in touch and promises that he’ll never forget this day – when everyone joined forces to protect their planet.
Bright and Gain really like the sound out that – it’s certainly something on a much bigger scale than usual but Elchi figures it’s nothing to be afraid of as everyone’s going to give it their best!
Jamil now understands that this was what Tifa’s prophecy was leading them to.

Outside, Toby has just learned that Setsuko had been searching for him.
She says that, despite losing Denzel, she didn’t forget that she was a member of Glory Star, so she went looking for him in hopes of fulfilling their mission to complete the Virgola; Toby adds that they’ve something else to do, too: defeat the one who killed Denzel.
Setsuko asks if he’s been chasing after Asakim all this time but, more than that, he’s fought against the guy a few times; furthermore, today’s battle has made it clear that he’s coming after Glory Star members.
Why he’s doing it, Toby cannot say, as he did try arguing with the guy previously but got nothing so far; he plans on making Asakim tell them everything the next time he shows up, though.
He says that neither of them can return to the army and asks if Setsuko really intends to continue the work of Glory Star despite that; she does as it’s all she has left in this world and Toby, at least, says they’ll both carry on that mission from here on out.
She answers with a hearty “Sir! Yes, sir!” but, considering they’re no longer soldiers, he only has one last order as her superior officer: call him Toby, as they’re partners now!

Back in Rand's world...

Mel tells Rand that, apparently, she doesn’t remember the moment Asakim rescued her – when she came to, she was already with him.
Rand asks if she knows who he is but he didn’t say much – only that he’s part of an organization; Rand wonders if it’s the Federation but she doesn’t know – he wasn’t working alone, though, as he got in touch with someone every now and then.
Whoever it was had ways of gathering information which was how they found Rand in the first place; either way, he’s very glad she’s safe – with his trademarked smile, Rand adds that he could never face the boss if something happened to her.
Mel complains at how stifling he’s acting and Rand’s shocked at this: didn’t she always love the “Heat Smile”? She says that she might’ve changed her tastes a bit after spending time with Asakim.
Rand wonders if he’s no longer her “darling” and Mel quips that she’s still young, so she has time to consider her options, no? Rand sighs, thinking of it’s obvious who’ll be the “stifling” man if she compares the two of them like that.
Mel, inwardly, apologizes for playing around as she knows how frantically he was searching for her – she is thankful and wishes to keep travelling and searching for her father.
Rand tells her to go sleep and she offers to sleep by his side as a special reward for today but Rand tells her to try that line again once her figure’s shapelier.

Once you clear the stage you get an extra bonus. 30,000 Credits and 500 Blue Stones. It should be noted that the game gives you more cash if you're on lower difficulties.

But we're not done yet.

SECRET ALERT: Before progressing to the next stage, go to the Bazaar.

Kei’s showing everyone around the Market, with Kouji impressed at how different it is.
Kappei figures people could buy anything in here and, indeed, Kei doesn’t think there’s any good the Emaanians can’t procure; Mimsy’s quite impressed that Kei’s already speaking like an actual Emaanian.
When Keiko asks, Kei does confirm that he came from their world and made his Orguss by combining his old Bronco II with a Drifand; speaking of, Kouji has noticed that both the Emaan and Chiram seem to have inertial control tech, a subject he was researching back in his world, and asks if he can get more detailed info.
All this technical stuff isn’t really up Kei’s alley and Mimsy recommends checking with Leeg for a basic explanation, and Kouji sounds confident he can take it from there.
In fact, Uchuuta says some textbooks on the theory are on sale at a nearby booth; as Kouji runs off to buy it, Kappei confesses to be surprised that he’s just a studious guy, making Keiko get annoyed at how he makes it sound like a bad thing.
Either way, Kei has to wonder what he’s planning on using that inertial control tech for.

Once you're in the Bazaar buy the Inertial Engineering Manual. Like every Secret Bazaar item it's only 10 Blue Stones. It's impossible to not be able to afford it.

Whatever it is, has just been completed with some help from Leeg and Kouji thanks him.
No thanks are needed as any engineer would be glad to work on a mech from a different world – plus, it’s a good way to pass time during Shaia’s meetings; as Kei notices, it seems that Kouji’s applied that inertial damping theory to some sort of flying saucer thing.
He used the SuperAlloy New-Z fragment to build the inertia control system and asks if the people like it – Kappei does, impressed he made an UFO out of all that junk; mind you, he tells Kappei, UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object, so what he made is a TFO (Terra Flying Object).
Maria doesn’t think it would be very useful in battle but Kouji thinks that’s no problem and thinks Maria simply doesn’t understand a man’s passion; Leeg, still, agrees with her and figures he’s got a few things lying around that could do the trick.
Kouji approves and vows to prove to Maria how powerful his new TFO is!

[i]Secret Found!
By letting the Double Spazer get hit on Stage 15, buying the Fragment of SuperAlloy New-Z, and then finally the Inertial Engineering Manual, we got a new mech!

The TFO!

The TFO is overall a support unit.It's a great support unit though. It's small and agile, and it has both Repair and Resupply abilities. Also it has a useful post movement ammo based Tri-Attack, with 4 Ammo, that's a ton for a Tri Attack. It's perfectly reasonable to switch the TFO to the front and just spam that Tri Attack and then switch away once it's spent. Personally I like to put Maria in it, because she's a support character with an offensive lean, just like the TFO. One thing that should be noted is that the secret was to get the TFO early. A fair bit earlier though.


Extra Dialogue

Rand Vs. Chiram
: Ya know, I could forgive you for calling someone a Singu-whatever by mistake!
: But I really don’t care for how you try to take things by force!

Rand Vs. Fallen Angels
: THE HEAT, I’ll follow your lead. So fight freely.
: Alright, bro! You watch my back!
: (That’s funny. Rand and Asakim…it’s like they’re old friends…)