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Part 48: Mission 16 - Route Split

A new world had given birth to new conflicts.
Arising as they had from a multidimensional world, these conflicts were marked by complicated aspects and elevated levels of chaos.

The New Earth Federation had regarded those living in space as the enemy, and adopted a hostile posture toward the Plants and the Moon Race; though hopes were initially high for a peaceful settlement, the aggression of the Federation left them with little option but to respond in kind.

However, mankind's enemies were not only within: the Gaizock, Zeravire, Eldar, Aldebaron and Fallen Angels - all external foes - represented a threat to be guarded against.
Even greater foes lurked in the shadows of the world, as well.

Amidst it all, some perceived the flow of world events, and made preparations for their next moves; among them were the New Earth Federation, the Zaft, the Moon Race, the Chiram, the Emaan and others.

In this world of chaos, human life stood poised on the edge of a knife.
To see tomorrow, one must first survive today; to preserve today's lives for that tomorrow was the reason for which they all fought.

Bright tells Camille and the others that we’ll be secretly cooperating with the Chimera squad from here on out as, really, there wasn’t any reason to refuse their offer.
They may not be helping us directly but Emma thinks it’s good enough that there are people inside the Federation Army that desire these reforms. Quattro agrees and says that, with this, we can widen the scope of our operations.
When Apolly asks, Bright says our immediate concern, as directed by Durandal and Blex (AEUG’s leader), is to head to the Pacific Ocean: we’re to assist Zaft’s advance while also fighting alien and Titan assets in the area.
Reccoa remembers the area as being close to the southern part of Galia, with a high concentration of Trapars. With that in mind, Quattro says Durandal is also trying to get in touch with the Gekkostate.

Speaking of the Gekkostate, aboard the Minerva, Shinn is asking Talia why Durandal is so concerned about them.
Talia figures what we saw in Bellforest to be part of the reason – the Seven Swell phenomenon. Luna is still amazed at what she saw back then and Talia remembers that a similar Trapar outbreak happened before in the Promised Land planet, though no one really understands why.
What we do know is that, when this event happened there, it was a global calamity – the Summer of Love – which, according to the legends of that world, was only stopped with the sacrifice of Adroc Thurston.
Shinn asks how he pulled that off and wonders if there’s something like an on/off switch for Trapar outbreaks. Unfortunately, that’s something even the residents of the Promised Land don’t know.

Rey figures that’s the reason why Durandal wants to gather information on the subject. Talia confirms, adding that, from what was gathered so far, there seems to be a connection between Adroc Thurston and the Gekkostate.
Luna now understands why they were ordered to get in touch with the Gekkostate and with the information we’re receiving from Löwen, it’ll be easier to track them.
The orders for the Minerva and Argama are to form a joint task force with the God Sigma team and the Gran Knights and head to the Pacific Ocean. Arthur will be plenty busy with all the logistical demands of storing the Super Robots inside the Argama and Minerva, since they won’t be accompanied by the King Beal for now.
Inwardly, Shinn thinks that heading to the Pacific Ocean might mean we’ll have to pass by Orb…

In the hangar, Julie has just finished giving the Minerva mechanics the rundown on how to repair their units and while Vino doesn’t get 100% of it, he figures he’ll learn the rest by doing it.
Toshiya says that he and the others can do small repairs on their own but anything bigger than that requires a professional touch. Yolan is psyched to get to work since it’s not always they get to fiddle around with Super Robots.
Nearby, Runa wonders if it’s OK for them to stay here as she thought they were going with the Galia team but Mizuki says that Sandman wanted them to make another stop by Trinity City before anything else.
Leele’s very worried about her uncle but Eiji tells her not to be – whatever it is that the Japanese government might be up to, there’s no way Sandman will get taken out. Toga agrees and, at least, she seems to relax a bit.
Regardless, Eina will begin packing their things and moving it to their new rooms on the Freeden. She’ll have the help of Bridgitta, Anya and Cecille, three of Sandman’s maids for this.
They’ll be very busy from now on so Bridgitta makes it a point to tell Eiji he’ll have to do his own laundry and Eiji confesses that he had totally forgotten that they were here cleaning up after them all this time – blame it on the nonstop battles.

Aboard the Freeden, Jamil is telling Shingo to stay right behind the Argama and Minerva – should be no problem since the Freeden can, at least, cruise across the ocean.
Tonya thought they were going with the Iron Gear but, considering they’re being targeted by the Frost Brothers, members of the Federation Army, it’ll be safer to be in the company of Zaft. Furthermore, Jamil has another reason for coming with them: he’s heard that the Argama also came from a world with Newtypes and Sara wonders if there’s a connection to their own world.
Jamil doesn’t know but he doesn’t think it’s just a coincidence – Tifa seems deep in thought.

Aboard the Iron Gear, Elchi has just filled up their stock with food bought from the Glomar and Shaia made sure to give them a nice discount.
On the other hand, they are merchants so Heizaemon offers to have the combat-oriented ships lead the charge into potential battles. The supplies we’ve gathered here will certainly help Yapan’s Ceiling, Gauli thinks, but Burume reminds him that the main problem is that we’ve no idea where they are.

Mimsy can help with that, though, saying her Emaanian contacts have reported a group matching that description crossing Siberia right now. Maria has heard that the residential unit is quite huge so there must be a lot of people inside and Kouji’s quite impressed that all those people want to live in Japan.
Sara asks if Kouji has a problem with that but he’s just surprised that his country became the object of such wanderlust in some of the alternate worlds. Gauli says that, back in Wulgusk, they were told ancient tales of living in the place and, eventually, the people grew the desire to go there.

Kappei also wants to return to his homeland so he’ll be cooperating with their Exodus – once they find Yapan’s Ceiling, they can tow it with the King Beal and get to Japan real quick!
Uchuuta is also glad as it’s still their home, even in this world – it’ll be good to go back. Mimsy, however, tells them that the country’s government has proclaimed itself independent from the Federation, closing its borders and denying entrance to any outsiders.
Kappei assures the “tailed gal” that Japan IS their country, so he’s gonna be walking right in there. Mimsy takes pause at his nickname and that earns him a tongue lashing from Keiko to mind his manners.
Furthermore, Kei adds that it’s no way to talk to a lady – he’s gotta have more delicacy – but Kappei shushes him, saying he’s not a ladies’ man like Kei.

Gwen intends to keep following the Moon Race in Galia and Laura Loran asks if he’s going to fight them.
On the contrary, he wants to try negotiating with them again in the hopes of, eventually reclaiming Inglessa from the Federation. He came to Galia to gather troops and, with his connections with Zaft and Moon Race, he wants to gather enough power to rival even the Federation Army.
Michael says Cid and his mountaineers are already hard at work scouting the Galian territory and Gwen tells them to keep on watch since, from what Gain said, the Siberian Railroad makes their own excavation parties. Gwen can only hope Cid digs up something decisive before the Siberians do.
Gavane adds that both he and Lilly only wish to kick the feds off their Luzianna and, to help her with that, he’ll work with Gwen. Diana thinks that we’ll eventually have to meet with the Moon Race, then, and that’ll be her chance to switch places with Kihel.

As preparations continue for a final night's stay before setting out, Heizaemon apologizes for his grandson's "tail" joke. Shaia doesn’t mind, having seen so many different people coming into this world, and, despite those differences, they can still laugh and cry together as fellow humans.
Her antennae are just superficial differences, so Kappei’s words don’t bother her. Instead of scolding him, she suggests that Heizaemon, as one of this world’s elders, passes on to Kappei what she just said.
He agrees to do so, not just because the kid is his grandson, but as a way to thank her. Still, Shaia adds that they’re travel buddies starting today, so he doesn’t need to be so formal.
Heizaemon agrees to do so and says he’ll be counting on Shaia from now on.

As for Rand and Mel, Gain and Gainer have come to ask him what he wants to do now: will he go to the Pacific Ocean or to Galia with them?
Rand is surprised that he needs to choose one or the other but Gainer reckons that he should stick with one of the two teams if he wants the best shot at finding more info about his missing Boss. Mel agrees with him and Rand recalls the old saying that one should obey their kids when they grow old - though Gainer protests that he's not one of Rand's children.
Either way, his options are either to follow the Gekkostate in the Pacific Ocean or help the Exodus in Galia.

This here’s the first “route-split” in the game (if you don’t count the character-specific routes); your team’s going to get split in half and you need to decide which one you’ll want to go with.
Here’s the series’ lineup for each path:

Go to Galia (ガリア部隊を希望する):

Go to the Pacific Ocean (太平洋部隊を希望する):

There are plenty of character-specific secrets that are affected by this route Split, so take heed:

Secret Alert:

With all that in mind, Rand and Setsuko will stick with their buddies to go keep their secrets running along (Rand CAN get one point towards the big SEED Destiny secret in the Pacific route but there are plenty of other chances to do that – the other side offers four secrets that he wants to get).

Rand figures there ain’t much to think over – he WAS helping the Exodus before getting jumped to Ameria.
Jiron is happy to travel together with him again and Chil is very eager to take more pictures of everyone with Mel, who’s also happy to record the Exodus’ voyage to Yapan.
Gainer is also glad Rand will be coming with them but, when Rand asks if he’s got some hidden feelings for him to be saying that, says that he still has a debt to repay him. Regardless of his “feelings”, Rand wants to clear one thing: he’s sure that Gainer isn’t fighting out of some debt to Gain, him or whatever.
He should be honest and say that he’s putting his life on the line for his beloved Sara!
Gainer is startled by this and his reaction gives Sara the wrong idea: “More of that man-talk…? You’re all pigs…!” she says; Gainer stammers that it’s not like that and Rand sighs that, at this rate, things are gonna go nowhere fast between those two.

: Well, then, Rand…What do you say we grab a drink and toast to your boss’ and the trip’s safety?
: That sounds good. Count me in!
: OK, playboy. We always welcome new drinking buddies.
: This is what I hate about grown-ups…
: Don’t say that. Grown-up men just have their own world that kids don’t understand.
: Even with the “Break the World”, that “men’s world” is the same as ever.

Aboard the Argama, Bright has just finished explaining their current plans to Setsuko and Toby (follow the Gekkostate, help Exodus).
Quattro and Bright know the two of them have their own objectives, so they don’t want them to feel pressured to choose one way or the other if they don’t want to stay. Setsuko admits that, while they both want to find Asakim and complete the Virgola, there’s a limit to what they can do alone.
She’ll agree with what Toby decides and he’s ok with working together with Bright and the others – all the best for everyone to have a chance of fulfilling their objectives. However, he’ll leave it to Setsuko to decide where they’ll be going.

They’ll be going with the Pacific team and Quattro’s glad to rely on them again, though Toby does tell him that he needn’t call them by their military status – just the first name will do.
Bright does so and gives them a proper welcome aboard.

Location: L5 Sector – Plants’ Capital: Aprilius

Durandal has just passed along Talia’s information to Wong, the Anaheim Electronics’ rep to the AEUG, and to Blex (that’s the bearded guy). Wong wonders if they can trust this Löwen General as he could well be pretending to be a traitor to spy on our movements.
Durandal wonders this but Blex says that, if we consider how the AEUG first came to be, it’s not inconceivable that people like Löwen’s squad also exist. Wong, however, still thinks fully trusting them is dangerous and Blex is well aware of that.
Still, he expected Wong and his people to appreciate the offer, being the AEUG’s investors and all.
Durandal opines that the real question mark is whoever is giving Löwen his orders, and he's willing to take the risk of contacting that someone directly. Blex thinks some of his old Federation contacts might help track that someone down but Wong tells Durandal to be careful – if he screws up, it’ll bring danger to all of Zaft and AEUG.
With that, both Blex and Wong leave to negotiate with the old Space Revolutionary Army. Durandal will leave that to them, saying that, just as the humans of Earth banded together into the New Federation, they must also do the same.
“To stop them from deciding the fate of the world, we’ve no choice but to fight.”, says Blex.

Durandal thinks about this “fate of the world” business but is interrupted by the arrival of “Alex”.
Durandal is glad he’s here, wondering if he’s tired from the trip from Orb, passing by the Pacific Rivalry Zones, no less. Durandal has heard that he resigned from the position as Cagalli’s bodyguard to come to the Plants and he’s impressed by his resolution.
“I expect much from you, Alex Dino…rather, Athrun Zala.”

Location: Japan – San Germain Castle

Meanwhile, the Japanese government has sent Sandman a missive repeating their demands that he hand over his lands and property.
Of course, Twille is outraged that they would make such a demand even during this crisis and Tessera thinks it seems a bit excessive to be doing something like this so soon after declaring themselves independent from the New Federation.
Not just that, Twille has also heard rumors that the opposition is being rounded up and sent “somewhere”. Marinia wonders if the government could be trying to gather firepower to challenge the Feds.
Tesera remembers that there’s also the various attacks from unidentified “demons” happening across country – and the government’s response against them as been dragging along slowly. Raven suggests they should call the Gran Knights back but Sandman refuses, saying there are still things they need to see before that.
For the time being, they and the folks at the Saotome lab will have to deal with the situation by themselves. Raven is still worried but Sandman tells him not to: when the time comes, they’ll wipe away the darkness involving their country in one swift stroke.

Fudou GEN enters right then, seeing that Sandman’s still the same righteous man as always.
Cookie freaks out that there’s an intruder but Sandman tells her that he’s an old friend. Fudou remembers Klein Sandman back when he was styled "Count of San Germain", and Raven is very surprised that he knew Sandman from such a long time ago.
Sandman is glad he was able to come over despite the closed borders and Fudou claims that his movements are like the flow of water – impossible for someone to fully contain. Still, it’s a shame he didn’t make it here sooner as he just missed the cherry trees season but Fudou figures there’s always next year for them to enjoy some sake under the blossoms.
He asks about the situation on the Saotome Labs and Sandman says they’ve recently perfected a new invention, which they’re using to keep Japan safe from the demons (as best they can while alone). With that in mind, Fudou has a message to be passed to Dr. Saotome and asks him to teach DEAVA’s newborn “chicks”.
Sandman and Fudou know: both the demons and Fallen Angels are destined to be defeated by an unbreakable trio of arrows…

If you’re on Setsuko’s side and have done the first part of Quattro’s secret on mission 15, picking the Pacific Route will open up the next step by unlocking something in the Bazaar.
Obviously, don’t worry about this on Rand’s path.

We find Astonaige browsing through the point of commerce, impressed with all things on sale and hoping to buy some interesting parts.
Kid recognizes him as the chief mechanic of the Argama and they trade introductions. Astonaige is quite impressed that the youngster handles the maintenance on the three Freeden Gundams and Kid is happy to bask in the praise.
Vino quickly runs over, telling Astonaige that they found a rare part being sold nearby and the need to buy it quick – Yolan say the Iron Gear’s “square-faced” mechanic has his eyes on it, too!
When Kid asks, Vino introduces himself but Astonaige tells him to leave it for later – they must buy that rare part and Vino figures one of the AEUG MSs should be able to use it.

Secret Alert!

Astonaige has returned to the Argama with a container and Camille asks what it is.
Just a little bargain he found in the Bazaar and Apolly is intrigued: an Energy Pack like this is way too big to be used on a regular beam rifle. Roberto wonders what was Astonaige thinking when he bought it.
Truth be told, it was an impulse-buy as there were other people interested but Camille figures we should be able to make use of it, provided we find a Condenser capable of controlling this level of energy.
Astonaige will store it somewhere in the hangar until then but Bright ain’t gonna be happy when he sees this.