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Part 49: Mission 16 (Galia Route) - Prologue

Alright, we finally get to play around with Squads again and the game has given us 7 slots to fill up; thankfully, we’ve just enough leader-material pilots to make use of all of them:

I set the squads this way so that everyone has an average movement range of 6 and, with the exception of the Zambot squad, an Accelerate user.

FYI: There IS a Minovsky Craft (ミノフスキークラフト) available to be equipped on a unit but I only realized it after I went through the mission; I’d suggest giving it to Loran as, even if he can’t fly with Sochie and Miashey in the squad, it’ll give him better ratings against Aerial Enemies (and he REALLY needs those).

Now, let’s get going:

Location: Siberia – Glomar, Bridge

We find Shaia proposing that we open up a Market as we have plenty of food and raw materials but low Blue Stones and Ammo.
Elchi agrees, adding that if we offer to trade with what we have, we can easily replenish our stocks. Heizaemon understands but he’s not much of a tradesman, so he’ll leave it to the two of them.
Elchi’s already excited, promising we’ll be rolling in money real soon and Shaia sets off to make a list of what they’ll be selling. As they leave, Gwen confesses to be surprised with Heizaemon, having expected the battle with the aliens to be his only concern.
That still is his highest priority but Heizaemon understands that, as humans, they need to stay alive before doing anything else. Furthermore, there’s plenty of reason for us to open this Market over here.

Heizaemon has heard that several people flocked to Siberia as it is, so to speak, “outside” of the Federation’s jurisdiction – people like the Moon Race, people oppressed by the Federation and people who lost their homes to the ravages of war. In other words, Gwen figures, this is a land of freedom but it’s also a harsh land for humans to live in.
There are also those who prey on the weakened people and, as Gwen knows, the flow of goods in the area is severely regulated to guarantee the profits of the Siberian Railroad. Heizaemon doesn’t think he can’t help all those people but he wants to help his fellow men in whatever way possible - Gwen can certainly agree with those wishes.

Between Amerian fruits, antique dresses and whatnot, Elchi’s group stocked up on a lot stuff as they ran out of Inglessa and they can sell a good bunch of it. Shaia figures this’ll be a very impressive Market.
Heizaemon doesn’t mind their spirit as, to the girls, doing business is just the same as fighting and figures that strong spirit of them to be quite reliable.
Gwen agrees and can only hope that he’ll learn from their vitality.

The Jin women are hard at work manning the shop, calling all clients to stock up on food today.
Kouji and Maria are rightfully impressed at how quickly they’re selling everything. Gengoroh proudly says that, as the wife of the president of the fisherman’s union, Hanae has a lot of spirit.
One thing has Loran a bit concerned, though: “Kihel” is helping with the fruit sales. She is a bit nervous but seems to be attracting clients with her voice, impressing Umee.
Still, she volunteered for this, so Hanae asks her to continue doing her best.

A young girl approaches, Meeya, and wants to buy an orange.
Diana says the price is 3G but Meeya doesn’t really have much to be able to afford that, so she offers to sell it for only 1G. Meeya is very grateful and wants to sing something as a way to thank her but her manager, Ruble, says this isn’t the place for that.
Meeya complains that it’s been so long since she’s been happy like this but Ruble reminds that they’ll be headed to the BIG stage after this, so she needs to save her voice. Diana’s surprised that she’s a singer and Meeya apologizes for not being able to repay her kindness.
Still, she tells Meeya not to worry and hopes to hear her song sometime – she properly introduces herself and leaves.

Sochie’s very impressed at how her sister’s so independent and, at her example, Sara and Miashey decide to help out as well. They ask if Sochie will come along but she passes, wanting to go around the Market with Loran.
Gavane jumps in, however, offering that he be the one to escort her – she’s a bit surprised at his offer but happily takes it (he does apologize to Loran for taking his job as her “knight”). As they leave, Sara and Miashey ask if he’s okay with that and, when he asks, they say that it’s obvious that Gavane’s going after Sochie!
He doesn’t seem very concerned but Sara says she overheard them talking about the future and whatnot. Gainer asks if she means, like, marriage but Sara doesn’t think it’d be too bad as, despite Gavane appearing to be a bit rude, he can be surprisingly gentlemanly.
Gainer wonders if they’re not taking things too quickly – they’re not even the same age. Miashey doesn’t think that’d be a problem and confesses to be rooting for Gavane.
Loran, meanwhile, is thinking about Sochie marrying the guy…

Elsewhere, we find Kei and Mimsy who have been assigned the job of hauling around the goods that are being sold.
The bigger items are being transported by Jiron, with his Walker Machine, but the smaller things are up to them. Mome is also helping and so is Kappei, impressed at the large amount of people who came over.
Mimsy says is thanks to the fact that the crowds have come from far and wide for this rare market opportunity - ample testament to how firmly Siberian Rail is throttling the common man in these parts, Keiko figures. Mimsy says the Siberian Rail has a lot of opposition to their methods, though.
Kappei remembers all that Exodus business and he’s rooting for them but Mimsy adds that it’s not just that: recently, Vodarac people have been coming into Siberia.


Information Corner – Topic: Vodarac
Religious organization preaching coexistence with the Scub Coral.
Terrorist acts by a radical minority resulted in the United Federation of Predgio Towers labeling them a terrorist organization, and the common people’s perception is not far off: those known to be believers are instantly held in a negative light.
Their holy land of Ciudade Del Cielo was once sung as a beautiful city in the sky; the United Federation’s Special Operations Force massacre changed that, and after being razed to its very stones, it survives only as a ruin.

After she explains who they are to Kei and Kappei, Uchuuta adds that the Moon Race’s arrival in this continent means it won’t be long before they bump heads with the Siberian Rail.
Mimsy says the Siberian Rail may not be their only problem, as there’s currently another group of outlaws rummaging through the region. They’re called “Blackmen” and they’re using the Siberian Rail’s own tracks to send their train wherever they please.
Kei wonders if it’s that man he’s heard has been driving hard bargains across several Markets but, no, that’s the “BlackMAN” and Mimsy can only pray that he won’t show up today; any problems inside the Market are the responsibility of the sponsors.
Kappei figures that’s why we have Gain and the others around so it should be fine. However, Keiko hears something happening nearby.
As Mimsy thinks she jinxed us by talking about problems happening, Kei and the others go after whatever it is.

The cause of the disturbance would be a robot called Captain, with Gauli trying to tell him that we have enough bodyguards but Captain insists that a powerless group like ours can’t protect the place.
If they hire him, though, he’ll keep the Market safe from whatever enemy comes over. Gain asks what it is and Jabby says it looks like another Mu Robot – Mel is quite surprised that such a tough-looking guy was made in the same place as Mome.
The difference, Jabby says, is that Mome is a medical robot while Captain is combat-oriented and Rand is quite interested: he’d like to do just a little dismantling to see what makes it tick but Gain stops him, lest THAT name become even more well-known.
“Hey, hey…I always fix what I break! I…I just might mess it up every now and then. *HEAT SMILE*,” Rand protests and Jabby is starting to see why he has that name.

: Darling…don’t tell me you actually wanted to dismantle Mome!
: Nah, I didn’t need to. Lil’ Mome didn’t have any problems getting her maintenance from me.
: But that’s--! You were poking all over Mome’s body?!
: You’re awful, Darling! Pervert! Freak! I hate you!
: N-now, hold on! She’s a robot!

: I am a Mu Combat Robot, Captain Class. And I can say with confidence that I am superior to everyone present.
: I am, at the very least, superior to this grandstanding strongman…
: !
: And to this dragon-like monster…
: B-but monsters are horrible things!
: And to your peashooter…
: My rifle?!
: And I’m far more helpful than this tag-along girl!
: Well…! How rude!
: Now, now, Mel. This robot sure would be more useful than you.
: Ah, I figured you'd understand! I can tell we're the same – we’ve the scent of someone who lives to destroy!
: Why, you little…! Imma tear you into scrap!

Oh, Captain.

Either way, Gain stops Rand before things get out of hand and he and Gauli agree to, at least, test his anti-personnel skills to see if he’s as good as he says.
Captain, however, refuses to do so since, being a proud Mu robot, he isn’t interested in battling worthless foes. The conversation is interrupted when Mome and Kei arrive, and both Mu robots recognize each other as such.
Both robots seem glad to see each other and, in that case, Gain dumps the job of hiring Captain onto Kei, as his personal bodyguard. Mel figures that works as Mome will also be happy!
Of course, Kei has no idea what’s happening but, before explanations can be made, an attack strikes nearby – bandits, Bello yells. Gain and the others get ready to intercept and Kei figures those guys really picked the wrong market to rob.

This mission isn't nearly a big as the last one, so I'll post the whole battle in a couple of days.

See you all then!