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Part 51: Mission 17 (Galia Route) - Prologue

Adette, now without a ridiculous hairdo, is leading the defense of Yapan’s Ceiling but is having a hard time holding back the Saint Reagan troops.
Kejinan tells her to surrender and return to the Siberian Rail but she refuses, stating that she likes STRONG MEN and she’ll be damned if she goes back to a pack of Saint Reagan’s dogs like them. Enge says that a lot changed with Yassaba’s defeat and Kejinan adds that, if you can’t beat them, join them.

The Saint Reagan officer leading the attack is Zakki and he tells the attackers not to overdo it as they’re not here to destroy Yapan’s Ceiling.
Enge protests, asking how long they need to keep firing these warning shots. Zakki doesn’t know but tells him to take it up with command if he has any complaints.
Lioubov asks if there isn’t something they can do but Mamadou says it’ll be a while until the new hired bodyguard arrives – they can only hope that Adette and her troops will hold out until then. Adette, however, yells that there’s only so much that can be done, even with her new Dobeck.
Gach starts thinking that this might really be the end but, right then, Ana’s ferrets seem to notice something.

That’d be our people, who come in blasting half of the Saint Reagan’s posse away.
Gainer and Sara notice that Yapan’s Ceiling is safe but it’s also being attacked by some Overmen that we’ve never seen before. As Gain makes to deploy, Zakki notices that the Black Southern Cross has returned and thinks his commander will be very happy to hear this.
He tells all troops to retreat and to report this development and Kejinan finds it very strange that, all this time, they were just waiting for the Dreadlocked Overman and Black Southern Cross to come back.

Elchi is a bit confused at their retreat but Jiron figures it’s all good: we should just be happy that we’re finally reunited with Yapan’s Ceiling!
Ana gets on the mic to tell Gainer that everyone’s safe and Gain’s also happy to see that she’s as energetic as always.

At the Bachclone’s bridge, Gach is very glad to see both Gauli and the contractors, who apologize for their absence, back safely.
To make up for it, though, Gain has brought gifts: lots of foodstuffs and materials which the Wise Men say will be very helpful due to the chronic shortage of goods in the region. Gain sees that the Siberian Rail is up to its usual business, despite the insanity throughout the rest of the world.
Still, Sara’s happy to see that the Exodus continued through all that. Mamadou says it’s due to the Break the World: while the Siberian Rail was wrapped in confusion, they were able to reorganize and move on.
However, even with our head-start, the enemy eventually started chasing after them once again. Still, Lioubov says the only reason they were able to get this far was due to Mamadou’s leadership and he’s honored that she’d say that.
Gainer and Bello quickly notice the way the two are looking at each other and Ana says that they’ve been together for a while now.

Either way, Mamadou says they were able to get a big gap between them and the Siberian Rail troops and hoped to keep it like that. Turns out that wasn’t the case, as they started being attacked during this week.
Bello figures it’s all good, though, as they were able to hold out until today but Gain doesn’t see it that way. In his opinion, the troops that were attacking Yapan’s Ceiling weren’t serious about it.
Seeing those Black Overmen from the previous battle, he knows they are Golems from Saint Reagan – the UNE-controlled Siberian Special Forces – and the thought of being hunted by them fills the Wise Men with dread. From what we could see of today’s attack, it seems that the Siberian Rail guard is also cooperating with them.
Gainer starts to see his point and Gain adds that, indeed, the troops of Yapan’s Ceiling shouldn’t have been able to withstand an attack of that scale, made by professionals like the Saint Reagan. Gauli asks if he’s saying they were holding back and, while Gain doesn’t know that for sure, he thinks Saint Reagan’s actual plan will start now that we’ve returned.
Sara is determined not to lose to whatever that plan is but Adette enters, unimpressed with her bravado.

Sara is a bit shocked to see her and Adette greets all of her old quarries.
Gain had completely forgotten that she had infiltrated Yapan’s Ceiling and Sara’s quick to ask what a Siberian Rail employee is doing here. It seems she’s quit her position as a Siberian officer and has been protecting Yapan’s Ceiling during our absence and Mamadou confirms it.
Either way, she has no intention of returning to those cowards of the Siberian Rail. She quickly recognizes Gainer and his glasses from Wulgusk and asks if he’s the pilot of the dreadlocked Overman.
She’s surprised that someone like him is the person who defeated Yassaba – certainly not what she expected – but Sara is quick to stick up for Gainer, saying he’s a great pilot, while also turning to Gainer and telling him to stop hesitating so much.

Either way, Adette tells Sara that she doesn’t need to worry as she has no interest in “eating” the kid and Sara gets in her face for her attitude and for spewing such vulgarities. Adette isn’t about to take lip from a brat that abandoned the Exodus and then decided to come back.
Of course, Sara says we were warped away from Siberia but Adette figures kids these days are all talk. Well, Sara’s not going to be judged by someone with such poor taste in Silhouette Machines.
Adette figures she’s jealous as her Dobeck, the newest model that she stole from the Siberian Rail. Sara asks if she’s talking about that ugly, red unit and Adette says red is her PERSONAL COLOR: “Red is special! Don’t you know the legend of the RED Comet?!” she yells.

Gauli’s starting to get worried but Gain tells him to leave them be: far better for companions to vent all their grievances up front, lest they fester down the road.
Rand enters right then, surprised that there’s also fighting at the bridge. When Gauli asks, Shaia says a few “disturbances” started happening here and there when they started handing out the supplies in town.
Gain finds this weird as there should’ve been enough supplies for everyone – why the rioting? It’s not “rioting” per se, more like people started partying all over the place and then things got out of hand.
Mamadou figures they’re taking the return of the Black Southern Cross as a sign that it’ll be smooth sailing for the Exodus and, with the distribution of the food, they started letting loose all the built-up stress. Ana doesn’t think it’s all bad as they’re merely happy but, as Rand points out, what would we do if something happened during this?
Mamadou agrees: if the Saint Reagan attacked for real right now, there’d be widespread panic. The Wise Men need a way to restore order but they’ve only their words and that won’t do much in a situation like this.
Gain gets an idea that can solve this problem, though. Gach is very impressed and asks what it is.

It’ll be a…

Mission 17 (Galia Route) – Hellish Relay Race

As Rand tells Mel, Gain’s proposal is a relay race, with the objective of gathering the people and giving them an outlet to disperse their excess energy.
The result will be a huge party – with the relay as its main event - to let it all loose before moving on. Adette soon approaches and invites Rand THE HEAT to join her team in the race.
Sara is right behind, also asking for him to join her team. Mel is a bit aghast that Rand’s so popular but Kouji tells her the women are just scouting and Kei explains the concept to her.
Mel decides to work as a cheerleader for her darling and Rand notes that this seems to be about more than racing to Sara and Adette. Sara is quick to sing THE HEAT’s praises for his insight – he’s not the famous wandering repairman for nothing!
Adette huffs at this, saying the “unsexy girl’s” buttering up to Rand is severely lacking while Sara yells at the “middle-aged Siberian” to mind her own business.
Setsuko, meanwhile, is a bit surprised that she’s being forced to race but Sara protests that this is SERIOUS BUSINESS and she better not be thinking of running off on this.
Now, each team of the relay needs 12 members, here’s how they’re currently split:

Rand notes that both teams are split all over the place and Kei whispers that there seems to be a lot of personal expectations and rivalries going on. Joseph is also free so he’ll complete the team that Rand doesn’t join.
Rand starts to think, which angers Sara that he even needs to consider this but Adette says that he’s not cowardly enough to be pressured like that…or is his HEAT a load of bull?! Rand’s starting to get scared of the two women and Mel notes, inwardly, that they’re, surprisingly, quite similar to one another.
Toby asks Setsuko which team she’ll be joining and, unfortunately, he won’t be tagging along. When she asks, he says that, while he kept quiet for now, he’s got a chronic disease and his doctor forbade him from doing any major exercises.
Toby curses his powerlessness, saying that, if he was stronger, he wouldn’t need to foist these problems onto her. Setsuko understands, though, and says she’ll share his burden and run for him!
Whispering to Toby, Kei can’t believe Setsuko bought all that crock but Toby is feeling mighty guilty of having to do that.

Between two ladies who’re calling him THE HEAT, there’s no doubt in my mind that Rand would go with the hotter one.
Setsuko, I think, would identify a lot more with Sara, though.
Mind you, this choice has nearly no gameplay impact, so just choose whomever you like.

Adette smiles and notes that it takes a good man to recognize a good woman.
Sara, however, says that even Rand was deceived by Adette’s feminine wiles and, when Rand tries to deny it, says she misjudged him but no more – he’s now an enemy!!
Adette tells him to ignore her – the little girl’s going hysterical over being rejected. Sara tells her to shut up again and promises not to lose to either her or Rand – she’ll need that determination because both she and Adette are the “anchors” of their teams (read: the runner of the last leg of the race).
Setsuko choosing Sara doesn’t throw Adette off her game, mind, and Sara and Kouji extend a quick welcome aboard – they’ll be gunning for victory together!
Mel and Toby are both quite excited to see how this “duel of opposites” will play out…

At Adette’s meeting, she gives us one goal: TOTAL VICTORY!
Kei stands at attention, Gain promises to put his life on the line for her, Burume lets out a BANZAI for Adette and Dyke promises to run with all his heart, Adette thanks them all, saying it’s an honor to run alongside them.
Nearby, Rand and Gauli confirm their suspicions that, from the looks of it, a good bunch of her team were of men she seduced into joining. Gauli, however, claims he wasn’t fooled by the “kunoichi/female ninja”’s wiles – he merely joined the team to keep an eye on her.

Jiron also isn’t whipped like Burume and Dyke, saying he joined because he meant to ask Adette why she betrayed the Siberian Rail – like Yassaba, he doesn’t think she’s a bad person. Rand’s feeling a bit shameful for himself and the others who chose this team simply because of Adette but, really, he very much fancies her style.
Mimsy was VERY angry when she heard which team Kei chose, which scared Maai and Riea so much that they fled to this team in a bid to get away from her.
As for Uchuuta, Ichitaro and Keiko, they joined due to Gengoroh asking them to do this in order to teach Kappei a lesson. He’s been ultra-cocky ever since he started piloting, so they joined the other team.

: I’ll say it again! This isn't a game…so pay attention!
: Show no mercy to those losers! Got it?!
: Yeah!
: Who’s going to win this?!
: Adette!
: Who’s going to have the last laugh?!
: Adette!
: Who’s your leader?!
: Let’s go, you lot! With me!!

Elsewhere, Sara’s rallying her team for the race though Gainer has to wonder what are those clothes she’s wearing.
This is her cheerleader costume as that was to be her original role before deciding to actually run in the event. Still, she likes the feel of it so she decided to put it on for the time being.
Silently, Gainer is cursing Adette since he could’ve seen Sara's routine if she hadn’t taunted the girl into racing. Bello feels the same way, as both his friend and a man!
Either way, Setsuko figured Bello and Gainer would be here but she wonders about everyone else.

Kouji says both him and Kappei were quickly scouted by Sara – her reasoning was, if she had both Yapan-born racers in her team, it’d gather more support from the people.
Maria joined in alongside Kouji and wanted to call Uchuuta and Keiko but Kappei’s sure they already joined the other team along with Ichitaro. Loran says he was forced to join by Gavane, who says that he’s been friends with Sara for a long time – plus, for some reason, she really reminds him of Lily (*cough* Ai Kobayashi…).
Sochie, Rag and Miashey would’ve joined her even if they weren’t old friends as they don’t really feel like tagging along with Adette – she’s WAY too arrogant for their tastes. Rag reveals the tricks Adette used to get a good bunch of her teammates and Setsuko starts to understand why Mimsy’s looking so pissed...
Mimsy says this has NOTHING to do with Kei – she may be an Emaanian but that doesn’t mean all she does is sell stuff!

: Alright, gather 'round! That arrogant hag needs a lesson in humility and a win is the only way to make that happen!
: Let’s do this, people! Kodama Squad – hip, hip, HOORAY!
: Hooray!

Expect the rest of the mission on Friday, where we'll meet one of my favorite King Gainer characters.

See you all then!