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Part 55: Mission 19 (Galia Route) - National Blizzard - Part 1

Welcome back, folks.
This time, it’s Roger and Loran who are launching as events; we still have seven deployment slots and, as such, Rag actually gets a chance to enter the front lines:

On with the plot!

We’re in Gainer’s room and he’s playing an Overman Battle match with Cynthia. They’re both very happy to be able to use the UN to play against each other (the first time since the world got all messed up).
Sadly, her avatar isn’t coming in very clearly so he can’t see her – still, that’s little problem if it means they can play regardless of where they are in the world. She thinks Gainer (whom she calls by his Overman Battle title: “King”) is exaggerating but he swears he isn’t.
He says that, since he’s travelling, he didn’t have a set place to access the game. She asks where he is right now and he says they’re closing in to the Catez Domepolis.
She thinks that’s perfect and asks if “King” would like to go on a date – Gainer, of course, stammers at the question...

Elsewhere, Zakki informs Asuham that a new model of Overman has been sent over and it’s serviced and ready to use.
Kejinan tells Asuham that the OverCoat is also ready to be used and, furthermore, Enge confirms that “those three” have already been sent to infiltrate Catez. Asuham figures it’s all in place: the Overman, Overcoat, the helpers and the Moon Race.
Kejinan asks if everything’ll be okay as those new helpers looked a little…iffy. That may be but they also have HUGE mechs which will help even the playing field (especially against the “Blackman”, whom the new guys seem to have a beef with) – the plan will surely work.

Zakki, inwardly, figures Asuham’s trust in them is due to their shared desire for revenge. Either way, this is all to defeat Gain and stop the Exodus (in that order), so Asuham’s not about to be choosy regarding whose help he accepts.
Jaboli asks for their orders, promising to risk her life to see it done, and Asuham is thankful for the cooperation of such a pretty Siberian flower such as herself.
Kejinan, silently, calls bullshit on that “cooperation” bit because Asuham forced them to be his subordinates and is almost wishing to have Yassaba back. Enge wonders if they should wag their tails at Asuham like Jaboli but Kejinan figures, if he does any more wagging, the proverbial tail’s just going to fall off.


Information Corner – Topic: Overcoat
A large garment worn by Overmen: capable of producing various effects, including amplifying existing OverSkills or conferring new ones.
Though thought of as specific to a given Overman, other Overmen may be able to wear a given Overcoat and unlock its hidden OverSkills.

Asuham has noticed them whispering and asks what they’re talking about.
Kejinan reacts quickly and says they’re just eager to help Asuham and Enge realizes that they don’t really have any other option. Asuham tells Gain that he won’t allow him and his cohorts to become heroes of the Exodus movement – he’ll capture him with this new plan and give him a suitable punishment.
Zakki has to wonder if the vengeful Asuham realizes that they're out of second chances if this operation fails.

Back in Yapan’s Ceiling, our group starts talking about the events of mission 19 (Pacific), so we’ll skip past that.

Miashey tells our group that, apparently, Roger failed in his promise to help the refugees get integrated into the Domepolis.
Sochie thinks it is shameful how he made all that posturing and failed to deliver but Jiron argues that it’s not his fault – the situation at Catez is just way more complicated than expected. Indeed, from what Burume has heard, the Moon Race arrived in the area and they’re certainly not your common refugees.
It seems the Moon Race is demanding the people hand over Catez to they can use it as the foothold of their advance into Galia – they’re pretty much threatening to invade the Domepolis, Loran figures. Jiron figures there’s no need to worry as Diana surely wouldn’t let things go that far.

Of course, Rag isn’t so sure remembering that they were desperate enough to try robbing our Market in the past. Loran thinks it’s only a matter of time before the entire Diana Counter turns to banditry and he needs to find a way to switch Kihel and Diana back before that happens.
Sochie tells him not to look so troubled, though, because we have Roger and Gwen currently negotiating with the Moon Race to stop an armed confrontation – if anything, Roger’s determination to see things through is impressive.

Either way, considering we can leave that issue to Roger, Bello figures we should go to Gainer’s place and try our hand at his game.
Kouji has heard that Gainer’s room has an UN connection and is interested in trying out one his famous Overman Battles. Gainer stammers that the net's been acting up lately so he can’t get a match going.
Of course, Maria sees through his story and asks if he doesn’t want them coming to his room. Kouji tells him that no one here, except maybe Sara, has a problem with him living with Adette.
It seems that, despite Gainer’s best efforts, Sara put two and two together over the past few days but she insists that she doesn’t care who Gainer lives with.
Gainer takes this time to quickly say that he has some business today – he runs off, asking them to try again tomorrow. Sochie is surprised at his weird attitude and Bello figures he’s hiding something.

Kouji deduces, from how flustered he got, that it must have something to do with a girl – Maria wonders if he’s a date with someone but Sara says that’s near impossible. Maybe, maybe not, because Chil remembers seeing Gainer entering Kei’s room yesterday.
Bello figures Gainer went to get some advice from the legendary womanizer and Kouji wonders if the kid’s finally going to confess his love.
Sara’s face starts turning red at the thought but she says that it’s because it’s a warm day (there’s a blizzard outside, Jiron points out). Either way, a member of the Gauli squad keeping secrets from one another is unacceptable – she’s going to talk about this with Gauli and correct Gainer’s attitude!

Location: Siberia Domepolis Catez

Milan's heard Roger and Gwen state the people of Catez's case but he refuses the offer, insisting that they want to use the Domepolis as their base.
That said, the people still want to be paid to allow the Moon Race to use their city and the stuff in it but Milan says the value they’re asking is far too much – or is it an Earth costume to extort people?
Roger says this higher price is simply due to them showing up out of the blue and demanding use of the place. Phil is getting annoyed at Roger’s attitude while in the presence of Diana and Gwen, silently, asks if Roger shouldn’t lay off them a bit.
Rather, Roger says he’s deliberately provoking them as a way to discover the other party’s true intentions: for instance, during Roger’s verbal attacks, Milan and Phil got exalted while the queen remained neutral, and Gwen realizes that this probably means the plan to confiscate Catez must be their own, not Diana’s.

Either way, Milan sees no need for further talk and decides to stop the negotiation for now. Roger’s fine with it, as his main intent in coming here today was presenting them with the price offered.
Roger hopes for a more pragmatic discussion with them next time but Milan sees little point if he’s just going to present the same “outrageous” offer again. In that case, Roger says the people of Catez do have a backup plan but it’s not to ask the New Federation for help, as Phil thinks.
Rather, Roger says we have more than enough power to protect ourselves without the help of the army and we’re willing to fight even if there’s no chance of victory.
Furthermore, Roger adds that lawlessness will always yield to the law: even if the Moon Race should win by force and gain a toehold here, the other Earthlings won't stand for it for long - not that Roger believes Diana would wish such a conflict in the first place.

Just then Angel shows up with a list of things the Moon Race would want from the Catez folk and Phil tells her to hand it to Roger.
Roger is quite surprised to see her here and it seems she’s been hired as the Moon Race’s on-site Negotiator. Still, he’s surprised that she also came here from Paradigm City.
She does make it a point to say that she didn’t follow him over but Roger isn’t as conceited to think so in the first place. That said, he asks if she thinks their meeting here is a coincidence.
Her answer is a coy “Hmm, I wonder…”.

We later find Gainer waiting for Cynthia to arrive and, hidden nearby, a bunch of our people are having a laugh at how ridiculous he looks.
Sochie can barely contain her laughter and Maai and Riea need to remind her that they’ll be spotted if she doesn’t keep it down. Gainer isn’t really listening to anything, deep in thought as to what kind of person Cynthia will be: he’s never seen her face but, from talking to her, he has a mental image of a beautiful, smart girl that’s a bit older than him.
Bello asks about the suit and Kei says he lent it to the kid and the hairdo was also part of his sagely advice.

Mel thinks those don’t suit Gainer at all and wonders if Kei’s sabotaging him.
Not at all, Kei says Gainer requested the suit and a new hairdo in a bit to look more like an adult so that’s what he did (Setsuko thinks it’s cute that he’s doing that for his date). Rand is disappointed as he could’ve taught the kid how a grown man works his magic but Maai and Riea think, in his case, it’s less “grown man” and more like “old man” – no respect.

Either way, Kouji thinks Gainer would’ve been fine if he’d kept things simpler but Rand sees no problem: it’s common for teenagers to want to act all grown up and he can even remember those days.
Maai has a hard time picturing a young Rand but Riea is certain he would’ve been some kind of thug – Rand sighs, saying that their jabs are harsh even by his standards. Either way, Maria notices that there’s someone else that doesn’t seem interested in Gainer’s older look.
Sara gets indignant at the insinuation and Kouji needs to remind her to keep it down. She’s not willing to stay anymore, though, as peeking on other people’s dates in a bad habit (she’s the one that suggested it in the first place, mind).
She’s stopped when Miashey spots a girl approaching Gainer.

: Um…are you Cynthia?
: Huh…
: Ah, I knew it. You’re just as I imagined.
: That’s…umm…
: What’s the matter, Laura?
: Ms. Kihel?! And Laura…!
: …It’s me, Gainer…
: L-Loran! You’re dressed as a girl again?! Is this a hobby of yours or something?!


Actually, it’s something of a mission: Kihel wanted to have a look around Catez, so Loran decided to accompany her as a guide.
Gainer gets that but why the cross-dressing? Well, seeing how the Diana Counter is in the area, Loran figured dressing up like this would’ve made him more inconspicuous.
Kihel asks what he’s doing here dressed like that but, upon Gainer’s hesitation, decides it might be for the best if they don’t ask too many questions to each other - not that it matters to Sochie, who’s having the laugh of her life from watching the two boys.
Kei figures the kid is way too inexperienced with girls but Rand has feeling that most guys would easily try to hit on “Laura” (indeed, Toby says he would…). Bello and Kouji, staring intently at Laura, agree and Kei needs to remind them to get their heads on straight.
Rand quips that Mel could learn some femininity from Loran and she angrily says she won’t even dignify that with a response. Their attention, however, is shifted as Rand spots some sort of commotion nearby.

The civvies are panicking over having their bikes and cars stolen and T-Bone is quickly to yell that it MUST be the Moon Race’s doing!
Of course it is, as T-Bone has heard they have mysterious thievery powers and Dav says they’re obviously impoverished after being kicked from America so they decided to start stealing over here!
Loran’s Moon Race friend, Keith, tries to ask what the hell they’re talking about but T-Bone quickly tells him to zip it. Geraba is the last of the rabble-rousers cries out at how underhanded by Moon Race is – if they, the people, leave things like this, Catez will surely get all sorts of messed up!

The people start buying the story, taking the Moon Race as a group that spreads conflict and chaos that must be kicked out of Catez!
Despite Keith’s appeals, everything is going as planned for Geraba and the others and, once the Moon Race and Catez start fighting each other, it’ll quickly drag Yapan’s Ceiling and “crow-boy” into the mess – that’s when they’ll begin their own attack.
Keith stops their whispering as he gets in their face, asking what the hell they’re up to badmouthing the Moon Race like that. Who is he? The Baker!

T-Bone is about to make him pay for making a fuss when Kihel steps in to stop them.
She asks if they’re trying to start a battle between the Moon Race and the Domepolis – Dav quickly bends under Diana’s commanding aura and confesses, much to Geraba’s annoyance. He moves to silence Diana but Laura intervenes, saying he won’t allow him to lay a single finger on her.
“Another cutie came over!”, T-Bone yells and Geraba decides to deal with the women later. What he wants is to beat up the closest man and that happens to be Gainer.
He commands the “nancy-boy” to die but a strange knife flies over and hits near him!
“…That’s an eight-bladed shuriken…The next one will shred your throat…!" a mysterious man says.

Who is it? Gauli, THE NINJA!
Turns out he’s been shadowing Gainer but he’s willing to reveal himself since the Exodus can’t afford to lose him – he’ll use all his techniques to keep him safe. Gainer inwardly realizes that Gauli’s REALLY fascinated with Yapanese stuff.
T-Bone isn’t impressed as he has a bullet with Gauli’s name on it but, as soon as he shoots, Gauli easily parries the shot with his Hanzo Steel. He prepares to follow it up with his “Flame Wheel” technique and Dav is smart enough to know that they can’t take him on.
Geraba calls for retreat as their mission is already complete – the rest is up to Asuham.

Loran is relieved that they’ve been saved but Keith comes over and recognizes him as having also been driven out of Inglessa (Loran can’t explain the clothes to him at the moment, mind). Gainer thanks him for the assist and Gauli says he has a debt to repay Gainer.
Sochie arrives with the others and, thanks to Gauli, everyone seems okay. However, between Gauli, Gainer and Loran, Rand has to ask if they’re having a dress-up party around here.
This works for Mel, who whips out her camera and snaps a few shots for posterity!

Mission 19 (Galia Route) – National Blizzard

We cut to the Soreil, right outside Catez, where it seems some of their own stuff has gone missing too. The ship’s captain tells Phil that these events have been happening across all divisions of their army since yesterday.
Phil is already blaming the Catez folk, figuring they’re not satisfied with just gouging the Moon Race and have decided to steal their things. Things get worse when Poe comes in bringing news that a large posse of Catez dwellers have suddenly started a riot against them.
Milan figures they’ll soon try to rush the Soreil and Phil has had enough – he orders all troops to launch and attack in self-defense while also ordering Harry to protect the ship.

Roger isn’t happy when he sees the DC troops, figuring Phil has decided to pull a preemptive strike.
Dorothy figures this is another failed negotiation but Roger disagrees: his contract was to find a way to avoid a direct confrontation between the Moon Race and the Catez folk, so he hasn’t failed just yet.
Norman says the arrangements are complete and, as Roger sets out, he tells Norman and Dorothy to smoke out the rats behind this incident. Poe orders the troops to keep the damage to the Dome to the minimum, since that’s where they’ll be setting camp next.
Inwardly, Harry asks Diana if she’ll tolerate these actions – maybe she’s consenting if, as the queen, she considers this to be advantageous to her people?
The troops halt for a moment when a soldier spots someone in front of the Dome.

Indeed, it’s Roger and Big O, which immediately intimidates Poe with its massive size.
Roger gets in touch and tells them that negotiations are still ongoing so use of military force is unacceptable - he requests them to retreat quietly. Poe isn’t having it, asking how he dares say that after what the Catez people did to them (“impudent thief!”)!
Roger’s laws do not offer leniency to unfair people, though, and he’ll now pass her sentence. Poe orders all troops to attack and destroy him while Harry orders his troops to protect Diana.
“If your intentions are set, then I’ll readily oppose! BIG O, ACTION!” Roger yells.

Mission Objective: Shoot down Poe’s WaDom and Harry’s Gold SUMO
Mission Failure: Any allied unit shot down, Soreil shot down
Skill Point: Clear the victory conditions within 4 turns.

No enemy’s in range during the first turn, so Roger moves ahead.

Enemy Phase!

The closest WaD squad comes over and it’s in our best interest to kill at least ONE during this attack.
This isn’t difficult but, to save on energy, I’ll have Roger just use Arc Line.

: You disappoint me, Moon Race. As the subjects of Her Majesty, I'd expected you to act with logic and intelligence.
: Although I can be sympathetic to your plight, you unilaterally ended the talks. Due to those unfair actions, you force me to take a stand!
: But it shan't be with negotiations – I’ll be with my Big O!
You ain’t getting through here!

Only the mooks move in for now and the Soreil protectors are also staying put.

Player Phase!

Loran soon deploys, telling everyone to stop fighting as the riot from Catez people was incited by someone else.
“Diana” and Harry recognize him but Phil won’t believe it if he cannot present the person responsible. Problem is, Loran doesn’t know who’s exactly behind this action but he’s sure it’s someone who’s trying to stop the Exodus.
Roger understands how provoking the Moon Race to attack would help towards that but, unfortunately, the enemy’s too enraged to be stopped by mere words – we must take away their means to attack first. Seeing how it’s inevitable, Loran also agrees to fight.
Roger's a big fan of black, but he has to admire how well the white of Loran's Gundam suits him. So, why not make it a friendly competition between the two black and white units?
"Kihel" is aboard Loran's mech too and he hopes he can get her to the Soreil. She tells him to concentrate on stopping the fight first.

To make good time on the Skill Point, we need to take out the rest of this squad right now and Roger easily swats another WaD down.

Loran should be able to take care of the rest with his hammer.

: Why won’t they listen to our side of the story?!
: It’s truly sad but such is the state of the Diana Counter…
: Your Majesty…
: Kihel should be at her limits, too. I must switch back with her at all costs.
: Understood, my lady Diana…!

Very nice.

The rest of our team soon arrives, much to Loran’s relief.
Sochie isn’t very happy that Loran just took off with her sister and brought her into the White Doll with him, mind. More importantly to Gain, he ask Gainer what happened to this hot date.
Gainer doesn’t understand how he knows but Kei confesses that he told Gain about it (despite Gainer asking him to keep a secret). Regardless, Sara isn’t about to let him off the hook just because Gauli came over, as him keeping secrets from the rest of the Gauli Squad was his first and biggest infraction.
Kappei yells at everyone to forget about that since the Moon Race’s right in front of us and Gavane agrees: our priority is to stop them and protect Catez. Gwen does remind everyone NOT to attack the Soreil, as Diana is aboard.

A hidden Asuham was expecting us to deploy and he moves to play a little with us: he sneaks over to the Turn A and attacks it.
Loran is confused as to where the hit came from but, more importantly, he soon notices that the Turn A’s weapons and shield are gone! Kei asks if they were stolen during that attack just now but Loran isn’t sure what happened.
Kouji wonders if it could be the same thief that hit Catez and, when Gain asks, Rand explains that some guy went around stealing cars, bikes and a whole lot of other stuff – even people who took their eyes off their things for just one second were robbed.
Gain and Gainer seem to have an idea of what it is but, for now, they need to focus on the enemy in front. Asuham is watching, happily telling Gain to attack the Moon Race in his confusion…

Indeed, killing one enemy squad triggers our reinforcements, which is why it’s important to do so ASAP.
Everyone in the team casts Accel and starts moving over to intercept.

Enemy Phase!

Without his trusty mace, Loran fails to oneshot WaDs when he doesn’t crit.
He also gets attacked by a WaDom and takes some damage.

Oh, shit. We’ve got a real go-getter over here.

Get wrecked, kid.

Player Phase!

Gain and the King Beal are next and Mimsy yells that they, too, were attacked by an invisible enemy and had their ammo stolen.
Maai and Riea want to know what to do as they can’t go on fighting if their ammo and missiles are getting stolen. Mimsy and Mome are quite pissed that this guy has the gall to steal in front of Emaanians – they’ll hunt him down and make him pay for what he’s taken!
Kei and Gauli don’t know how they’ll do that and things aren’t looking good if we have to deal with the Moon Race and this kind of enemy at the same time. Gain tells everyone to hurry up as, if we don’t stop the Moon Race quick-like, things will only get worse.

Yeah, welcome to the gimmick of this stage: at the start of every player phase, Asuham will choose someone at random and take away all their ammo (thankfully, he can’t do anything against EN tanks).
This isn’t a big problem to our Super Robots but, to our more ammo-reliant real robots, it can leave them in quite a pickle.
Gain can hold his own for now with Brunhilde’s Arm but I might need to send him inside a ship to resupply.

First things first, we’re at turn three and we’re nowhere near getting the Skill Point.
So, Jiron boosts ahead and readies a TRI attack on Poe.

Her two WaD squaddies are dealt with.

Elchi and Kouji start wrecking the WaDom squad that attacked Loran, killing the two WaDs.

Might as well let Rag take it down as it’s unlikely she’ll get in range of the named enemies in time.

Dyke is still catching up on levels…he’s currently at 16 compared to everyone else being around 23-24.

Loran and Roger quickly cut Poe down to size.

This’ll allow Zambot to take the kill and give Kappei some much needed morale.

: You ain’t putting one finger on the Domepolis!
: Aki, Kouzuki and the others are getting help there!

Halfway there! Poe drops another Strategy Manual.

Once again, Poe is left without excuses for her pitiful performance whilst Phil is fighting for the Moon Race.
Without a choice, she retreats…

I reckon this is enough for now.

Expect the next update in a couple of days, whereupon we'll see if we can't put this misunderstanding to rights.

See you all soon!