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Part 57: Mission 16 (Pacific Route) - Prologue

Pacific Route Chapter 16 Prologue

Last time on Super Robot Wars Z: Our protaganists reunited with their friends and joined up with the other merry band of heroes. Hooray. Now Setsuko and Toby are heading off with the Gundam characters for fun times!

Current Top Aces:

1. Setsuko - 33 Kills
2. Roybea - 24 Kills
3. Kamille - 23 Kills
4. Jamil - 22 Kills
5. Witz - 22 Kills

I like spamming Roybea's ALL attack so he gets second place for now. He makes a pretty decent Squad Leader if you give him Hit&Away.

So for the first time in the game for me, I get control over my Squads! The game tells you the number of non event squads you can deploy up in the upper left corner, in this case I can have six.

My main concern was spreading arround Accel. Every Squad but Toshiya has someone who can cast it. Plus I made sure to pair up flying units. That's why Shinn has Reccoa in the Methuss, it can fly and work on ground since it's a transformable unit. Toga can sit in the back until he gets enough Will to form God Gravion.

Next it's time to distribute a whole lot of parts! Toby will be taking a Learning Manual, which removes the EXP and PP penalty Squadmates have. Luna will get a Minovsky Craft, which allows a mech to fly and gives them an S Rank in Air. Toga will get a Learning Manual as well, while Toshiya will equip a Chobham Armor, which increases a units HP by 500 and Armor by 100. Kamille gets a Magnet Coating, upping the Mk II's Mobility by 10. Quattro is given a High-Spec Radar, and finally Garrod gets an Apogee Motor.

And upgrades! Every single mech I'm using gets points, the squad leaders get up to 10% upgrades while the support stay with 8%. My bulk of Reals get mobility while my two Supers get some HP and armor. I buy the Secret Bazzar item and I'm off to the next stage!

Location: Pacific Ocean – Minerva, Bridge

We find Löwen making good on his promise and forwarding the Federation's anti-Gekkostate plans to Talia and Arthur.
Arthur is surprised to see that the feds created an entire squad to go after the Gekkostate – he wouldn’t have expected their actions to warrant this kind of attention; Talia thinks there’s a possibility that his is related to the Gekkostate’s connection with the Summer of Love that we’ve been studying.
Sadly, information regarding that squad and its plans were under a lot of security, so Löwen could only get part of it; it might, indeed, be that their goals are connected to the possibility of another Summer of Love happening but Löwen can’t say for sure now – a lot of the information regarding the Trapars and the former Promised Land was also never officially released.
Either way, this anti-Gekkostate squad has been named “Ageha Squad” and they’re led by one Dewey Novak – for now, he’s transmitted us the Gekkostate’s current location and he wishes us to be safe; Talia thanks him for the help and tells Arthur to set the course ASAP.

Aboard the Gekko Go, Renton is telling his sister how it’s been a while since he’s joined the Gekkostate and, during that time, he’s come to realize that this group is a lot more complicated than he expected.
He's still being treated like a new kid on the block and having to camp out in the hangar.

His monologue is interrupted when Jobs and Woz ask him to lend a hand with their current work.
Renton tells his sister that Jobs and Woz are, respectively, the hardware and software mechanics of the ship – he’s being driven hard but figures working as a mechanic with these two isn’t that bad.
His train of thought is lost, however, when he trips on a rope and falls face-first on the ground; that’d be the work of Eureka’s kids and they waste no time in dissing the “puker”.
Renton is not amused but the kids quickly run to their mama, yelling how “The puker’s being mean!”; she asks what’s wrong but Renton says it’s nothing.
Back to his monologue, Renton tells his sister how these devilish kids have been turning his life into a mess; it seems Eureka found them in a town somewhere and took them in – they eventually started thinking of her as their mother.
Of course, they all act very hostile whenever Renton’s concerned but he understands that the kids are just jealous of him trying to get closer to Eureka; as he mumbles, Maeter turns to Eureka and asks which she likes best: a man who pukes or a man who doesn’t.
The kids have made it a habit of poking fun at all of Renton’s past screw-ups and, meanwhile, Linck figures Eureka would be better off with someone who didn’t reek of puke – she admits it would be better.

Renton says that he isn’t used to riding in an LFO and, besides, her timing with the Cut-Back and whatnot are different from his, so he can’t quite match her pace.
“Doesn’t that mean that you’re not compatible with our Mama, then?”, Maeter quips; Eureka hadn’t thought of that but Maeter says it as she sees it – if he was right for her, he wouldn’t be puking next to Eureka!
Eureka seems to be buying it but Renton yells that he told them that he didn’t puke because of compatibility or whatnot: he’s new at this LFO-riding business and everyone has their own timing, so it’s not easy for him to move in sync with them!
Maurice says that’s just him having poor compatibility and Renton freezes at this; Maeter wants to leave with Eureka, saying she’ll turn into a “puker” like him if she stays here.
As she leaves, Renton just stays a bit wobbly until Jobs comes back, asking if there isn’t something he should be doing – Woz is right behind, amazed that they take their eyes off Renton for one second and he finds a way to get injured.
Jobs sends to the infirmary to get patched up and Renton sighs that he’s losing everyone’s trust...

Ah yes. We're at this part of Eureka 7's plot. Those kids!!!

At the infirmary, Mischa has just finished treating Renton’s bruises but she’s still surprised at how injured he’s gotten doing simple maintenance work.
Renton introduces Mischa as the Gekko’s physician to his sister and adds that he thinks that there might be something wrong with Eureka – so many times has he seen her being examined by the doctor; back in the real world, Mischa professes to be glad that Renton came aboard the Gekko.
When he asks, she say Eureka has slowly been changing for the better ever since he did (though he doesn’t know what it means); with that in mind, Renton asks if there is something wrong with Eureka.
Mischa says she’s not sick but she also cannot say that she’s fully well; either way, she’s counting on Renton (not saying what for) and tells him to rest here a bit while she goes grab something to eat.
As she leaves, Renton gladly tells his sister that there’s someone in this ship that approves of him – plus, Mischa and Eureka are friends, so she might be the one to play cupid for him!
Of course, those three kids remain the biggest obstacle and Renton can only sigh in heartache…

: Haaa….Who was it that said first love is bittersweet? That’s a lie…it’s just bitter…
: “Oh! Is this a challenge that God gave me for falling in love with an angel…?”
: ACK!
: “The bit of fluff that floats away when I chase after it weighs heavily upon my heart…”
: T-T-Talho! Y-you were here?!
: Just on the other side of the curtains. So…the little boy’s love-struck, eh?
: P-please waaaaaaaait!!

At the Gekko’s own, in-house store, we find a panicking Renton begging Talho not to tell anyone what she heard.
She’s not really listening, having a huge laugh over his drama; Renton asks if she’s really going to tell everyone about his “fleeting romance” or have a laugh about it while drinking at night.
He asks her again, offering to do anything she wants in exchange for her silence and THAT perks up her ears; she leaves, saying she’ll need to think about what she’ll ask of him.
Renton can only sigh about the gorgeous helmswoman, even more beautiful in person than in ray=out's swimsuit edition; she's also an over-the-top, hard-drinking prankster, and he fervently wishes she didn't have quite this much dirt on him.

His thoughts are interrupted when a man, Gonzy, comes over and offers some tea.
Renton’s startled but the old man simply repeats his question; the kid doesn’t reply, shifting back to his monologue, thinking it’s just another incomprehensible man and wondering what’ll become of him.m