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Part 58: Mission 16 (Pacific Route) - Intersecting Resolves

Chapter 16 - Intersecting Resolves

Outside, Holland is surprised to be informed that a group is waiting ahead; Hap imagines they must be intercepting them or it’d be a pretty big coincidence for them to be right on their path.
As Ken-goh wonders if it’s the Feds or Zaft, Talho asks Holland what they should do as they’ll have contact in less than 5 minutes; Holland points out that they’re already riding the Rayline, so they can’t alter the course easily – the only option is to break through.
Holland will be launching with Matthew and Hilda but opts to keep Eureka on standby, making Talho mumble about how he’s always so kind with Eureka (he just shushes her); as they all deploy, the kids are observing and ask if their Mama won’t be fighting, too.
Her orders are to stay on standby with the Nirvash, so that’s what she’ll do; Renton suggests that the kids go back to their room as it could be dangerous to stay in the hangar but, of course, Maeter gives the “puker” lip for trying to act all important (Renton’s inwardly starting to get annoyed at the brats).
Eureka asks if he’s alright, seeing how he’s looking a bit pale even before they’ve launched and he suspects it has something to do with that weird tea he got from Gonzy.
Either way, the incoming troops have just arrived.

It’s our group and Holland quickly singles out the Zaft ship; Torres confirms the Gekkostate and tells Bright that the Freeden’s being kept on standby behind our group, watching the surrounding area.
Seems like Löwen’s info was right on the money and Bright asks Talia if we should deploy our troops; she tells him to hold off on that, as it would be seen as a threat – she’d rather try talking to them first.
Gidget has received the Minerva’s signal and Ken-goh is, at least, glad to see that we’ve more manners than the Feds who just open fire from the get-go; either way, Hap knows our team has helped them before so he wonders if they shouldn’t at least listen.
Holland has that glare in his face and Renton says we’re not the bad guys, especially after what happened in Bellforest but Holland just tells him to shut up; he’s aware that the Zaft group has helped them before but he still doesn’t care for them.
While he doesn’t know WHY, the fact is all the best waves show up in areas with thin Rivalry Zones and Zaft always descends upon those areas and start shooting; despite his frustration, Holland isn’t some common hoodlum so he won’t start a fight without reason.
Back in the Minerva, Meyrin says there’s still no answer but Talia at least hopes they’ll be willing to listen to what we have to say (things aren’t looking good, though); even worse, those damn kids () decide that, if they can take those guys out, their Mama won’t be in danger!
What do they do? They start pressing buttons and activate one of the Gekko’s missile launchers; the bridge crew detects the signal coming from the hangar and Talho tells Ken-goh to cut their control.
Sadly, there’s no time…

The attack hits near our fleets and Bright assumes they’re trying to force their way through; with no other choice, he orders our troops to deploy.
A livid Hap asks “what the fuck” since they could’ve left here in peace if they played this right; it’s too late now, though, and Holland thinks there’s only one thing left to do.
Eureka deploys right then, with a worried Renton telling her that they were supposed to stay on standby; still, it was her children who fired those missiles and, as their Mama, she’ll take responsibility (Holland is dejected that she launched but asks for her help, too).
Setsuko recognizes the Nirvash, wondering if Renton’s aboard and, when Toby asks, she says he’s a friend of hers; Rand, meanwhile, asks if Holland forgot all the times we helped them – Holland’s rather annoyed the he’s among the opposition, too.
Kamille doesn’t like the idea of fighting against people who, until now, he’s fought together with, either and Quattro tells everyone to be careful as the LFO’s have a big advantage in this region; Julie confirms, saying the area has dense Trapars so it’ll be even harder to keep up with their irregular movements.
However, our goal is simply to stop them and Toga confirms, saying he won’t cause any damage that could shoot down their units; Eiji thinks that’s easier said than done.
Shinn asks if Eiji doesn’t have any self-confidence but he tells Zaft’s “Red Coat” not to underestimate the Gran Knights; either way, the Gekkostate is coming over and Holland wants to give Zaft a taste of their Lifting (while quickly apologizing to Rand for seeming ungrateful).
Renton is inwardly apologizing to Setsuko, hoping that she won’t get hurt in this.

Right. Our objective is to reduce the Gekko Go to 10% of its HP or less. Our losing condition is any Gekkostate unit getting shot down. So yeah, this is all a stupid misunderstanding.

Everybody gets a cast of Accel to get going.

This is assisted by this option in the menu, which lets you search through your unit by any criteria they have. Pilot skills, Mech Abilities, and of course Spirit Commands.

With this finding every pilot that can cast Accel, or any Spirit Command, is really simple

Even nicer is that you can press Square to select the people with the Spirit Command and have them cast it straight from the Search Menu.

It gets kind of amusing when you have twenty people cast Accel at once and if you don't speed it up the animations go on for a full minute and a half.

Then I just move every one up, don't bother to attack.

They of course do, but I just defend or evade.

And they all pile on Bright for some reason.

: E-Eureka…Try not to hit the cockpit or the engine compartment.
: Why?
: Because…didn’t they help us in Bellforest and at the point of commerce?!
: But they’re enemies now… and, if they’re enemies, I must defeat them…
: Eureka…you’re…

It adds up after a while.

On my turn I actually move up to attack the Gekko Go.

Lift Technique!

You'd better not miss this one.

Knew I could count on you Setsuko.

Next, Quattro.

Quattro in Center Formation is as a great way as ever to chip away at single target.

Shinn moves up next.

Lift Technique never activates for me.

Still wasn't enough to trigger the next part of the stage.

Garrod's vulcans were able to finish the job.

When the Gekko gets weakened, Talho quickly realizes that we’re on a whole other level than the average Federation mooks; Ken-goh also notes that we’ve more actual combat experience, so breaking through our lines is looking near impossible.
Add to that the fact that we’ve greater numbers and their few LFOs will be overwhelmed soon; Holland isn’t amused and Renton realizes that they shouldn’t be having this fight – seeing how no one’s doing anything to stop it, he takes it upon himself to do so.
He gets on the mic and starts yelling to everyone that it was his fault that missile got fired: he saw Zaft approaching and panicked!
Of course, his excuse comes as a surprise since we’re already in so deep but the kid’s bellowing packs a lot of emotion, so Talia thinks he’s legit: “Please! I’m sorry! I apologize! So, please stop fighting!!, Renton yells.
His desperate pleas impress Luna and Runa, while Roybea can only smirk at how honest to a fault the kid is; Renton continues to apologize LOUDLY, so Toshiya asks what to do: nobody seems much in the mood to fight anymore, so Quattro figures that’s that.
Holland also didn’t want to fight to begin with BUT he still has a big lecture for Renton once they get back; Mizuki, however, is getting somewhat "intrigued" by Renton's cute antics and Toby has a laugh at how she “likes them young” but Setsuko chides him to consider TPO (time, place, occasion) for his quips.

Either way, Bright forbids further combat and tells all units to go on standby; Talia gets in touch with the Gekko, saying that there seems to have been a misunderstanding and requesting, once again, to talk to them.
Holland agrees as a way to apologize for what happened but, before any talking can occur, Gidget detects a group flying our way – Torres identifies them as Federation troops.

They quickly enter the area, with Holland sighing that they got held up in here long enough for the Feds to catch up.
Bright figures these are the “Ageha Squad” and Holland is very surprised when he hears the name; either way, Talia orders everyone to support the Gekkostate, much to Talho’s surprise.
Emma argues that, despite what happened, they were willing to talk in the end so that makes them friendlies now; Holland laughs at being helped by us a third time but, if anything, they’re not going to just sit back and watch.

: Come on, you lot! A fight’s breaking out and it ain’t gonna look good for us to be protected!

: We’re getting some good waves! Let’s show them our Lifting as our apology!
: It looks like I can get some good pictures. Matthew, you’re up!
: Rrrroger that! Let’s jump right in with PASSION!
: (That’s it, sis…! This attitude…that’s the Gekkostate!)

And we have our Battle Mastery, defeat the enemy reinforcements within four turns of their arrival.

They're off to the side, flying over water. A bit annoying but I'll deal

The Gekko Go is back at full HP, which is nice.

Holland got Matthew and Hilda to form a squad with him, so he can move up and start things.

Time to let the enemies move towards us.

A few of them try and dogpile Eureka, it doesn't really work out well.

Holland still wrecks airborne enemies, when he hits...

And when he doesn't get hit himself... I really should have upgraded Gekkostate when I had the chance post 15.

Seeing battleships dodge is never not amusing though.

Their battleships stay in place, the jerks.

The furthest units move up and attack the enemies closest first.

Garrod gets a hit in with an assist from Talho.

The real hard part is that since enemies are in squads, you need to kill like three times the number of visible ones.

Shinn moves up to target this pair.

This lets Reccoa learn Sense(20).

Talia finishes the squad off.

Holland moves up to handles these Windams.

In awe at God Tomahawk's shininess, the LFO self-destructs.

Too crowded to use a MAP Attack, I'll just shoot missiles.
There we go.

Eureka's turn.

Setsuko is going to try and take the leader of this Windam Squad down.

You know, I really like that the the enemies are composed of various units from each series. One thing Z does well is really get across that different worlds have merged and various factions and groups are working together on both sides. You rarely just fight enemies from one series.

Great job.

And finally, Kamille will target these guys

On that positive note, I move onto the next turn.

This brings two new levels! Matthew learns Focus(15), while Holland learns Boost(20) which is great.

Most everyone else continues the Dogpile on Bright party.

I start my turn with a casting of Vigor, so the Bright Kills some Mooks party can continue.

Then Talia blows up a straggler.

Quattro takes aim for this squad.

Setsuko will be finishing them off.

Except she misses the other guy. :facepalm:

Shinn starts the dismantling process on this far off squad.

That attack, bizarrely enough, is not considered a Beam attack. So Shinn's VPS and Shield Defense reduced it to zero.

Anyways time to bust out the big guns.
Holland/Matthew/Hilda is another special Tri Attack by the way.

Now it's just picking off the few remaining weakened enemies before turning my guns on the battleships

I'll start with this one.

And then Garrod finishes it off.

Eureka targets the last remaining enemy squad.

Now that they're softened up..

Bright uses one of his two castings of Strike to guarantee those things are getting hit.

Of course one survives...

And then he snipes out of Holland's range on the enemy phase!

I blow it up on my turn, finally. I have one turn to get rid of these battleships.

Shinn and Talho get to that.

Wait. How on earth does the Impulse's Beam rifle have recoil? It's not firing any physical ammo.

Whatever it's Toshiya's turn.

Dang Holland.

Matthew gets a level of Support Defend out of it.

That's one down thanks to Setsuko.

Now to deal with this one.

Right almost there.

Bring it down lower with the Gekko Go.

Lift Technique.

Talia and Eureka tag team to take it down.

The enemy’s soon dealt with and no other troops are incoming; Bright figures it’s due to us being in Orb’s territorial waters, meaning the Federation can’t chase us too far.
With that dealt with, it seems we finally get a chance to sit down and talk with the Gekkostate.

Or not, because a bunch of those see-through ships that attacked Trinity City appear out of nowhere.
Talia asks but Toshiya doesn’t really know who they are but what he’s certain is that they’re another bunch of alien invaders – with some sort of unknown technology that allows them to appear so suddenly, Julie adds; Holland sure isn’t happy about running into another mess right after having to deal with the Feds.
Hap figures they owe us one, so Bright tells all troops to intercept the aliens; however, right then, Leele detects a transport ship entering the area.

It’s a civilian ship, which Talia figures lost its way and wandered into the battle; it’s pilot identifies herself as Maria Barnes from Orb’s Morgenroete Inc.
She claims to be having engine problems and is unable to reduce speed, so she requests our help; Shinn doesn’t seem very happy to run into someone from Orb – furthermore, he doesn’t appreciate her asking for help after waltzing into the crossfire.
Kamille stops him, though, adding that she said it was an accident – plus, this isn’t the time to complain; Rey agrees, warning Shinn to control his emotions which he, begrudgingly, says he understands.
Yet another batch of aliens show up and Lunamaria figures that, at this rate, the transport ship won’t be able to get away but, right then, Quattro sees something else coming.

: Is that--?!

: He destroyed three units in a heartbeat…!
: That Mobile Suit…it’s…!
: A Gundam?!
: You’re…
: Go, quickly…
: I understand. You take care, too.

: It protected the Transport Ship. Does that mean it’s an Orb unit?
: If anything, it doesn’t seem to be an enemy…
: (But, who is it…? The aura that pilot’s emitting…Rage? Or sorrow…?)
: The unidentified unit isn’t answering our hails!
: Shoot down the transparent UFOs first! All units, don’t worry about the Gundam!
: Who is that…? His moves…he’s not an ordinary person…
: …


Information Corner – Topic: Orb
The Orb United Emirates is small nation situated on a small archipelago in the Pacific Ocean; an unusual land where Naturals and Coordinators are treated equally, it has declared itself neutral relative to both the Federation and the Zaft.
Also neutral in the previous war, its lands were put to the torch by the encroaching Federation army. Though the essentials for life have been restored, the current regent, Cagalli Yula Athha constantly frets over all the human resources washed away by the war.
Cagalli finds it difficult to exert political control due to her tender years, and national politics are confounded by the machinations of the five principal national families.


Information Corner – Topic: Morgenroete Incorporated
A semi-nationalized company of the Orb United Emirates with facilities on Onogoro Island - inventors of the "G" Series (including the Strike and Aegis) and the Archangel battleship in the previous war.
Creators of the variable-geometry "Murasame" mobile suits which constitute the bulk of Orb's warpower, their technology is entirely comparable to the Zaft.

OK then! Now this is the nice and easy second half of the stage. A bunch of weak enemies, no time limit. However...

SECRET ALERT: Our new guest needs to be shot down.

This secret is a bit tricky, because he's a Neutral unit and can't be targeted, and the enemies are fairly weak... How can it be done?

Eh I'll think about it later, time to end the phase.

He of course immediately rushes up to attack them.

He's barely not tough enough to oneshot them though.

Oh yeah he's got Phase Shift Armor so they can barely scratch him if at all.

Some of them run over to use, we do have the power (Mostly from higher Will) to oneshot them.

Oh yeah he casts Focus at the start of every Player Phase. Those enemies aren't going to be able to beat him. It's mathematically impossible.

I just spend my turn moving everybody up.

On the next phase our guest spends his time blowing these things up.

Reccoa heals Bright, followed by a Trust cast. Now as to those bright red squares? You can mark squares with R3. So... what am I doing? You see, those are marking the ranges of the MAP Attacks for the Gekko Go, Argma, and Minerva. You see, their MAP attacks have friendly fire. And can hit Neutral units.

I end the turn with not doing anything, just setting up the MAPs, everyone getting Strike cast too.

Our mysterious helper figures his adjustments weren’t good enough and starts retreating.
Talia, meanwhile, recognizes the ZGMF-X10A Freedom and seems to have an idea of who the pilot is but he leaves before long; Arthur asks if they’re not going to follow but we can’t before dealing with the aliens in front.
Plus, she knows where it’s going, if her hunch is correct.

Then I mop up the three remaining enemies.

Roberto learns Focus in the process.

All enemy troops are destroyed and no more seem to be coming over; Holland quickly gets in touch to confirm that we, indeed, called those Feds the “Ageha Squad”.
Bright tells him how we’ve been informed that it’s an anti-Gekkostate special squad and Holland asks if we have anything else about them; Talia is willing to give whatever info we have but figures it’s best to do it face-to-face.
He agrees but warns that any attempt to capture them will answered appropriately; Talia tells him that his people's safety and freedom are assured but Holland is wary – he knows how the military does things.

In the Gekko’s living room, the kids are trying to figure out what to do after triggering that battle.
Maeter is quite scared and Linck wonders if their Mama’s going to kick them out; Renton finds the kids and they ask what’s gonna happen to them.
He asks if they don’t know what they should do at times like this and Maurice slowly figures it out: apologize and Renton figures that’s that; they ask if he’s not going to tell Holland but Renton says he already thinks he’s the one who fired the missiles.
Maeter is a bit surprised but Renton knows that they were trying to help Eureka when they did that and it reminds of himself as a kid, wanting to help his grandpa and only making things worse; that said, he's not going to shield them twice: next time, they're to consult him or Eureka before doing something stupid.
With that, he suggests they should apologize to Eureka and they do so (while still calling him “Puker”, mind).

Renton seems pleased but Talho enters, telling him to get that smug look off his face.
It seems she was listening in again and asks if Renton’s planning on extorting help from those kids to win Eureka over; he protests, saying he simply saw himself in what those kids were doing and, while he would get scolded by his grandpa and sister, they also forgave him.
He knows that what happened today put everyone’s lives in danger but…Talho shushes him them, saying she understand and asking him to stop babbling; however, she reminds that he still has that “debt” to pay her from before the battle.
Now, what should she have him do…?

Talia has just finished informing Holland about his pursuers from the Federating, being inwardly curious about meeting the Gekkostate’s leader.
She's read in intel from both Zaft and Löwen that he's not only a Lifting champion, but also an ace pilot from a military special forces unit; furthermore, he fled the military and formed the Gekkostate as a sort of anti-government movement.
With that done, Arthur wants to move on to our questions and begins by asking what Holland knows about the Summer of Love and Adroc Thurston; Holland suggests we look that up in the UN since the world’s “truth” goes back and forth in there – especially after the trouble it took for the Feds to set it up.
Talia wants deeper info than that, like what the Gekkostate was doing in Bellforest and what he knows about that Seven Swell phenomenon; Holland says Adroc Thurston was his master, so he went to Bellforest to visit his grave.
Talia has done her homework and is aware that Adroc’s family lives in that town and knows how his son has joined the Gekkostate; Holland says the kid ran away from home and simply ended up with them – just a coincidence.
Talia sighs and decides to change the subject, then, asking why the military were coming after them: anti-government activities doesn’t seem like the only reason for the Feds to create an entire special squad to take them out.

Holland figures they're out to save face after their theft of the Gekko and Nirvash.
Arthur has been informed that it is the original LFO and Holland says the feds probably aren’t very happy to have people like them using it.
Talia realizes that Holland knows more than he's letting on but also that it’s pointless to extend this conversation; as Holland heads back, he asks one more question: who's running that Ageha unit?
When she says Dewey Novak, Holland mumbles that he’s finally showed up…
Arthur tells him to wait, saying that Zaft’s trying to protect the Gekkostate and, if they’re going to fight be Feds, shouldn’t they cooperate with each other? Holland’s not interested, though: be it either Zaft or the Federation, he doesn’t trust military-types.
He’ll team up with people if it’s to their benefit but that doesn’t mean he’ll be someone’s pet dog; that gives Talia an idea: contracting Holland to carry a certain something to a certain location.
He can do nothing at that point but smile and accept defeat, seeing as how the reward offered will be considerable; with that, Talia calls him to talk business now.

Lunamaria and Kamille tell everyone that the Zaft and AEUG’s next mission will be in Orb (Shinn, as expected, immediately frowns).
Our original plan was to head to Orb after passing by Trinity City but it seems that plan was moved ahead; the Freeden and Super Robots will be taking care of some other business, so we’ll be splitting off for a bit.
Emma has heard about Orb, the nation who refused to join the New Federation and Reccoa knows that the country existed in Lunamaria’s previous world; indeed, she confirms it was site of a pretty famous battle (Where a mob of Feds, Radam and Eviluders got the second biggest smackdown of their lives!…Oh, wait. That was in a better universe. *grumble*There there Brunom, it will live in in your heart.)
When Kamille asks, she says it was the site of one of the biggest battles of the war that happened back then: the nation had declared itself neutral in the war and refused to follow the Earth Alliance, who came down on and suppressed them by force.
Apolly sees it as a very commonplace occurrence but Shinn snaps: “Commonplace…?! Maybe so but it’s not something any human could ever forget…!”; Roberto asks what’s his problem and Shinn says that he was in Orb during the battle before running off.
Kamille is about to go after when Rey stops him, saying he needs to be alone to cool his head.

Lunamaria says it’s her fault: she got so excited at the Freedom’s reappearance that she didn’t consider Shinn’s feelings.
When Emma asks, Rey says it’s a Gundam created by the Plants during their war two years ago; as for why it’s on Earth now, it was stolen from Zaft and ended up joining a third power in the war and, eventually, put an end to the fight.
That third power was centered in Orb which explains to Reccoa why Talia wanted to get to the place so quickly – we’re chasing after it; Rey says that the nation has rapidly rebuilt itself over the past two years and it, currently, has even more power than before.
Kamille wonders if Durandal plans on striking a deal with Orb to fight against the New Federation but, regardless, Roberto is very impressed with the amazing skill of the Gundam’s pilot.
If the Freedom’s pilot is the same as two years ago, then Rey knows who it is: Kira Yamato, called the strongest Coordinator; not just that, Lunamaria also remembers his partner in battle – someone who was even aboard the Minerva previously: Alex Dean, a.k.a., Athrun Zala.
Apolly remembers him as the bodyguard of Orb’s princess and, after the Break the World, they both returned to Orb; maybe we’ll meet him again once we get there, Lunamaria wonders.

: (Orb…the country where Shinn was born and raised on. Still, it’s that same Orb that he hates from the bottom of his heart…)
(We’re going to that country…?)
: (Shinn…)

Back at the Gekko’s store, our civilian team is getting the tour of the famous ship and Matthew says, though it was originally a military ship, they’ve done a lot of remodeling to make it more roomy.
Holland has finished his business with Zaft and, as both the Minerva and Argama have already left for Orb, the Gekkostate has been hired to transport the Super Robots to Trinity City; Julie, inwardly, thinks the real reason behind this is to also keep tabs on the Gekkostate.
Stoner and Hap think that, despite their jack-of-all-trades business, transporting a bunch of Super Robots to a floating city in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is quite a surprising job; either way, Runa’s very impressed with their ship and that it even has a shop inside!

Manning said shop is Renton, who greets them with a depressed “Welcome…”.
Moondoggie asks what he’s doing and it is as we see it: he’s been drafted as the shop’s manager – his punishment for those missile shenanigans against their new patrons, Holland says; still, Talho thinks it beats having to polish the Gekko’s exterior, so he should be a bit happier.
Renton mumbles that he agrees wholeheartedly but his monotone delivery kinda leads Runa to think otherwise; either way, Matthew cuts in and orders a Pizza, giving Renton less than three minutes to get it done.
Eiji figures he’ll have some Cola and offers one to Toga, who is thankful despite not knowing what it is; Kiraken will have some hotdogs (10 of them!) but, of course, Renton can’t handle all those orders at once and asks Moondoggie to lend a hand.
Too bad, it’s Renton’s job so it’s his responsibility but he’s already being pushed around by Talho – she easily shuts him up by quoting his “that’s a lie…it’s just bitter”, though; Holland asks what she’s talking about but she says it’s just something of a “magic spell” of hers.
Gidget points out that they didn’t have anyone suitable to handle the store before Renton came along and he’s pleased to hear that (not).

Either way, Eiji asks if he’s the guy who was apologizing like crazy back then.
If anything, Runa is impressed with how he managed to stop the battle with his confession and Eina is also thankful - she asks for his name and the kid, blushing a lot, eagerly gives it.
Linck notices how he’s making that “weird face” again and Maeter is already disgusted by his indecent behavior; Eureka is also staring and the Renton quickly panics: “I-it’s not like that! Eureka! It’s not like that! IT’S A MISUNDERSTANDING!!”, he yells.
Runa sees that he’s very easy to understand and Eiji thinks that’s ok – the kid even reminds him of someone, a companion aboard the Freeden, who’s at his most energetic when he’s close to the girl he likes.

Setsuko thinks the job suits Renton well – especially for a newcomer.
Renton quickly starts getting entranced by her and Toby tells him that staring with those puppy dog eyes ain’t gonna do him much good as HE is Setsuko’s partner here; this is their first time actually meeting, so they trade introductions, with Setsuko saying he’s the one she was looking for.
Inwardly, Renton notices that she is looking happier than last time they saw each other.

As for Rand, he figures Renton makes a better store clerk than he does a mechanic or rider, though the kid doesn’t appreciate the joke; Mel finally gets to meet him and she’s glad that he helped her darling before.
Renton’s a bit surprised but Mel introduces herself and adds that she’s Rand’s “honey”; Rand lets out a big sigh at this and Mel asks what’s up with that.
Rand tells Renton that he’ll get in trouble if he tries denying it but tells the kid to not feel like he has to play along with her joke; he does so anyway, figure she’s the “fiancée” he was looking for!
Rand tells him to wait, as he didn’t tell him the whole story when he said that, but Renton’s already saying he’s jealous that his fiancée is so cute; Maeter asks what a fiancée is and Mel says it’s someone who’ll marry someone.
Of course, Linck gets scandalized, asking Rand if he’s really marrying the girl but Rand laughs it off, telling the kid that even an “old man”is free to choose his wishes for the future - Mel asks what he means by that.
Renton, inwardly, ponders this story about two people loving each other and hopes that he and Eureka can get there someday.

Once again, the kids poke fun at him making that “strange face”, Maeter still calling him out and Renton freaking out when Eureka says he IS strange.
Toby’s glad the kid’s this energetic and Setsuko wishes him good luck – we’ll be working together at least until Trinity City.
To his sister, Renton says that he felt like he could help us a bit today; still, he took three steps forward and two steps back – there’s still a long way to go before he’s acknowledged as an adult.


Extra dialogue

Holland has a lot to say on the first part of this stage.

Setsuko Vs. Holland
: His movements…they’re too irregular for me to keep up with!
: I owe you one for Bellforest but this is just how things turned out! Don’t blame me!
: Setsuko, don’t try to take him out in one go! First, you need to mess with his rhythm!
: Roger that, Toby!

Garrod Vs. Holland
: The hell’s up with his movements?! Unlike the others, he’s charging right in!
: Even if your eyes can follow, you can’t react fast enough!
: When I’m fighting guys like you, charging in like this will break up your pace!
: Don’t get cocky! I did basic moves like those when I was a kid!

Kamille Vs. Holland
: He’s quick…! His technique is on a whole other level!
: You picked the wrong opponent, boy!
: Even in a Mobile Suit, you’re at least 10 years away from being able to go up against me!

Quattro Vs. Holland
: This one's the leader, eh? Looks like he ain't just some figurehead!
: His movements…they appear chaotic but every action is precisely calculated…!
: As I thought, he received actual combat training somewhere…!

Shinn Vs. Holland
: This guy won’t stop moving around!
: You’re too stiff, boy! In both battle and Lifting, if you don’t learn to improvise, you’ll just sit there doing nothing!

God Sigma Vs. Holland
: He’s flying all over the place! We can’t get a bead on him like this!
: What’s wrong, fat-ass?! I’m over here!
: Toshiya! Don’t just shoot at random – anticipate the enemy’s movements!
m Yeah! It’s just like swatting a fly!
: Hey, you! Don’t compare my Lifting with some bug!!

Toga Vs. Holland
: What’s wrong?! Can’t keep up with my moves?!
: One attack…! The enemy’s a fast, lightweight unit, so if we can get one attack to hit, we’ll win!
: Bring it! Let’s see that one attack of yours!

Rand Vs. Holland
: No hard feelings, repairman! This is just how things played out for us!
: You got that right, man. Now, the top story for the next ray=out’s gonna be “The God-like Holland Gets Grounded”!
: Heh…you seem to be in a good mood. Sure you shouldn’t change jobs from repairman to demolition man?
: You said--!
: WHAT DID YOU SAY?! I’m done putting up with you! Time for a Big Dismantling!!
: W-What?! He got all serious out of nowhere!