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Part 64: Mission 18 (Pacific Route) - Bloodstained Eyes - Part 2

Turn 5

Bright opens up with another MAP attack, though he only gets one kill from it.

Talia softens up this squad, taking down one of the leaders and leaving the others at sub 500 HP.

Shinn finishes off this

Quattro wipes out another Murasame squad.

Anyways at this point I begin to think I can take out this jerk.

By the enemy phase the Minerva is pretty much out of energy by now, just spamming the Tannhäuser over and over.


Starting to get real worn down here.

On the Bright side that's the last of the Murasames.

Turn 6

The Zamza-Zah’s proving to be incredibly resilient and taking down both it and the Asshimar at the same time is proving to be unlikely.
Buran sees a chance to wrap it all up and orders the Zamza-Zah to reposition itself to do so; Shinn figures he has a chance to take it down if he can get inside its barrier and starts charging in – Kamille tries to stop him, saying he’s being too rash.

Shinn goes in but the Zamza-Zah’s pilot yells that this unit isn’t made to just defend and easily throws him away; Luna tries to have Shinn escape but there’s no time, as the enemy approaches to finish him off!

He’s stopped by an attack that strikes right at the positron reflector’s blind spot; it came from a black Gundam Mk. II but Quattro knows it’s not a Titan: it’s Amuro and, accompanying him, Katz!
He attacks once again, leaving the Zamza-Zah’s pilot flabbergasted – Kamille is also amazed at his incredibly precise attacks.

: Uh…urgh….
: You there, Gundam! Pull back right now!
: I…
: Hurry! Do you want to die?!
: I’ll…fight… I won’t depend on or be protected by someone else…I’ll…I’ll fight by my own power…
: That’s why I…!

: Stubborn bastard! You’re not dead yet?!

*Shots fired!*

: He dodged at that distance…?!
: Minerva! Meyrin! Fire the Deuterium Beam!
: And prepare to launch the Leg Flyer and Sword Silhouette!
: Shinn…?!
: Hurry! Can you do it?!
: Meyrin! Do as he says!
: Roger! Deuterium Chamber, standby! Targeting and tracking systems, locked onto the Impulse!
: Deuterium Beam, fire!


: Next, launch the silhouette!

: H-he’s fast!

: Th-this guy’s--!
: That pilot’s moves suddenly changed …!
: Amuro Ray…is it you?
: Yes, Char. I was sent by Karaba to help you all.
: …Understood. Go and join up with them.
: (Did I just call him “Char”…?)

*Amuro tags in with Rey and Lunamaria.*

: I’m Lt. Amuro Ray. Pleased to meet you.
: Amuro Ray, the legendary Ace Pilot…?!
: The Federation’s White Shooting Star…we’ve heard that name.
: Leave the introductions for later. First, we need to deal with this situation. Follow that Gundam’s lead!
: Shinn…! Answer me, Shinn! Can you do this?!
: I’ll do it…! The Federation and Orb…! I will…!!


Information Corner – Topic: Karaba
An Earth-based support organization for the AEUG, organized by Hayato Kobayashi; uses a Garuda-class ultra-heavy-lift transport called the "Audhumla" as its flagship.
At the AEUG's side, the organization battled the Titans from North America all the way to East Asia.
Possesses formidable firepower thanks to their invention of the Dijeh mobile suit and other mighty weapons.

Right, we got ourselves some new stuff here. First off, Shinn got a new skill replacing the ???? on his status screen. SEED, when his Will hits 130 he'll do 1.1 times more damage. It's a handy skill to have, Shinn's already fairly a hard hitter so a flat damage boost is nice, plus a new pilot and a new unit.

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: A New Translation
Amuro Ray: - RX-178 Gundam Mk-II (Titans Colors)
Voiced by: Toru Furuya(Japanese), Matthew Erickson(English)

* Newtype(Level 3) - Increases Hit and Evasion rates. The strength of the effect depends on the skill's level. Some weapons require this skill for use.
* Blocking - If the mech is equipped with a shield and/or sword, can use Sword Block and Shield Block. Sword Block will neutralize melee and missile attacks, while Shield Block will reduce damage taken. Activation rate is based off the skill stat.
* Attack Again - If the Pilot's skill stat is 20 points or higher then the enemy, the pilot will perform a second attack. This second attack is considered a Support Attack and is effected by the Cooperative Attack skill.

Spirit Commands:
* Focus(15) - Increases hit and evasion rates by 30%
* Mercy(10) - If the pilot's skill stat is higher then the enemy's, then an attack that would normally defeat the enemy leaves them alive with 10 HP.
* Sense (20) - Casts both "Strike" and "Alert" on the character.

Squad Leader Bonus
* +10% Evasion and Critical Hit Rates

So, Amuro is a great pilot obviously. He has innate Attack Again and good Skill, so he's always going to hit fairly hard. He's agile thanks to being a Newtype, and is overall a strong choice. As for his unit...

Secret Found!

The black Gundam Mk-II is a secret unit, by not defeating Emma on Stage 3 of Setsuko's route, Amuro joins with this mech instead of another Rick Dias. It's a second Gundam Mk-II, so it's a good mech to have right now. It doesn't have Kamille's Flying Armor Crash, but it does have more ammo for its Bazooka as well as a slightly stronger Tri Attack with one more ammo. As one final bonus it comes with 2 points of upgrades in every stat. One note is that this secret is exclusive to Setsuko, if you're playing as Rand you can't get it obviously, because you can't choose to not beat Emma on Stage 3. Sorry Brunom, you're stuck with another generic grunt suit.

Here I make kind of a dumb mistake, thinking I could finish off the Zamza-Zah before Buran. Woops.

The Zamza-Zah’s defeat at the hands of an MS comes as a shock to its pilot and the remaining Federation troops quickly pull back.
Shinn isn’t about to let the Mobile Armor to escape after its group started this attack in the first place – Amuro realizes he’s moving in for the kill and rushes over.

He blocks Shinn’s attack, buying the Zamza-Zah enough time to escape.
Shinn ask why the hell he did that and Amuro says the enemy had already lost its fighting spirit and started to retreat; Shinn still protests but Amuro tells him to calm down and asks if he wants to become a murderer.

There’s no time to talk things over, though, as Rey spots something else coming: it’s an alien posse, still exploiting the thin Rivalry Zones over the Pacific Ocean as an entry point into Earth.
Thankfully, Meyrin detects Toshiya and the others coming right along.

Everyone’s safe and sound for the time being and Oliver tags both Aldebaron and Eldar troops up ahead, confirming that both groups are working together.
Bright is surprised at the new, huge robot and Marin introduces Baldios to him as the force that’ll destroy the Aldebaron and Raita makes it a point to tell everyone that Marin’s a “disgusting alien”; Toshiya shushes him, saying the enemy’s right in front of us so this ain’t the time to say stuff like that.
Leets is accompanying Aphrodia and asks what they’ll do – they’re fighting not just God Sigma’s group today but another platoon of earthlings, too; her answer is just to take them all down anyway, seeing how destroying these earthlings would help both their causes.
The enemy starts their attack, so we don’t really have time to relax and Talia orders everyone to intercept; Amuro asks if Shinn shouldn’t pull back to avoid overdoing it but he still wants to keep fighting – it doesn’t matter if the enemy’s the Federation, Orb or aliens (Kamille seems worried).

And our objective changes. We have to defeat either Aphrodia or Leets to end the stage, and of course we still have that time limit. So we effectively have two turns to do it.

Amuro and company of course move in to take a shot a these new aliens, in all honesty I won't be doing much grunt beating. Not enough time. Still, every shot counts for something at least.
Innate Attack Again is always awesome.

Right, everyone who has it is casting Accel and blasting individual enemy squads until they're gone. I don't have time to spread out my attacks. I just want these roadblocks gone.

Another down

Not stopping yet, you're up Garrod

So close to kills.

Oh yeah, the reinforcements start at 120 Will, so a single casting of Spirit is enough to start up God Gravion.

Take down this squad!

Good good!

I lament God String not being post-movement.

Enemy phase comes and I might as well handle these.

I think that's the first time this playthrough I've used that. The enemies swarm, I counter, no other kills. Pity.

Turn 7

Using the last of Meiryn's SP I scan both Aphrodia and Leets. Aphrodia has the least HP so she's the one who's going down.

Julie casts Analyze for that extra kick and it's time to dogpile her![/i]

: You’re not getting away, Aphrodia! As Gattler’s right-hand woman, I’ll take you down right here and now!
: Silence, traitor! I’ll crush you and that robot as the first step to our conquest of Earth!
: Marin, why are you talking with the enemy commander?!
: You…I knew it, you’re a spy!
: Shut up, you two! She is my enemy!
: Come on, Aphrodia! I’ll never forgive any of you for spreading war across S-1!

Marin gets a level of Prevail out of it to boot.

Upon defeat, Aphrodia thinks that Gattler was right and the earthlings ARE getting stronger; still, she promises Marin and the Earthlings that, next time, she’ll defeat them and cut their resistance at its bud.
The enemy troops retreat and, despite these back-to-back battles, we managed to survive; Torres informs Bright that the Freeden will be joining them shortly.
Still, Bright knows the troops are exhausted and, with Orb joining the Federation, our position is getting progressively worse; Arthur thinks that, as long as we have Shinn kicking ass like today, we’ll be fine.
Indeed, Talia thinks his feats were derived of his own power and less of his mech; she always found it a bid odd that Shinn received the Impulse instead of Rey, the (usually) superior pilot.
She wonders if Durandal knew about this all along and Arthur says it’s possible as the chairman is an expert in DNA analysis; either way, Talia thinks Orb’s move must’ve come as quite a shock to Shinn.
Indeed, Shinn wonders what happened to that “peaceful nation that doesn’t intervene in other countries’ conflicts” business; as he cries in anguish, Amuro can feel the rage and sorrow echoing from Shinn’s soul.

Location: Sector L5 – Plants’ Capital: Aprilius

Durandal has just informed Athrun of Orb’s entry in the New Federation and, though an official announcement hasn’t been made, it’s already been confirmed that they’re performing joint military action.
Sadly, reality seems to indicate that the Orb parliament decided to side with the feds rather than Cagalli and, inwardly, Athrun knows that she was unable to hold the Seiran family back; either way, Durandal is sure this will only accelerate the chaos gripping the world.
Furthermore, amongst the neutral countries, Orb is the most powerful one so its action will have considerable effect over the others; still, Athrun begs the Chairman and says they can’t go to war blinded by rage and hatred lest the world be once again enveloped in a meaningless battle.
He remembers how the criminals who dropped Junius Seven said his father, Patrick Zala, was right but he knows that doing things the same way his father did will only lead to a world filled with hatred.
Durandal thinks Athrun left Cagalli’s service and returned to the Plants in order to atone his father’s crimes; still he figures both Patrick and the terrorists had the same desire: to protect the Plants.
Of course, he can’t agree with their methods and, because of that, they’ve no choice but to protect both the Plants and the world in other ways; in the end Patrick is Patrick and Athrun is himself so, regardless of whose son he is, he shouldn’t feel responsibility for what happened – there’s nothing to blame him for and he shouldn’t try to bear that blame himself.
Athrun came here to stop the flames of war from becoming an inferno once again and that’s all that matters to Durandal; either way, he’s glad that Athrun returned and, though the people might think of him as an idealist, Durandal is sure that wishes of individuals like Athrun will save this world.
The only other issue is “Lacus” and Durandal concedes to be a bit embarrassed at what he did.

He flips a switch and shows a video of a concert that happened today.
Though it’s been a long time since he was together with Lacus, Durandal figures even Athrun was fooled for a moment; Athrun admits it but asks: why introduce a body double for a missing person?
The reason is that Lacus Clyne’s charisma is necessary for the Plants – a few words from her do more towards calming the masses than an entire speech from Durandal – and, in this very concert, she explained to the people that their Council is working to preserve the world’s stability.
Athrun isn’t very happy and Durandal says that, while he might think it foolish, he needs her strength right now – just as he needs Athrun’s.

Before he can elaborate, Lacus’ double enters and is happy that they’re watching a video of her show.
She asks if Athrun thinks she looks like the real thing and, when he frowns, she assumes that’s a “no”; before she gets too sad, though, Athrun says that they’re nearly identical and, hearing that from him, makes her VERY happy.
Durandal properly introduces her as Meer Campbel, his Lacus Clyne, and she says she’s always been a fan of Lacus – she loved her songs and used to sing them and people always said she sounded like her.
One day, Durandal called her over and said he needed her skills for the sake of Plant, so that’s why she’s doing this; “It’s not your skills he needs. It’s Lacus’.”, Athrun sniffs.
Meer understands that but says that Lacus is always needed by everyone – she’s strong, beautiful and kind; however, unlike Lacus, she was never needed by anyone so she doesn’t mind holding the fort even if just for a while.
She’s glad to just help Durandal and the people during Lacus’ absence and Durandal expected Athrun to understand her feelings: both of them have given up their past in the interest of the future.
So, Meer asks Athrun to also lend his strength to Durandal – for the Plants and for the world…

Back in the Argama, Katz has told Bright that Hayato (leader of Karaba and Katz’ father) sent Amuro over because he figured it would fit him better the Karaba’s usual guerilla activities.
Bright is glad that Hayato was wise enough to realize that and Bright is always open to adding other skilled pilots to our team; Katz says he’s also completed his training and presents himself to help us as well.
Bright is pleasantly surprised to see that White Base’s resident crybaby has grown so brave but Katz insists that he just intends to pull his weight as a grown man; Bright understands but tells Katz not to give Hayato any reason to be sad (other than having him as his son, that is!).
With that in mind, he tells Emma to keep an eye on the kid and asks for Amuro – Reccoa says he was seen going somewhere with Quattro; Kamille volunteers to go call him as he was always curious about him.
Bright allows it but tells him to take his time en route to them; as Kamille leaves, confused, Bright remembers being told by Kai about Quattro’s past – in that regard, it makes sense that Amuro would want to speak to him.
Finally, Katz gives Bright a very old-fashioned paper letter with a message from Mirai (Bright’s wife) and the rest of the Karaba...

Amuro and Quattro are having a staring contest and Amuro asks if he doesn’t have anything to say.
Indeed, after seven years, Quattro would’ve expected to have much to say but, oddly enough, he can’t think of anything; Amuro expects Quattro to deride him for not doing anything after the One Year War but he’ll do no such thing, especially given how Amuro fought today.
What Quattro wants to know is how Amuro came to be here, though, given how he's heard that he had been arrested; indeed, and he tells that the way the New Federation treats Newtypes is far crueler than in their own world.
He was handled as a sample and was slated to become a guinea pig in a project to develop biological weapons – a project to develop Artificial Newtypes that Quattro has heard about; either way, Amuro was shipped to the Moon to be put through some low-gravity experiments, he believes.
What saved him was a voice calling his name that woke him out of a sound slumber and it’s a good thing that it did, because the base he was being held at suffered a raid and was destroyed soon after.
Quattro asks if it was a Karaba raid and, while it was them who rescued him off the base, it was someone else who destroyed the base’s defenses that allowed for the raid to happen in the first place; Amuro's found no leads about his mysterious (and violent) benefactor, but he's already inclined to thank whoever it is just for letting him see Quattro again.

Quattro asks if he can count on Amuro and, indeed, that’s why he came over.
Though, considering how rusty he is after his confinement, Amuro admits that we might get more use out of Shinn and Quattro admits that his moves today were very much unlike what he usually does.
Amuro's even man enough to confess that he was afraid when looking at Shinn's bottomless eyes - eyes that viewed everything and everyone as his enemy; he says that such a way of fighting could only result in Shinn's own eventual destruction.
Still, Quattro says that they, of all people, should know that being sensitive isn’t a good thing for a pilot…with perhaps one exception that Amuro remembers.
Kamille then comes over, telling Amuro that Bright’s calling for him and Amuro’s surprised that he came over to call him; either way, they exchange introductions and Quattro tells Kamille that he should go to the Minerva while he escorts Amuro to the bridge - it seems Rey and Luna were looking for him.
Quattro sounds reassured that Amuro too has his eyes on the young pilot, and both of them hope he'll be able to tread the path neither of them were able to find.

Kamille enters Shinn’s room, asking how he’s feeling; he mentions that Rey an Luna are worried as he’s been shut inside his room ever since they got back.
He tries to encourage Shinn to come out with him as everyone’s waiting – they all want to see him as today’s victory was all due to his actions; Talia has even sent a request for a commendation to be given to him by the Plants.
Shinn’s a bit unbelieving that he became so strong and Kamille says even Quattro was impressed; Shinn thinks a bit and thanks Kamille while also apologizing for making him worry.
He confesses to be glad to hear those words coming from Kamille as getting stronger was something he’s always pursued; Kamille understands and adds that those weren’t just his words – they were everyone else’s too.
Shinn tells Kamille to head to the cafeteria ahead – he’ll head there soon as he also wants to thank Rey and Luna.

: …
: Mayu…I’ve gotten stronger. This is something I’ve wanted ever since the day I lost you, mom and dad…
: To become strong and put an end to the fighting across the world…
: Mayu…watch over me. I’ll…I’ll stop this war with my own hands…

At the cafeteria, Luna is very relieved that they don’t have to worry about Shinn.
She was wondering because Shinn wasn’t himself after the battle ended but Kamille figures he just needed time after the battle to calm himself down after getting so focused.
Rey apologizes for asking Kamille to intercede with their friend; of course, it was no problem but Kamille does wonder why they didn’t go themselves.
Rey says it’s because they know much about Shinn’s issues with Orb, so he didn’t want any awkwardness to arise; Kamille thinks Shinn is lucky to have such good friends but Luna says he himself should also count himself as one. (D'awww. )
Meyrin also adds that Talia’s always speaking highly of Kamille’s skill – had he gone through Zaft’s academy, he would surely be a “Red Coat”; Kamille thanks her but says, in his world, the color red is synonymous to a famous man.
Indeed, his name was Char Aznable, the Red Comet, and he was a legendary Ace Pilot; Luna remembers reading on the UN about him and that the Amuro Ray we met today was Char’s only rival.
Kamille confirms it and, thanks to his arrival, he’s sure the Argama crew just got a massive power-up in its fighting capabilities. Regardless, the person that’s really impressed both Runa and Eina today was Shinn.
Eiji figures, despite his usually angry eyes, Shinn's still a softie who actually longs to hear "good job" from his friends.
Luna thinks he’s entitled to it, considering the reversal he pulled today; Mizuki wonders if she should pat the kid on the head, or maybe have Leele or Runa give him a congratulatory kiss.

Runa vetoes the Leele idea because she’s sure Sandman would never let them hear the end of it, so Eiji takes it to mean that Runa would be OK with it.
Maybe she is since, unlike Eiji, Shinn is actually kinda cute; Eiji gets ruffled at this and asks why to which Runa blames that stupid-sounding voice of his (Oh, Kenichi Suzumura…).
It falls on Leele to remind them that this isn’t the time to get bickering; Toshiya figures any of the Gran Knight girls are gorgeous and would work nicely and Minako’s rather insulted that he didn’t make mention of her.
Julie says that, while she also IS gorgeous, she’s a bit too over-the-top – she should be more graceful, like Rie – and he her rebuttal comes in a snippy “Oh, shut up!”; Kiraken has a better idea, saying they should throw Shinn into the air like in sports games but Rie vetoes it since, with Kiraken’s strength, Shinn would probably end in the stratosphere.
Still, Setsuko, Toby and the Freeden crew are keeping an eye on Orb so they can celebrate a bit and it seems the hero has just arrived.

As Shinn enters, Luna quickly praises his amazing performance today.
Eiji admits that he totally stole the spotlight today – as expected of one of them “red coats”; still, Luna wants to ask how he made the leap to super-ace status so quickly.
Truth be told, Shinn has no idea: he remembers Orb’s attack, him chasing the Mobile Armor and being saved by Amuro – he couldn’t forgive himself for being so weak and, right then, his head cleared up; Toshiya asks if he was just so pissed that he hulked out but Shinn doesn’t think that’s what happened.
Whatever it is, Rey knows that Shinn protected the ship and what’s important here is that we’re still alive; Eina, Runa and Kamille agree with him, saying we shouldn’t worry about what happened – its best to just be happy that we survived to see another day!
Shinn thinks that, even in this messed-up world, tomorrow still comes for everyone – and he’ll protect that tomorrow with everyone else here.

In the middle of the Pacific, we find the Gekko Go and Gidget has just received a strange transmission.
Holland figures it’s a scam or a prank call and tells her to ignore it; problem is, this message is using a code that, supposedly, only Lifters know of and Talho wonders if it’s someone looking to hire them.
Holland asks who sent the message and it’s ID’d as coming from a “Desert Tiger”; Holland finds the name a bit too extravagant but figures they can at least hear him out…


Extra Dialogue

Shinn Vs. Buran

: This guy…he’s even faster than the Force Impulse?!
: Of course! You cannot best this Asshimar with an all-purpose unit!
: Come on, Zaft! I’ll teach you how to fight under gravity!

Amuro Vs. Buran

: Tch! The way he moves…he’s not your average pilot!
: A-Amuro…!
: Don’t worry, Katz. Even if it’s been a long time, my body still remembers how to fight.
: It was my decision to return to the battlefield...! I will do this!

God Sigma vs Leets

: I’ve found you, God Sigma! For all the Eldar people, I will crush you!
: I suppose there’s no doubt that the Eldar are targeting God Sigma specifically.
: How’s that, Julie? Do you have a PhD on Eldar grudges or something?!
: Their reasons don’t matter! They attacked Io and now they’re hitting Earth – that makes them our enemy!
: Get over here, Eldar! I’m gonna beat you at your own game!