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Part 65: Mission 19 (Pacific Route) - Resurrected Wings - Part 1

Pacific Route Chapter 19 Part 1

Last time on Super Robot Wars Z: Shinn flipped out, and Amuro (and Katz) joined our team. Shinn got a party and good times were had by all.

Current Top Aces:

1. Setsuko - 45 Kills
2. Holland - 35 Kills
3. Kamille - 30 Kills
4. Quattro - 29 Kills
5. Marin - 28 Kills

Roybea finally leaves the Top Aces, mainly due to Holland being back this stage. Poor Setsuko, didn't get a single shot last time. Hopefully this stage lets her go up to Ace status.

Garrod, Holland, and Eureka get some upgrades, and I head off to the next stage. Katz isn't usable this stage, so we'll look at the kid later

Location: Sector L5 – Plants’ Capital: Aprilius

We find ourselves at a dock, with Athrun having just arrived to meet Durandal and Meer – she finds that Zaft’s uniform really suits him.
Durandal hopes that this means he’ll now listen to his request; indeed, he paid a visit to the graves of his friends and comrades who perished in the previous war and has decided to not waste what power he has to help the Plants.
Durandal feels the same way and that’s why he gave that uniform to Athrun – so that he’ll be able to do what he wants to do; Athrun’s convictions are firm once again and, to help him in his mission, Durandal has another gift: a FAITH badge.
Durandal would rather Athrun wasn’t placed in a normal chain of command (and he figures it’d be troublesome for him, as well) so he figured this was a more convenient solution; Athrun need not swear allegiance to the military or even the Plants, but only to his own convictions.
He’d taken Athrun as the type of person who unwaveringly follows the path the believes in and is ready to fight when necessary; Athrun hopes to be like that, yes, and Durandal thinks he can do it, which is why he wants him to use this power whenever it is needed.
While Durandal concedes that this may appear too grandiose, he’d like Athrun to act not just for Zaft and the Plants but for a world where everyone can live in peace - to help with that, he saw fit to prepare one last gift: the ZGMF-X23S Saviour Gundam.
Though its specs are different, it was developed at the same time as the Chaos, Gaia and Abyss Gundams and he now entrusts it to Athrun.


Information Corner – Topic: FAITH
Short for "Fast Acting Integrated Tactical Headquarters", a Zaft special forces squadron; only the most capable, accomplished fighters are assigned to this squadron after endorsements from the Secretary of Defense and the chairman of the Plant Supreme Council.
The silver badge denoting membership always commands respect and admiration from those who see it.
Though called a special forces unit, its members are not attached to any specific chain of command; rather, they are permitted to act and issue orders on their own, including trumping the ordinary tactical chain of command.

With that in mind, he should hurry as, not long ago, Orb has officially declared it’s union with the Federation while also announcing Cagalli and Yuna’s marriage.
This gets Athrun’s attention and, considering how worried he must be about the current situation in the country, Durandal thinks it’d be best for him to join up with the Minerva at Trinity City; mind, the Rivalry Zones may be thinner in that area but he still wants Athrun to take care.
Durandal has high hopes for the ship – that they might serve a similar purpose as the Archangel in the previous war – so he asks him to lend them a hand in his own way; Athrun prepares to leave, with Meer wishing him good luck.
Inwardly, Durandal thinks it was very fortunate that Athrun returned to the Plants when he did; “they” should carry out their mission later and, if successful, Durandal’s Lacus will become the real one…

Back in Orb, we find Cagalli already in her wedding dress, wondering why things had to end like this – is this really for Orb’s future? Yuna comes in to check that everything’s in order.
Cagalli is getting cold feet but Yuna figures it’s a bit too late to talk about calling the wedding off, no? Furthermore, their marriage is a beacon of hope to their citizens who have been living in fear.
She’s unconvinced but he suggests that she drop that disagreeable way of speaking today; the people will get upset if she, the motherly figure of this nation, continues to act like that.
She’s not a child anymore and, while he does feel bad for putting her through this so quickly, there wasn’t anything that could be done – they are both Naturals and Orb is joining the New Earth Federation.

If Cagalli understands that, he wants her to take off the ring she got from Athrun; this annoys her but Yuna says there’s no real point in yelling…or would she rather call off the wedding and let the people know that she chose a Coordinator? That she wants to ally with the Plants again and fight the New Federation?
Would she abandon her country and her duty while keeping the name Athha?
Mind you, he doesn’t hate the Coordinators but, whether it’s with Athrun or her brother, Kira, they can’t have them around her – Orb’s representative; either way, the ceremony will begin shortly and he’d suggest that she practice smiling until then.
As the scene fades, Cagalli can only think of Athrun and Kira…

At Onogoro Island's secret dock, Waltfeld and Maria are admiring the swell of Trapars gracing the area today – a perfect day for Lifting (except for that wedding, of course).
This’ll be the last time that they’ll be able to drink coffee here, so he's gone all out in roasting the morning's batch; Maria takes a sip, noting that yesterday's blend was better for being more moderate, proving the old maxim that "Less is More".
Either way, Waltfeld thinks Orb’s decision is quite unfortunate but there wasn’t anything else that could be done; they’re both sure Cagalli did her best to try and stop it, too.
Still, even as the representative, it’s too difficult for an 18 year-old girl to get involved in politics when the situation is so messed up – he doesn’t intend on blaming her for how things turned out.
Maria says the problem is that, with Orb’s entry into the Federation, Waltfeld, Kira and Lacus will lose their home; indeed, Waltfeld's sure the Federation still holds many people sympathetic to the old Blue Cosmos' ideals, meaning any of Orb's advocacy of harmony between Coordinators and Naturals is destined to fall.
Maria thinks all of them would’ve been happy to just live out their lives in peace but it seems even that’s not allowed; which is why they’ll be leaving, too, in search of another place to call home.

”They” meaning Maria’s crew - Neumann and Chandra enter to say that everyone’s accounted for and all systems are good to go; Murdock, the ship’s mechanic, asks about Kira and Lacus.
They’re back at their home, bringing some stuff over…it’s been a while since they left, though.

They're saying their goodbyes to the house they lived in and to the whole nation of Orb.
Lacus wonders why they must be driven out of this peaceful life and asks where they can even go to after leaving the country; Kira doesn’t know but they and everyone else will search some place together.
Their talk is interrupted when Kira tells her to duck just in time for an explosion to hit the outside of the house.

Assassins soon start pouring into the house and Kira notices that they’re gunning for Lacus (plus, there’s something odd about the way they move).
The assassins prepare to open fire…

Chapter 19 - Resurrected Wings

Down by the beach, Lacus has made her way to Waltfeld and explains what happened.
It seems Waltfeld’s hunch was right and he asks about Kira; Lacus says they escaped together and after that...she’s interrupted when a joint force of Mobile Suits and KLFs enter the area and Waltfeld’s surprised they’re going this far to take down one person.
Lacus says they’ll be fine, though, as Kira’s coming right over.

The enemy forces quickly recognize the Freedom and decided that, once it’s out of the way, there’ll be no one to protect Lacus.

: I kept it set up just to be safe but...
: Now I have to use this power in a war again…
: Kira…
: …It’s fine. I’m alright, Lacus.
: It’d hurt me even more if I couldn’t protect you and our loved ones…
: So, I’ll…!

: We have to run right now, Lacus!
: Kira…we’re counting on you.
: I’ll keep you all safe…!

This is a simple stage. We have three turns to beat all these enemies. A nice little breather after some tough stages.

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny
Kira Yamato - ZGMF-X10A Freedom
Voiced by Soichiro Hoshi(Japanese), Matt Hill(English)

* SEED - At 130 Will the pilots attacks will do 1.1 times more damage.
* Blocking - If the mech is equipped with a shield and/or sword, can use Sword Block and Shield Block. Sword Block will neutralize melee and missile attacks, while Shield Block will reduce damage taken. Activation rate is based off the skill stat.
* Counter (Level X) - On the enemy phase, will sometimes attack before the enemy. Activation rate is determined by the skill stat.

Spirit Commands:
* Sense (20) - Casts both "Strike" and "Alert" on the caster.
* Focus(10) - Increases hit and evasion rates by 30%
* Mercy(10) - If the pilot's skill stat is higher then the enemy's, then an attack that would normally defeat the enemy leaves them alive with 10 HP.

Squad Leader Bonus
* +10% Accuracy, +20% Blocking activation rate

The Freedom is good, it's not a powerful endgame upgrade like it was back in previous games, but hey technology has moved on. It has a post movement ALL attack, which is always good. Kira himself is a good pilot, he has a good ranged stat and a pretty high skill stat, he'll be blocking a lot of attacks with that and he'll hit fairly hard. The Freedom has EN Regen so you can be a bit more free with it's energy consuming attacks. He can be made even more dodgy for tying with Setsuko for cheapest Focus thus far. Plus he has an S Rank in Space, that's handy.

Right, we have three turns to defeat these enemies. There aren't any squads so what you see is what you get. The vast majority of the kills will be from counter attacks.

Get as close to the center of them all as possible and let the smackdown begin!

: If the world will not leave us alone, then…
: I’ll act, despite my doubts…! To prevent the pain and sadness of those days from returning!
Yeah, this is not a hard Battle Mastery to get.

Enemy Phase comes and...

Counter kicks in so the first shot doesn't even let the poor grunt get in a final potshot.

These guys I won't be attacking on my turn, I still have a time limit and it's best to let them die to counters.

The Windam actually has a decent chance to hit Kira, let's see how that goes.
Uhh... never mind. vv

On my turn I mark where the far off dagger can move to, this way I can stay in his attack range for the counter on the enemy phase, allowing me to attack this KLF

"As expected, we'll have to eliminate the Freedom...!"

" troublesome watchdog!"

Pretty much every enemy here has special lines for fighting Kira.

And my plan works!

Kira even gets another level of Counter out of it.

Final turn, two weakened enemies left, honestly I have this one in the bag.

Just in case though, I target the one with the higher health.

Precaution unneeded, come enemy phase...

Next part to come later in the week.