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Part 67: Mission 19 - Epilogue

And here's both routes coming back together.

We’re at the meeting point and, though it’s been a while, Heizaemon feels as if it was only yesterday when we split off; Mimsy has also heard, via the Emaanian intelligence network, of the Minerva team’s involvement with Cagalli’s “kidnapping” and the events on the other path.
Either way, everyone soon arrives and Gwen hopes they’re doing well; however, Elchi asks them to wait for a bit as their clients will be coming in shortly.

That’d be the Gekkostate and Elchi and Shaia extend a hearty welcome to them; Talho and the others only wanted to buy some things and are surprised to see the Zaft team also here.
Holland wonders what the hell is going on and Hap figures they might have some sort of inseparable connection to those people; Bright and Jamil are just as surprised and wonder if this is a coincidence or if it’s fate.

Following every post-route Split reunion, there’s always a big scene to recap everything that happened on the other path; since we’ve seen it all, there’s no reason to do this, so I’ll just skip through them until something new presents itself.

Nothing on this one, though, as it focuses solely providing exposition for the other events and the new additions to the team.

Both characters do have a new secret in the bazaar, mind (provided you did the previous steps):

Garrod’s quite impressed with our bazaar and, speaking of, Loran wonders if he ever gave Tifa the accessory that he bought at Nocis.
He never found a good opportunity to do so, though, and still has it on him. Talho then quickly swings by and appraises the piece of jewelry, deeming it to be not half-bad (though nowhere as good as “John Henry”-brand stuff).
Either way, she figures Garrod means to give this to a girl and, unless she’s around Talho’s age, she figures this is a bit too much; if the girl is in her mid-teens like he, then he should try something a bit more casual.
Loran figures she’s right and says, truth be told, the shop Garrod bought it from is a place Sochie and Kihel’s mother usually shops in so it’s very high class. Garrod asks why he didn’t say so sooner and decides to sell it to someone here and buy something else for Tifa.
Garrod drags Loran away to find something, thanking Talho for the advice. She likes what she sees and can only wish that the men on her own ship would learn from his example…especially Renton, what with those two being so similar to each other.

Secret Alert!
Rand’s Secret #1 – 4th Step: Purchase the Makeup Kit from the Bazaar.

Fast forward some time running around the bazaar and Garrod ends with a set of cosmetics that Tonya would love to have.
Garrod’s pretty proud of the effort he put in finding the thing but, as Witz remembers, Tifa doesn’t use make-up – he’s going to give this to her? Sadly, he seems to have forgotten the golden rule that the present needs to be something the other person WANTS.
Garrod sighs, saying he was so caught up in taking the storekeeper's advice, that he kind of forgot who he was buying for. Tex is quick to tell Garrod not to get depressed: surely a time will come when Tifa'll want this sort of present.
Garrod decides to hang onto it until then, which Tonya suspects is Tex's sly ploy to delay Garrod's advances. that said, Roybea and Witz are sure Garrod will find another way to appeal to Tifa anyway, persistent little guy that he is.

On Setsuko’s side…

Astonaige and Cotsett are getting reacquainted after all this time. Astonaige had asked him to keep an eye out for a certain part and Cotsett passed on the request to Leeg, to take advantage of the Emaan’s amazing intelligence network.
And, as luck would have it, Leeg has found just the item he’s looking for in this market. Astonaige is very thankful and Vino says that now that huge energy pack in the Argama’s hangar won’t be wasted.
Even better, they now don’t have to worry about Bright flipping out if he found the thing’s container lying in the hangar and, with the Mega Condenser, Astonaige will be able to put THAT together.
Kid tells him to hurry and buy the thing, then, before someone else does so and off he goes.

Secret Alert!

Back at the Argama, Astonaige proudly presents Quattro with a new weapon for the Hyaku Shiki: the Mega Bazooka Launcher.
Quattro’s especially surprised because they were never able to receive the completed plans for the weapon due to all the craziness with the “Break the World”; it’s true but that’s why Astonaige went around the bazaars gathering parts and building one from scratch.
Apolly is amazed he could make something like this out of all that junk and Roberto wonders if it’s safe to use something made like that. Quattro sees no need to worry, considering how confident Astonaige is in his creation.
Astonaige is very thankful but Quattro says it’s not necessary – he’s just happy to see that locked container is finally gone from the hangar.
It seems it wasn’t as well hidden as the mechanics thought…

And there you have it. Like the TFO, you would eventually get the Mega Bazooka Launcher but doing this gets you access MUCH earlier.

It’s not enough to make the Hyaku Shiki a unit that’s good enough for the big leagues but it certainly adds value.