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Part 68: Mission 20 - Prologue

Our team is the largest it’s ever been and the game has given us a full 12 slots to deploy; there are a ton of event deployments but we have more than enough leaders to go around:
I set the teams like this to get as many squads with an Accel-user as possible.
Loran has exchanged his Minovsky Craft with Roybea's A-Adaptor (as it’ll allow his squad to fly).

Location: Siberia – Glomar, Hangar

Holland wants to buy some Reflection Film from Shaia.
She doesn’t really know what that is and Leeg explains that it’s a film that reflects Trapars, made from a creature called Skyfish – by applying that film to their boards, it allows the LFOs and KLFs to ride the Trapars in the atmosphere.
Holland asks if the world-famous Emaanian caravan doesn’t have any and, while Mimsy struggles with words, Holland adds that their units have taken quite a lot of damage after running into our buddies’ messes and, if they don’t get some new film ASAP, they’ll be grounded.
Shaia’s a bit flustered but Holland’s running out of patience and tells her to come clean whether she has the film or not. It is then that Adette shows up and asks him to leave that to her.

Outside, Lunamaria is quite impressed with the Siberian cold. Reccoa sees that she’s having fun and she’s just amazed, having been born and raised in the Plants’ controlled climate – it’s even her first time seeing natural snow.
Camille says it was the same in the colonies of his world and, while this IS a harsh land, he’s glad to be here. That said, it is pretty cold so Meyrin wonders if Luna shouldn’t put a longer skirt on but Luna says withstanding the cold is all in the mind.
Meyrin has a different idea and, inwardly, grumbles that her sister is just showing off her figure while Emma wonders if it’s just Luna’s youthful energy at work. Either way, Luna says, after building snowmen and whatnot, everyone's having a snowball fight.

Meyrin protests that, even if they are on standby, this is too much merriment. On that topic, Amuro asks if the captain’s meeting is still underway and she confirms, saying it’ll be a while longer.
Raita figures it’s because of all our troops coming together and these talks should only get longer considering all the work we’ve to do.
Oliver adds that, while we’ve gathered enemies of the Federation, outlaws and misfits, there’s always the possibility that things could break down if no consensus is made, as we’re all working together out of convenience, not obligation.

Amuro admits that there isn’t much that can be done if it comes to that, especially with how many different viewpoints there are in our team. Athrun has a feeling that the meeting is to get approval to pursue Durandal’s proposal of getting Japan to cooperate with Zaft and, if people disagree with it, they might end up splitting off.
Now that Orb's sided with the Federation, the eyes of the whole world are bound to turn there.

Amuro wonders, given his status as a FAITH agent, if Athrun shouldn’t be taking part in that meeting and while he COULD have been there, he chose not to.
Shinn wonders if Athrun’s running from his responsibilities and, while Camille objects to his attitude, Athrun understands what he’s saying. The fact is, Athrun doesn’t believe he’s qualified to be in that meeting seeing how he’s spent the last two years hiding in Orb.
He thinks that’s why Durandal sent him to the Minerva – to learn more about the world – and until he fully understands the state of the world, he doesn’t intend on pulling rank. Luna and Meyrin certainly approve of his awareness of the weight of the FAITH status and even Shinn’s has no comeback.

“You’ve lost this one, Shinn,” Camille quips but Shinn grumbles that he wasn’t seeing it as a competition. Either way, Athrun’s first priority is to do justice to his position as the Minerva’s MS squad leader and, while Shinn accepts his wishes, he asks that Athrun refrain from getting so worried about his commands that he ends up being shot down himself.
Camille remembers how Athrun and Shinn were when they first met but now it seems they might get along with each other well enough. Amuro can only hope that the two can heal the wounds and doubts in each other's hearts in time.
More importantly to Luna, though, is to get the Zaft red coats together to form a team to join in on the snowball fight. Shinn thought she was kidding about that but, as she points out, everyone else has already started.

* *

: Kodama Squad, CHAAAAARGE! Hurry up, Gainer!
: Y-yes! Gainer Sanga, charging in!
: Oh, yeah? Time for us to play our secret weapon!
: You’re up, Fatman!!
: !


: AHAHAHA! They’re all covered in snow!
: C-come ON! Using Fatman is cheating!
: How sad, Kouji! You’re covered in snow and making excuses?
: Over there, he’s staggered! Go after him!
: Damn it, Toga! You could take it a bit easier against another Gran Knight, ya know!
: What are you grumbling about? You were the one who joined the Kodama Squad because you wanted to beat up Toga!
: That’s right! And traitors have to be punished!
: Oooh, good answer! It makes me want to feel it even more!
: What are you doing, Kei?! This may be a mock battle but you should never let your guard down!
: I guess, as far as the Captain’s concerned, a snowball fight is still combat training.
: Don’t just stand there doing nothing, Loran! Let’s win this!
: Tifa, Eureka, Leele, Eina! Keep making those snowballs!
: Y-yes…!
: Leave the home front defense to me, everyone!
: Alright! Then, we can focus on attacking! We’re gonna win, Eureka!
: Yes…!
: Yeesh! Renton’s getting really into it!
: This isn’t good! The enemy’s resupply squad is excellent. We're going to be overwhelmed at this rate…!
: Julie! We ain't gonna win if you just sit there grumbling!
: Prepare yourself, Kei! These attacks will bear all my pent-up anger…!
: I don’t think so! Jabby, melt their snow with your fire breath!
: Leave it to me!
: Oh, no, you don't! Chiyonishiki, stop Jabby!
: Woof!
: Go! Link, Linna, Linse!
: Kii!
: Do your best, Lolotte.
: Ki?!
: That’s quite the spectacle…
: It’s chaos…! Just like the “Break the World!”

* *

: Don’t lose, Mamaaaaa!
: Hang in there, Master Kei!
: Do your best, everyooooone!
: Alright! I think I’m also gonna jump in!
: Sorry but I reckon the fight was already decided the moment Fatman entered the field.


: Hey, Darling. Aren’t you and Gain going to join them?
: Nah, we’re just two easygoing men… Game or not, we’d rather not spent our free time getting in fights.
: What he said. We'll simply grab a drink and watch the snow.
: This is really nice, huh? And hearing the kids being this happy only makes it bett—


: OOF!
: Sorry, Rand! Did my snowball fly over here?
: Why, you little…! You've gone and done it now!
: Yup, that's how it always goes...
: Well, you don’t need to worry, girlie. It looks like the fight’s going to be over before your husband can join in.

: U-uncle! We give up! We give uuuuup!
: We did it, Garrod! The other team’s thrown the towel!
: Alright, we won!
: Well, you won’t be cheering for very long!
: A-A new enemy?!
: That’s right! Next, we, the Zaft Reds, will be your opponents!
: There’s no way we’re gonna lose, so you better get ready!
: We’ll see about that! Come on!

Tonya and others are watching the kids go at it, happy that they can act their age for one, and Hilda notes that Garrod and Renton seem to be getting along very well since they met.
Roybea takes them for birds of the same feather, even down to how similar the girls they’re in love with are. If we’re speaking of unrequited love, Maai figures the Galia/Exodus team has quite an example but Riea figures the girl’s just being a bit indecisive.
That’d be Sara, of course, who’s taking Gainer to task for messing up the charge that could’ve given them the game and all he can really do is apologize. Garrod also prods him for playing games in the UN all day, letting his body get out of shape.

When Renton asks, Bello tells him about Gainer’s position as King of Overman Battle. The kid’s quite impressed and Gainer asks if he’s also into games.
Sadly, no, Renton is much more an outdoors type of kid, finding the prospect of Lifting much more interesting than staying home playing games. He then starts fantasizing about the indescribable feeling of becoming one with the Trapar and soaring through the air…not that Gainer would know.
Gainer’s not feeling too hot and Renton says he should go outside every now and then, as a man needs to be physically strong.

Moondoggie soon shows up and asks Renton what’s up with this haughty speech of his.
Matthew agrees, adding that Renton shouldn’t go acting like hot stuff just because he won a snowball fight. Garrod asks if they’re picking on the kid because they lost but Matthew says it’s just due to Renton’s cheeky attitude, telling people what to do.

All Renton wants is for them to give him a chance, then, so he can show them that he's not all talk: he’s been watching Eureka’s technique all this time while sitting next to her and he’s sure he can pilot the Nirvash.
Nearby, a bummed out Gainer is getting cheered up by Bello and Sara says he shouldn’t brood over stuff like this.
She knows he’s a capable man, so Sara tells him to have more self-confidence and keep his chin up; someone else isn’t as compassionate, though…

: Aaargh! This is pathetic! The kid makes fun of you and she needs to comfort you?! And you call yourself a man?!
: Adette…!
: Gainer, I’m going to give you a chance to show that you really are a man.
: Huh…
: And you too, twerp!
: Me?!
: Let's see you put your money where your mouth is after dissing my Gainer.
: O-Okay…!