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Part 72: Mission 21 (Setsuko) - That Which Remains

Chapter 21 – That Which Remains

Setsuko and Toby reach the designated area and she wonders what’s his reason for contacting them.
Toby figures it’s far too late for him to propose a deal and Setsuko wonders if it is, indeed, a trap; it sure looks like it as Toby sees stuff coming our way.

It’s a bunch of Chiram soldiers who got some small Singularity readings off them and came to investigate - they quickly realize we're not the one they're looking for, though; a soldier asks his captain if they should get in touch with command for instructions.
That’s not necessary, though: we’re tagged as Singularities and that means they’re to destroy the Virgolas and capture the pilots.
Toby sees them coming and Setsuko wonders, since these men appeared, if Asakim’s a Chiram; Toby isn’t so sure but figures them showing up can’t be just a coincidence.
He thinks Asakim set them up and they might force him to come out if they take these folk down; Toby tells the Chiram that the two of them have stuff they need to do, so they won’t go easy on them if they’re looking to start a fight.

This is another stage that you can't just sit around with. The Battle Mastery has a time limit but the game doesn't tell you it for now.

Both Setsuko and Toby cast Focus, no reason not to spam it.

Setsuko gets ready to start the smacking

Nice start.

Toby can't reach anything this turn. To the enemy phase

30% Hit rate.

OK, let's see if we can avoid that mess again by getting into the forest, which gives an evasion boost.

Another down.

And Toby gets another level of Counter and Support Defend out of it.

And it's Setsuko's turn

The enemies can't quite be oneshoted, but they can be handled on the enemy phase.

Speaking of that the enemies swarm Toby.
It really only makes him tougher.

A few go for Setsuko though.

: Even if they’re not as strong as those two, it seems there are a handful of smaller Singularities in the world.
: Capturing these will be of great help to Chiram! Take them down!
And I just realized that I hadn't shown a video of this attack! Anyways, that guy's a mid-boss of sorts, tougher then the rest of the enemies.

And on my turn Toby takes down another with a Barley Scythe crit, amazing.

And Setsuko finishes off the mini-boss.

And here's where I screw up a little. I misread the Battle Mastery, thinking it was a time limit triggered after the enemies were defeated, when it is in fact a hard time limit based off turncount, so I get one less turn for getting it by evading this grunt.

All enemies are soon destroyed and Toby notes that Setsuko’s been getting better as a pilot; she apologizes for holding him back as usual but he says she’s doing a great job carrying the Glory Star name.
He adds that she’s perfect as his partner which makes Setsuko all giddy; either way, Toby tells her to pay attention as it looks like HE’s coming over.

: So, the Chiram platoon didn’t suffice even as an opening act.
: Asakim Dowin!
: Asakim! What are you up to, calling us over?!
: I wanted to give you a test…so to speak.
: What for?! Why are you targeting us and why did you kill Chief?!
: His was, at the same time, a necessary and unnecessary existence.
: Your Chief’s most meaningful moment was his death…that’s all there is to it.
: You fucker!!
: Wait, Toby! They’re coming!

With everybody together there's way too many battleships to deploy at once. Time to pick!

: Setsuko! Toby! You going all “lone-wolf” on us?!
: We also owe one to Denzel!
: So we’ll help you get revenge for him, too!
: Guys…
: It’s true that the two of you are Glory Star members but…
: Now you’re also ZEUTH members! You don’t have to do this by yourselves!
: You guys are gonna make me cry…

: Eureka…
: I’ll pilot the Nirvash… I leave the navigation to you, Renton.
: But, Eureka…you don’t look well...
: I’m fine…So don’t worry so much…
: O-okay…
: Sorrowful Maiden…you’ve forged new friendships in this world...? That’s convenient.
: The hell does that mean?!
: It all leads to the Taiji...

: It’s those damn crows! They chased us all the way from the point of commerce?!
: We know about them, too!
: They showed up when we picked up Kei!
: These dirty-looking birds are your little helpers, Asakim? They suit you!
: Feel free to yell to your hearts content. After all, you’re nothing more than a sacrifice.
: Those flying units are starting to attack…! All troops, intercept them!
: We don’t know the extent of the enemy’s power, so don’t chase them too far.
: Setsuko! Leave the crows to them – we’re going after Asakim!
: Roger that, Toby!
: Very well, then. Shall we begin?

And the Battle Mastery is revealed. Defeat Asakim in 5 turns, not five turns from now, five turns from the start. Told you I screwed up! Time to start rushing.

Naturally, all the crows are in Wide Formation

I think I'll need to give the TFO a range increasing part, 3 range just is not enough.

There we go

Just keep moving everyone down.

I forget how bad the Hammer is against aerial targets. The ? really needs a part to fix that.

I need to get lots of Will, going to have to fight a boss with what I've got next turn, so go Kei, blow those crows up.

He gets another level of Counter out of it.

And Hilda learns Gain(20), which is great.

And Setsuko and Toby move down, taking out a crow, ending the turn.

The crows decided swarming Kei is a great idea.

34% chance Setsuko. 34% chance. Seriously I've had to redo this stage twice because of rng screwups.

Asakim, of course, goes straight for Toby.

: Asakim! Did you call us over so you could take us down in one go?!
: You were at good position…however, luck wasn’t on your side.
: That’s enough of your cryptic speeches. I’ll kick your ass and make you tell us everything!
: Can you do it? You’re just a sacrifice wielding an imitation.
: I can and I will! I’m putting Glory Star’s honor on the line!


Maria heals up Setsuko because ouch.

And Stoner casts Analyze at Asakim, this is going to be tough, but I think I can do it.

Toby of course takes the opening shot.

Here's a video of Asakim's strongest attack.

Finish this jerk off Setsuko!

: Setsuko Ohara...I’ll present a new path to you.
: What is he talking about?!
: You’re blessed with both luck and the right traits…now, allow me to extend you an invitation.

Battle Mastery obtained, plus Setsuko got another level of support attack!

: This is it, Asakim! Before you die, you’re gonna tell us everything!
: …

: His unit can still move!
: After him, Setsuko! We’re gonna put an end to all of this right now!
: Yes!

: Did you have your taste of victory? Because, from here on out, you’ll experience hell on earth.

: What?!
: Unfortunately for you, my Shurouga won’t be destroyed that easily. It exists in the threshold between the real world and the dream world.
:’s further towards the Taiji.
: Setsuko, evasive maneuvers! Hurry!!
: Toby!!
: Now…embrace despair within your heart…

: I’m…sorry...Chief...Setsu...ko...

*As the Virgola’s destroyed, Setsuko ejects nearby…*

: Urgh!
: …
: Y-you’re--!
: Indeed… I’m Asakim Dowin.
: Where’s Toby?! What happened to him?!
: Toby Watson perished along with that unsightly doll.
: Toby…TOBY!!
: Yes…that voice…what a wonderful sound. That’s what I’ve wanted to hear.
: And now you’re the only one left, Setsuko Ohara…
: You…! First the chief and now Toby…!
: What are those eyes? You’re only allowed to cry out in grief.
: !
: Now, show me your tears of despair.


: Urgh!
: First, I’ll carve your flesh with pain and terror.


: S-stop…! STOP IT!!
: Despair, Setsuko. Etch that sadness into your heart.
: I won’t allow you to forget it. Fill yourself with the sadness of losing your loved ones.
: AHAHAHAHA! Yes, that’s it! Such a blissful scream!
: The time has come for your descent into Hell! Suffer, lament, writhe in pain!
: And embrace that unbearable grief as you fall into darkness! AHAHAHAHAHA!!

Back at the battlefield.

: Setsuko!!
: It’s no use! We’re not going to make it in time!
: I also went down this path! Now, how far will you fall?!

: What’s that unit?!
: This is Löwen General! Providing support!

*Löwen runs after Asakim.*

: Another hindrance…?
: No…! Don’t come any closer!
: Setsuko Ohara, you’re the Devil’s sacrifice…and you’ll continue to give those tears to me.
: Ah…Aaah!
: Your heart and your very being are already mine. You’re not allowed to go dying on your own accord.

*Asakim returns to the Shurouga and runs*

: He’s trying to escape!
: I’m gonna get revenge for Denzel and Toby! He’s not getting away!

: A different mech from those crows showed up!
: You’re here, Rand.
: Of course, bro. You said you were in trouble, so I came to bail you out!
: I’m sorry but I’ll leave this to you.

: Damn it! Is that guy getting in our way?!
: Sorry, folks. But you ain’t doing anything to Asakim as long as I’m here!
: Son of a…he’s friends with that guy! We ain’t gonna cut you any slack!
: That’s my line! I’ll crush any enemy of his!
: I’ll keep your friend safe. It looks like she’s passed out.
: We appreciate it, Captain Löwen.
: I’ll back you up, too. Engaging the enemy!
: Roger that. Thank you for your help.
: Who the hell is that guy…?! Is he a new enemy…?
: Come on, you lot! You’re bothering Asakim, so imma dismantle you one after another!

Some of you were wondering what was going on with Rand on Setsuko's route? Well now you know.

Anyways, I forgot to get shots of our two newcomers stats, I'll edit them in later. And they're edited in!

Banpresto Original
Löwen General - Chaos Leo
Voiced by Isshin Chiba

* Support Defend (Level 3) - If adjacent to an ally on the enemy phase, if an attack will hit the ally, the character will perform a Support Defense and the attack will hit the character at reduced damage instead. The number of times this can be performed depends on the skill's level.
* Will +(Damaged) - Pilot gains 2 Will every time they are hit by an attack.
* Prevail (Level 4) - As the character takes damage, hit rate, evasion, defense, and critical rate will increase.

Spirit Commands:
* Sense (25) - Casts both "Strike" and "Alert" on the caster.
* Gain(15) - The caster's squad will gain double the Experience Points from the next attack.
* Accel(20) - The caster's squad gains a one use +2 to movement.

Squad Leader Bonus
* Attacks do 20% more damage to men, 20% less damage to women.

Löwen occupies a similar space to Holland, Gain, Rag, etc. He's strong enough to be good as a Squad Leader but not quite top material. His cheap Gain is good and more Accel is wonderful. And of course, he has the same hilariously good Squad Leader Bonus as Kei, and a Post Movement All attack. Overall he's pretty handy.Ignore the high kill count this is from a New Game+ File

Banpresto Original
Rand Travis - Gunleon
Voiced by Yoshihisa Kawahara

* Prevail (Level 8) - As the character takes damage, hit rate, evasion, defense, and critical rate will increase.
* Battle Spirit - Starting from the second turn, will gain 3 Will every turn.

Squad Leader Bonus
* Immune to status effects

Hi Rand! Rand's pretty much the same as he is on the player side. He's a big old tank that can smack you hard with the hilariously oversized wrench. He has only two skills, but they're a lot of trouble. Level 8 Prevail means that not much can crack his armor when at low HP, and remember, the Gunleon has repair abilities so he'll regenerate 10% of his HP a turn. And of course his Will is going to shoot up hilariously fast. I don't have many debuffs available, mostly the minor accuracy ones from my Gundam's vulcans, but him being immune to them is still a pain.

For now though, let's start taking down the rest of these crows.

There we go

And Amuro finishes off another set of crows.

Quattro moves down to handle this one.

Katz gets a kill!

And Löwen moves up!

: This Chaos Leo was made to protect the order of this chaotic world!
: Now, I’ll show you its power!

Good job there

Moving the Minerva down.

Along with the Baldios

There we go

Kamille heads down as well and softens up a crow.

Enemy phase comes and Kei gets swarmed again.

Roll the dice enough and the bad results will come up eventually.

And Rand moves up, of course.

: Zaft, AEUG, Breakers…even Super Robots…!
: That Asakim…he’s going up against some really dangerous folk!
And he'll regenerate most of that next turn!

Anyways, the crows have all been softened up, so I'm just going to smash them through this round.

Make sure to get Katz some kills in the process though!

Dike learns Strike(20) in the process.

And I should show off some of Löwen's stuff!

Maria learns Accel(20), which is amazing.

Two rounds later Rand's been swinging at Kamille while the crows are cleans up... he hits hard.

He himself gets Analyzed.

I make the mistake of opening with the Super Robot Salvo

The prevail is kicking in...

Only 602 HP left? Easy right?

Nope. I smack a few more mechs against him, mostly just scratching what's left of the paint job.

Until Toshiya finally breaks that armor. Giving Kouji his own Prevail level.

Rand isn’t amused when he gets shot down and quickly pulls back, leaving our people to wonder if he’s a friend of Asakim’s.
Still, the presence of the crows makes Julie figure that it’s unlikely that Asakim’s working alone.
No further enemy reinforcements are coming once all of them are downed but things hardly feel like a victory; we’ve lost a friend who’s been with us since the original world and, though Toshiya tells Kappei that crying won’t bring him back, Kappei has to wonder what’ll happen to Setsuko now that Denzel and Toby aren’t here anymore.
She’s now Glory Star’s only member and Löwen requests permission to bring her to our ship; meanwhile, Renton crashes against the reality of someone dying so suddenly and unceremoniously.
THIS is war and they’re all in it.

Setsuko wakes up at the infirmary and Mischa tells her not to move: both her body and mind received a big trauma.
Indeed, it hurts for her to move and Mischa introduces herself, adding that they’re in the Argama; Setsuko asks about Toby and Mischa says they were unable to accommodate his corpse.
Mischa tells her, as a doctor, to focus on resting for now and adds that, if there’s anything, Emma and the others are in the next room so she shouldn’t hesitate to call them.

: Toby…Chief…
: I’m…the only one left…
: A…aaah…why me…

At the Argama’s briefing room, Löwen’s just told Bright that the Federation Army has formed a special squadron to come after us.
Löwen thinks this is only natural, considering the Minerva and Argama are symbols for their respective armies and the King Beal, with all of its Super Robots, has disregarded the Federation Army’s will and worked together with them.
Heizaemon agrees but says we weren’t expecting an action of this scale, gathering so much firepower to hunt us; Talia asks if this squad’s being formed around the Titans but it’s not just them: along with the Titans, we have special forces from all sides of the Federation.
Jamil thinks that there’s a high chance the Frost Brothers have also been assigned to this group and Talia understands that, in essence, this is to be the New Federation’s own version of ZEUTH – this group’ll be taking the name of the former Earth Alliance’s squad: “Phantom Pain”.
Quattro sees that the feds really thought this through and figures this’ll be an enemy that we won’t be able to deal with via conventional means; Bright wonders if they allowed us to gather in one place with the intent of destroying all these obstacles at once.
Gwen, however, sees in this an opportunity: if we can defeat this group, it’ll weaken the morale of the Federation’s troops while also bolstering the courage of the opposition; Shaia hadn’t thought that far and Elchi’s okay with anything, so long as they can carry out their job of seeing the Exodus succeed.

Bright figures it must be someone quite important to be the commander of a group like this and, indeed, it is: Paptimus Scirocco.
Löwen couldn’t find a lot about his personal history but, considering that Jamitov personally recommended him for the position, he assumes they’re from the same world; Bright asks Quattro if he knows something but, no, he hasn’t anything on the guy, either.
One thing Löwen knows is that some people call him “the man from Jupiter” and Quattro’s already wary, since a man born in such a high-gravity world must have an unfathomable mentality – one way or another, it’s pretty much certain that he’s someone quite strong.
Löwen’s working on getting more detailed intel on him and the new Phantom Pain and he’ll contact us once he’s found something; Holland asks if, being of the Federation, Löwen knows a man called Dewey Novak and if he’s also been assigned to the Phantom Pain.
Löwen does know of Dewey and says his Ageha Squad will continue to act on their own but, as Bright notes, the Gekkostate is their target so there’s a very real chance both squads will fight us together; Holland says that’s quite possible as Dewey will do anything to carry out his objectives.
Talia notes that Holland seems to know (and despise) the guy a lot and wonders if they’re old acquaintances – they are but it’s certainly not a pleasant memory for Holland; Elchi’s quite worried that they have two groups of the Federation’s strongest men coming after us and, given the situation, Gengoroh thinks it’s even more important that we get ask for Japan’s help.
Elchi’s still worried that the Fed’s posse will get to us before we can get there and Shaia asks if Löwen can do anything about that; flinching, Löwen stammers that both the Phantom Pain and Ageha Squad were formed rather recently, so it’ll be a bit longer before they begin large-scale operations.
Elchi’s relieved to hear it and, in that case, Löwen asks the two of them to stand a bit farther away – his gynophobia never ceases to amuse Elchi; Shaia thinks he’s pretty strange for treating her as a woman and, while Löwen’s aware of the fact that Emaanian women lose their “functionality” as women at age 18, she still looks like a woman and that’s enough to get him jittery (Shaia thanks him for that).

Regardless, Löwen says that his group has been supporting us from the shadows but they’re aware that, sooner or later, they’ll have to take to the field themselves; therefore, they started developing their own, individual fighting force (one of which is the Chaos Leo he used).
Kazami notes that they seem to have adopted a different development route from the army’s standard and, once the Chimera Squad have their own force set up, they can provide more direct support instead of just funds and intelligence; our people have some questions to ask first, though, regarding the leader of Chimera.
Despite Löwen refraining from confirming anything the last time we asked, Kazami is pretty damn sure that his leader was the one who secured Blue Fixer’s independency from the federal army and Jamil adds that, since our relationship is built on trust, there are some things we want to clear up.
Löwen thinks for a while but accepts Jamil’s argument and reveals their commander to be BrigGen. Edel Bernal; Bright and Talia immediately remember her as a key player in the Federation Army, in charge of both front line tactics and supply line logistics and infrastructure management.
The promotion to her rank was a reward for creating and installing the UN and Gwen feels having someone that skilled working with us is quite reassuring; Löwen says Edel’s someone who’s ready to risk everything in the name of the multi-dimensional world’s order and peace and Talia’s impressed that someone so highly decorated would take on such a burden.
Löwen adds that Edel wishes to meet us before long and Heizaemon asks him to pass our appreciation to her – he’ll do so and wishes for us all to fight for the sake of the world’s future.

Arthur comes in right there and tells Talia that it seems Setsuko’s gone missing.
Bright can’t believe she would be able to move yet…

At a nearby beach…

If there ever was one BGM that you absolutely should listen to, it’s this one.

: …
: Chief…Toby…
: Setsuko…
: Amuro…everyone…
: Let’s go back, Setsuko… You’re injured...
: …
: …Crying won’t bring the dead back…
: Stop it, Shinn…Now is—
: It’s fine, Camille. Thank you, too, Shinn…I…I understand that…
: But...I...this is all I have right now…
: That’s not true…You also have things that you can do.
: And you are…?
: Captain Löwen General, of the New Earth Federation Army’s Chimera Squad.
: You’re that man who helped us in the earlier battle.
: We appreciate the help, Captain.
: …
: Ms. Setsuko…there’s something that you can do besides cry.
: That’s...?
: Get stronger.
: Stronger…
: If you’ve something that you must achieve, then get stronger for it. That’s my wish, as the one who rescued you.
: …
: He’s right, Setsuko. It’s…it’s for that reason that I joined Zaft…
: Me too. There are things that I wanted to protect and that I couldn’t bear to lose, so I got stronger.
: That’s right! It’s the same for me…for all of us!
: But, the Virgola…it was destroyed…
: We can restore it if we combine the parts of yours and Toby’s units.
: Mine and Toby’s units…
: We’ll get it fixed no matter what...! So, Setsuko…you have to get stronger.
: Do it and the Virgola will follow suit. It’s all up to you.
: …
: It’s time. I have to head back.
: Captain Löwen...
: Ms. Setsuko...We’ll proceed with an investigation on that man, Asakim.
: When next we meet, please show me how strong you’ve become…Now, if you’ll excuse me.

*Löwen leaves.*

: …
: …I’m sorry…but, please, let me be alone for a while.
: Setsuko…
: I’ll go back in 1 hour…no, in 30 minutes. So please…
: I understand…we’ve already started the repairs on the Virgola, mind.
: …We’ll be waiting for you, Setsuko.
: …
: Chief…Toby…I…I’ll do it.
: I’ll…become stronger with the Virgola…and I’ll destroy your killer…
: But for today, just…just let me cry…

At a hidden location, we find Asakim telling a woman called Ziene that the preparations on THAT system are already complete; she thanks and asks him to leave the transportation to her.
Either way, she thinks he’s quite the scary man – trampling over that girl’s body and spirit like that; Asakim says he merely wounded her but, with this, she’ll now live in fear of his image and when the time comes for their next meeting…
“Asakim Dowin…even as your eyes burn with cruelty, you’re beautiful”, Ziene says; Asakim tells her to make the arrangements for Setsuko’s fall into despair as the path they seek will open with her tears.
Ziene figures Setsuko will either die or taste endless despair by the end of this and wonders which option Setsuko would be happier with.
Asakim says that, whichever option it is, happiness isn't what's needed for her - only infinite torment.

Translator’s note: yup, her name is as Ziene, not Xine/Tsiine; it derives from the German word Ziege (pronounced “Tsee-guh”), whose meaning is a slight original story spoiler so I won’t go there.
Thus, her name would be pronounced “Tsee-ne”(a.k.a. ????)

And thus with the stage over, we get a Clear Bonus. Also, just like Denzel, all the money I spent on the Virgola 2 is refunded, and all of Toby's PP goes to Setsuko.