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Part 75: Mission 22 - Prologue

Unified Route Chapter 22 Prologue

Last time on Super Robot Wars Z: Toby's gone, and Setsuko's now all alone. Asakim is a gigantic jerk. The biggest.

Current Top Aces:
1. Setsuko - 54 Kills
2. Kei - 52 Kills
3. Holland - 37 Kills
4. Kamille - 35 Kills
5. Quattro - 35 Kills

Kei's reached Ace status as well, catching up to Setsuko with sheer power.

Thanks to Asakim, Setsuko now has a huge chunk of PP to spend. This is actually enough for me to get almost everything I want for her.

First she gets Will Limit Break, as she's going to be a big time damage dealer by virtue of being the main character.

Next, E Save, because she doesn't have any free attacks and all but one consume EN.

And finally, SP Up. Each level of the skill increases the pilot's SP by 5, for a maximum of nine levels. Setusko will learn some great spirit commands later in the game, and I want to be able to use them more often.

I'm able to get it up to Level 3. Each level in the skill costs 50 more PP. So I'll have plenty of things to spend her PP on for the foreseeable future.

But at what cost.

I also give the TFO some love, giving it some evasion upgrades.

Toga gets a Tin-Plated Goldfish, upping his starting Will by 5. Gainer is given the Hypnosis System, which gives him the effects of the Battle Spirit skill. Both of these pilots really want their Will up as soon as possible, so these are good items for them.

And here's how the squads will be deployed today.

Location: Siberia – Argama, Hangar

Astonaige presents the restored Virgola to Setsuko, who thanks him somberly.
Amuro relates that they passed on the combat data from Toby’s unit over to her; Setsuko, inwardly, is trying to cope with the memory of losing both Toby and Denzel before her very eyes – still, this is something she has no choice but to do.
Camille’s setting up the simulator for Setsuko to train and he’s upped the difficulty by 20%, based on Setsuko’s previous piloting data; Amuro tells her that, if she can get her skill over that point, the real Virgola will answer in kind.
Since she was originally just a test pilot, she’s only been trained at the basics of piloting and while those are reliable enough, they alone won’t bring her victory in the battles to come; she understands what he’s saying and Amuro adds that they’ll help with her get stronger to the best of their abilities but he also says that it’s all up to her to overcome those obstacles.
Camille and Emma will be her sparring partners and she tells Setsuko to let her know if there’s anything wrong; Setsuko thanks her and, inwardly, tells Toby and Denzel that she’ll fight and bear the burden of the Glory Star from here on out.
And to carry on their pride within her heart, she’ll become strong enough to survive.

At the Iron Gear hangar, we find Cotsett, Kid and Rand working on something and, with them working together, it’s going at a pretty brisk pace.
What they’re setting up is an Overman and Garrod notes that Kid seems pretty psyched to be tinkering with one; considering that he’s just standing there watching, Kid yells at him to lend a hand as he spent most of last night getting the GX’s Satellite Cannon fixed.
Garrod’s very impressed and more than happy to help the little genius as thanks for that, though Kid does remember him to equip the GX to be able to use the weapon (that is, change it from the Divider to the regular GX).
Sochie asks what the thing is and Loran’s heard that it’s an incredibly powerful weapon that the GX has; hearing this, Diana/Kihel remembers being told of the UNE hacking a power transfer facility on the moon, a place forbidden to the Moon Race themselves, during the last war in order to power said weapon.
Meanwhile, said Overman that’s being built is Gain’s Gachiko reborn as a completely different unit, and Gain’s doubly impressed seeing how they managed to build it out of random spare parts that we had; Kona tells him that she made sure to transfer the "Brunhilde's” Arm, too.
Diana is curious at this name, certain that she’s heard it somewhere and Lioubov tells her Brunhilde’s the name of the legendary Overman piloted by the ancestor of Meeya, the famous Siberian singer.
Maria, if anything, thinks it’s a good omen for our Exodus that we’ve a part of the Overman used by the very first Exodizer.

Eiji, however, is wondering what’ll happen once we the Exodus reaches its destination – will that be it?
Sara doesn’t understand the question but Runa was also wondering about that: even if they reach Yapan, wouldn’t the Siberian Rail simply keep on attacking? Adette and Mamadou say there’s no need to worry, as the Siberian Rail won’t remain hostile if the Exodus is successful – they do that out of respect for Meeya and her original Exodus.
Mel’s quite impressed that even the Siberian Rail abides to that tradition but, of course, Adette says that’s a bunch of crock: they COULD keep on the offensive for a good long while but it’s far more profitable to the Siberian Rail to simply stop wasting troops and establish a trade route to the newly settled people in order to start selling stuff to them.
This strikes Burume as a bit odd because it’d mean that, in the end, they would still be under the Siberian Rail’s grasp but Gauli says it’s not so, as them being able to CHOOSE where they live is a great boost to the people’s self-confidence – their livelihood and their mindset changes.
Jiron has an idea of what they’re talking about as, following the Innocents’ defeat, they experienced more internal than external changes in their lives; to Chil, the more important point is that, when the Exodus is over, it’ll meant goodbye to Gainer and the others.
Burume’s especially surprised that Gainer stuck around this far despite his initial prejudice against the Exodus and Kouji, this being his first time hearing about that, wonders if he’s changed his opinion.

Speaking truthfully, Gainer confesses that, even now, he’s still not too keen on the Exodus – especially considering his parents’ were killed because of their anti-Exodus activities.
Toga and the others ask what he means and Gainer says that, while the ringleader and accomplices ARE punished when an Exodus fails, the entire Domepolis is made to face responsibility for it and that’s why his parents opposed the movement in Wulgusk.
Of course, Mizuki quickly sees that this, in turn, would put them in the crosshairs of Exodus supporters and Loran’s saddened that there are things like that on both sides; either way, we’re almost at Yapan and, as such, the Exodus is almost done, so Gainer hopes to put it all behind him when it happens.
That said, Gain knows this is the Siberian Rail’s final chance to stop us and he expects them to bring everything they have to save face – Kashmir included, Chil figures.
She makes a pun with the pronunciation of Operations that I can’t really think of a way to “localize” (規模is pronounced unkou but she calls him unko, which means poop).
Maria tries to correct her but Adette lets it slide, figuring the name is quite appropriate to Kashmir’s rotten nature and Toga decides to also call him like that when next they meet; Leele seems distraught by this but Eiji tells her to pay him no mind as Toga’s mind is pretty much the same as Chil’s (making her angrily ask what he means by that).
Either way, Loran wishes for Gainer to give his all to make the Exodus succeed and, while he agrees, Runa wonders what’s up with his half-hearted answer – isn’t he at least happy that the finish line is in sight?

Gainer has no time to explain as the alert sounds and we see a huge posse of Siberian Rail troops dead ahead.
Gain’s Overman isn’t ready yet but Rand/Garrod tells him we’ll make sure the Exodus reaches its goal; Jiron agrees, telling him to wait in the hangar and root for us.
Meanwhile, Sara and Gainer psych themselves up for the final battle with Gauli quietly observing them nearby.