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Part 77: Mission 22 - My Own Exodus - Part 2

Unified Route Chapter 22 Part 2

Turn 4

The number one priority is taking down Kashmir as soon as possible. Stoner helps out with a casting of Analyze.

First step is to burn that alert. Luckily the Iron Gear is out of counter range

I missed, but, you know, I knew I was going to miss.

And with a bunch of SP and another cast of Accel, I get Kei over to hit him with a TRI.

Good good, the squadmates are almost gone at least.

Quattro can finish that part of the job.

Counter tripped but I don't have to worry about any TRI attacks anymore.

: Even more annoying brats?!
: …What is he talking about?
: I’m sure he’s just jealous of our relationship.
: …That’s a strange face, Renton…
: I-is it?!

Repair Gainer

Cast Spirit for God Gravion

Leele blows him up with her mind.

Almost there...

Good job Loran!

Kashmir is outraged at his defeat and promises to never forgive any of the people who’ve disrupted his schedule; his Planetta explodes but Holland sees that he’s ejected and quips that his sole redeeming feature is how tough the guy is.
Either way, Gain figures we won’t be seeing him again once the Exodus is finished.

Right time to soften up more enemies, we'll take care of the remaining two bosses in a bit

Good job Garrod

Last non boss ship. Good.

Gainer gets a new level of Oversense out of it.

Time to start softening up Timp, Setsuko can take the hit in Wide Formation

So now you dodge?

: Here we go, Timp! Today I’m really gonna beat you to a pulp!
: At least ya still got moxie, if nothing else, pardner. But, ya know, a real man’s gotta have his own ship!
: A man’s worth isn’t about what machine he has! I’ll drag you off that bridge and teach you that!

Get some Counterkills on the enemy phase.

Shin's SEED triggers.

She couldn't reach Gainer soo... ow

Turn 5

The turn starts with Gainer's Overskill activating.

This option lets you see a list of all the units on the field, select the blue half for allies, red half for enemies.

Units with the feather looking symbol by them are Squad Leaders, so as you can see I only have two regular enemies to beat, Timp, and then the Dominator.

Kappei if you will?

Timp’s inside his Landship as it blows up (much to his chagrin) but Jiron knows something like this won’t take him out: indeed, Timp agrees and deploys in a black Government Walker Machine.
He is, however, REALLY pissed off and now plans on getting serious enough to kill Jiron for good – that works for him, who intends on settling everything here.

Combat Mecha Xabungle
Government - Timp Shaloon
Voiced by Banjou Ginga

* Prevail (Level 6) - As the character takes damage, hit rate, evasion, defense, and critical rate will increase.
* Counter (Level 6) - On the enemy phase, will sometimes attack before the enemy. Activation rate is determined by the skill stat.
* Predict - At 130 Will, hit, evasion and critical hit rate increase
* Attack Again - If the Pilot's skill stat is 20 points or higher then the enemy, the pilot will perform a second attack. This second attack is considered a Support Attack and is effected by the Cooperative Attack skill.
* Ignore Size Penalty - Ignores the damage penalty for attacking larger targets.
* Guard - At 130 Will the character will take 20% less damage.

Squad Leader Bonus
*+20% Hit Rate, +30% Critical hit Rate

Tiiiimmmmpppp! So, imagine you have managed to get through the stage, thinking you have plenty of time and energy to handle everything, so you end up overcommiting on Timp's landship... and then he reveals this! Timp is, as expected, kind of a dick. He will hit you most of the time and will crit a ton. Thankfully he likes to use ALL attacks so Attack Again doesn't come into play, with his accuracy and crit rate it would hurt a ton.

Plus, you know, I'm not going to let him attack. Incidentally his second form is why I didn't use Analyze on the ship, I knew this was coming and I have only so many casts of it.
You should probably watch this, if only because it's one of the better animations in the game.

A major, if understated part of each SRW stage is resource management. SP being the biggest. This stage is basically making me use every scrap of SP I can.

: Now that’s more like it, Timp! You and Hola are much better as Breakers than as captains, after all!
: Shut it, pardner. Don’t think you can beat me head-on!
: Bring it on! What started in Zora’s gonna get finished here in Siberia!

Darn it. Oh well, I have Kei knock him down to Zero because, well, this is one of the few times his Squad Leader Bonus' downside comes into play.

Once defeated, Timp says that he’s played enough but Jiron calls him out, asking if he didn’t just say that he was gonna get serious.
Timp then smirks and says that any man worth his salt never actually shows the true depths of his ability – with that, he bids us farewell and leaves.
Garrod is, if anything, impressed that he can spout those impressive remarks even as he’s running off; Matthew notices Renton strangely quiet and asks if the kid is actually thinking that Timp’s cool (his startled denial seems to prove this to Hilda).
Jiron doesn’t plan on letting Timp off the hook and he’ll be sure to end things with him someday.

I hit this area with a MAP again, Setsuko's Squad has Alert up so they handle it fine.

Turns out that Friendly Fire includes hitting yourself!

It took care of the last two Breakers and that's what counts though.

Now to actually handle the Dominator

Overman King Gainer
??? - Dominator
Voiced by : Rena Mizuki (Japanese), Tara Malone (English)

* Oversense (Level 4) - Increases Hit and Evasion Rates, as well as the power of Photon Mat Barriers. Can activate the mech ability Overskill.
* Gamer - +10 to Skill at 130 Will
* Support Attack (Level 1) - When Adjacent to an allied character before having attacked that turn, can perform a Support Attack after the ally attacks. The support attack will be slightly weaker then a regular attack.
* Battle Spirit - Starting from the second turn, will gain 3 Will every turn.
* Ignore Size Penalty - Ignores the damage penalty for attacking larger targets.

Squad Leader Bonus
+10% Evade rate, +10% Critical Hit rate

Mobility is raised by 10+Twice the pilots Overskill level, additionally has a 50% chance of an afterimage effect.

Right, our guest isn't quite as dangerous as Timp or Kashmir. She doesn't hit as hard and her Overskill's defensive rather then offensive. A pain to hit without Strike though.

She also flies soo...

Once defeated, Little Miss ??? is quite impressed with “King” and Gainer’s surprised that she called him that; either way, she plans on getting serious now and recovers all damage taken.
Loran’s surprised that she can still fight but Amuro’s powers aren’t showing any malice coming from her – is she treating this as a game?
??? stops, though, having felt something with her Dominator: it seems “they” are coming, so she pulls back for now; Kashmir, hidden nearby, is aghast that she’s pulling back but, in that case, she says he’s free to take us on by himself.
Timp also sighs at leaving things unfinished but figures they’ll meet again.

: They left…
: Why…? Weren’t they trying to stop the Exodus?
: All units, keep your guard up. It looks like they retreated because they noticed something.
: Hey! You mean, whatever that thing is, it’s coming over?!


: That’s--!
: Nooo! Why now?!

: As expected, Fallen Angels!
: Urgh...these guys aren’t just gross, they’re pretty tough, too…!
: (What was that…? Did the red Overman sense the Fallen Angel’s approach?)
: Why are even these things getting in our way?!

: (What happened? The White Doll is reacting to both King Gainer and the Fallen Angels…!)
: This feeling…! Are the Overmen stirring something within us…?!
: Then, is Gainer also being influenced by King Gainer?!
: Huh…? There’s a new weapon inside my pack!
: Hold on, Gainer! Don’t be hasty!!

: King Gainer even has a weapon like that?!
: Amazing, Gainer…
: (Tch…I see what’s going on now that I changed to an Overman…)
: (When an Overman detects a Fallen Angel, it does something to the people piloting it…!)
: Gain…! What’s happening to Gainer?!
: I don’t know the details but it’s clear this’ll be bad if we let it drag on! Let’s wrap this up quickly!
: OK! We’ll take them out and finish the Exodus!
: You’re so hot-blooded, bro!
: (Is he, Renton? Way I see it, it’s like the anger and sadness in his heart have been frozen over.)

So yes, now we have to deal with a group of Fallen Angels when everybody is incredibly low on ammo, energy, and SP!

Just nine of them yes, but it's till a pain.

I use the remaining three units to soften them up and end the turn.

It's amazing how close I'm cutting it.

: I’ve detected three units rapidly approaching!
: You know what three units means!
: It’s them, as usual!
: We were waiting for you, Apollo!
: No, wait! That's...!

: Whaaa?! That’s not Aquarion!
: That’s right, Chil! It’s the pride of Japan: the Super Robot, Getter Robo!
: But its form and size are different from the Getter we know!
: This is the new, reborn Getter: Getter Dragon…!
: Ryou! Are Hayato and Musashi in there, too?
: ...
: ...Musashi died during the final battle with the Dinosaur Empire.
: Musashi! No…!!
: We’ll talk about it later…! Right now we’re here to help you guys!
: Can you do this, Benkei?
: I made a promise to Genki, so I’ll fight too!
: We’re counting on you, then.
: Heh...! So, there was another three-robot combinable mech like Aquarion!
: But I thought Apollo was going to show up since we’re fighting Fallen Angels…!
:You've nothing to worry about...! No one can best our powered-up Getter Robo!
: Not even Fallen Angels or Demons!
:Show me what you got, then!
: You bet! Come on, Fallen Angels!


Information Corner – Topic: Dinosaur Empire
An underground kingdom ruled by reptiles, evolved up from dinosaurs: led by Emperor Gol in the name of the Great Devil Yular, the reptiles led an assault on the surface in the hopes of recapturing it.
The reptiles indeed ruled the surface in the past, until the unexpected arrival of Getter Rays from outer space drove them deep underground to the magma layer; this also explains their deep hatred for Getter Robo, which uses Getter Rays as its power source.
For their final operation, the reptiles created the invincible battleship "Dai" from the greatest of the Mechasauruses; however, Dai was lost when a command-machine raid ignited the cache of explosives in its batteries.
This led to the death of Emperor Gol himself, and the collapse of the Dinosaur Empire.

We got three new units for the price of one! Unfortunately Getter doesn't get to do anything this stage, unable to get into range of any enemies.

Getter Robo G
Ryoma Nagare - Getter Dragon
Voiced by Akira Kamiya

* Prevail (Level 4) - As the character takes damage, hit rate, evasion, defense, and critical rate will increase.
* Blocking - If the mech is equipped with a shield and/or sword, can use Sword Block and Shield Block. Sword Block will neutralize melee and missile attacks, while Shield Block will reduce damage taken. Activation rate is based off the skill stat.
* Battle Spirit - Starting from the second turn, will gain 3 Will every turn.

Spirit Commands:
* Vigor(20) - The caster regains 30% of Max HP.
* Strike (20) - The caster will have 100% Hit rate for that turn.

Squad Leader Bonus
* Entire squad gains an S Ranking in Air

Getter Robo G
Hayato Jin - Getter Liger
Voiced by Keaton Yamada

* Prevail (Level 4) - As the character takes damage, hit rate, evasion, defense, and critical rate will increase.
* Counter (Level 3) - On the enemy phase, will sometimes attack before the enemy. Activation rate is determined by the skill stat.
* Predict - At 130 Will, hit, evasion and critical hit rate increase

Spirit Commands:
* Focus(15) - Increases hit and evasion rates by 30%
* Luck(40) - The caster's squad will gain double the amount of money from a defeated enemy, the effect fades after the next attack even if an enemy is not killed.
* Alert (15) - The caster gains 100% evasion rate for the next attack that targets the caster.

Squad Leader Bonus
* Entire squad gains an S Ranking in Ground

Getter Robo G
Benkei Kurama - Getter Poseidon
Voiced by Jouji Yanami

* Prevail (Level 4) - As the character takes damage, hit rate, evasion, defense, and critical rate will increase.
* Support Attack (Level X) - When Adjacent to an allied character before having attacked that turn, can perform a Support Attack after the ally attacks. The support attack will be slightly weaker then a regular attack.
* Will +(Damaged) - Pilot gains 2 Will every time they are hit by an attack.

Spirit Commands:
* Gain(10) - The caster's squad will gain double the Experience Points from the next attack.
* Guts(30): The caster regains all HP.
* Spirit(30) - Increases the Will of all pilots in the caster's mech by 10

Squad Leader Bonus
Entire squad gains an S Ranking in Water.

Getter Robo G! It's big, it's tough, it's the classic transforming Super Robot . Dragon is the strong all rounder, able to fly. But it has a hefty energy cost, Liger is agile and dodgy, while Poseidon is the tankiest. Their Squad Leader Bonuses are handy, as you're able to transform freely without worrying much about Terrain ranks. Sadly Dragon doesn't give the squadmates the Flying type, so you still need to pick flying units to go with it. Liger and Dragon are probably the forms you'll use the most, not that Poseidon isn't good it's just that it doesn't have the range and mobility the other two have, plus there isn't much water in Z, though a post move ALL is good.

Next I use a mix of Trust and Repair modules to get my ships away from near death

Never not MAP whenever possible.

Talia gets another level of Prevail out of it.

Fortunately, the Fallen Angels start at base Will, while everyone here is maxed out.

Just start dismantling them.


Kappei and Kei take out this one.

Up we go!

Quattro and Amuro take down a pair.

I have one round left for Gravion so let's chuck Toga over here with Guard up and hope every single Fallen Angel nearby targets him.

Energy is not a worry for God Sigma yet! Jiron finishes it off.

And that's another one down.

: It doesn’t matter if it’s Fallen Angels or whatever, you won’t be able to stop King Gainer!
: (This weird aggressiveness of his…is it King Gainer’s doing…?)

It should be noted that Overskill Attack has the Ignore Size property, so it doesn't matter that King Gainer is an S and the Fallen Angels are L, no damage penalty.

Good they're aiming for Gravion! Got in a few good whacks.

Overfreeze Bullet is a handy attack. It's not Post Move but it has long range, it also inflicts the Mobility Down Debuff, which is useful against dodgy enemies.

Granted, not the strongest against big enemies like this.

Still does the job though.

I think by this point I have it wrapped up.

We’ve made it through somehow and Hayato’s reasonably impressed with Benkei’s skills.
Benkei laughs and says that after all the special training Hayato put him through, he'd have a harder time not learning a thing or two; either way, Toga assumes they came from Japan and Ryouma confirms, adding that they’re here to guide us there.
Athrun asks why and Ryouma’s answer is simple: “to protect it from the forces of evil.”; Kouji wonders what the hell’s going on there but, more importantly, all the obstacles have been removed which means the Exodus is finally over!
Gainer and Sara certainly aren’t what Adette would call “happy” but a win is a win to Gain and he expects Yapan’s Ceiling to be turning into a huge celebration by now.

Our mystery girl, a.k.a. Cynthia, calls the Siberian Rail president, Kids Munt, to tell him of Kashmir and Timp’s defeat.
Cynthia figures there wasn’t much they could’ve done when facing not only the exodizers but also Zaft, Breakers and Super Robots; with that in mind, Kids has no choice but to acknowledge the Exodus as a success as any further interference would be pointless.
That said, he still wants the Black Southern Cross and his associates punished as a way to restore the Siberian Rail’s honor and Cynthia’s alright with anything, so long as she gets to fight with “King” again.
Kids wonders if the reason why the Fallen Angels attacked Yapan Ceiling would be that they’re wary of King Gainer but Cynthia doesn’t really care, only finding them to be jerks for messing with her battle.
Either way, Kids has a feeling King Gainer’s power could be useful from here on out, so he tells Cynthia to capture it once her squad’s organized.
She thanks him for it and Kids asks her to come back with Kashmir and the others at once so he can have a talk with them; she agrees but also asks him to remember his promise.

After she hangs up, Kids muses that he needs to hurry if the Fallen Angels, arch-enemies of the Overmen, are acting up and he tells Asuham that he might have to deal with them as he goes up against the Black Southern Cross; of course, Asuham will endure any hardship for a chance to fight Gain.

With that done, Kids turns to Angel and offers to show her around and she’s right behind him, adding that, with the power of that Overman, he’ll be able to easily spread the Siberian Rail’s tracks throughout the entire world.
Kids quite likes the idea but Asuham isn’t really listening, preferring to inwardly tell Gain that it doesn’t matter where he runs off to – he’ll chase him to the ends of the earth and back.

Back at Yapan’s Ceiling, Gach is kicking off the celebrations while Pelhar and Manman consider the long way they came – they certainly didn’t expect the world to get this crazy when they left Wulgusk.
That’s all in the past with the Exodus coming to an end, though, as they’ll now live here without having to rely solely on the Siberian Rail; as the crowd cheers, Gain comes over quite impressed with the celebration and the Wise Men are very thankful to him for making this possible but he figures ZEUTH’s help was just as important during their endgame.
Speaking of ZEUTH, we’ve already started our preparations to cross the sea over to Japan and Gach’s quite impressed with our enthusiasm; they won’t be joining us, though, as the Yapan Ceiling’s residential units can’t make it across the ocean but they plan on living in this land that’s so close to Japan itself.
Citran asks if Gain’ll be joining us but he sees no reason to do so – he IS an Exodus Contractor, after all – and, with this Exodus complete, he’ll now go searching for his next clients; Gauli shows up right now and he’s got something that he wants to discuss with the Wise Men.

We find Gainer overlooking the Japanese sea and Sara wonders why he didn’t attack Gauli back then - it’s certainly not out of forgiveness, something Gainer neither can’t nor wants to do.
Still, he wants Gauli to be burdened by everything he feels and live out his life as best he can; Gain and Gauli show up, having heard everything he said, and Gauli won’t ask for his forgiveness, being content to do as he said and live on with this burden.
Gainer accepts it but Gauli says he’s more than free to punch him…and Gain decides to do it for the kid, with a big sucker punch; with that, he asks if Gauli’s feeling better and, as he growls an affirmative, Adette’s having a huge laugh.
Gauli figures she’s poking fun of how ridiculous he is but that’s not the case: she saw a real man in Gauli’s way of life and thinks she might’ve fallen for him; despite how weird things gotten around here, Gainer thinks Gauli’ll be fine having found his new path.
Seems to Gainer that everyone’s doing fine, even the Yapan’s Ceiling folk which are currently celebrating their Exodus’ success; meanwhile, here he is, not having achieved any sort of goal – none of his grief and doubts have been settled!

: Then, you should continue with the Exodus.
: Jiron…
: If your goal isn’t here, then it’ll be someplace else, right?
: That’s right! You choose your own goals!
: My own own Exodus...
: As a matter of fact…we’ve decided to keep working together with ZEUTH after this.
: Ya can’t help but laugh at it. Before we even knew what was going on, we were already tagged as wanted men by the Feds.
: We’ve come this far, so we might as well go all the way. And if they come after us, we’ll hang in there!
: Is this yours and the others’ Exodus, Jiron?
: I dunno. The goal you choose to pursue isn’t always clear from the get-go.
: He’s right, Gainer. But it’s alright to decide your goal as you go along.
: What’s important is to never stop walking, I think…or would you rather stay indoors and play games again?
: That’s…!
: In that case, come with us, then!
: My Exodus…
: Alright…!

Overhearing that, Gain volunteers to oversee Gainer’s Exodus (at a special price, even!) as a way to pay the kid back for pushing him so hard today; so, Gain will also be joining ZEUTH for real and, while Gainer doesn’t feel like he’s fully paid his debt to Gain, he intends to do so during their journey.
In that case, Sara decides to tag along to keep an eye on them and make sure they’re pulling their weight and acting as befits a man of Wulgusk; Gauli will also join in as his mission with Yapan’s Ceiling is now over – Adette will also go anywhere he goes.
Bello sees Gainer’s determination and, as his friend, he’s more than willing to follow suit, too.

: Well, then! Here’s to the new Exodus! Gauli Squad, hip, hip, hurray!
: H-hurray…!

Nearby, Diana is looking a bit worried and Sochie wonders if she’s concerned about Gainer and co. continuing their Exodus; she tells her she’s fine but, inwardly, she worries about today’s events: “The Fallen Angels, Overmen and the White Doll…is this uneasiness that I’m feeling some sort of omen?”, she thinks.
Nearby, Rand is happy with Gainer starting on a man’s journey and Mel quips that he’s got his “old man eyes” going but he says it’s fine: even he gets nostalgic about days long gone (Setsuko isn’t here, mind.).
Regardless, Gainer now looks hopefully to the sea, knowing that Japan and the rest of the world are waiting on the other side…and maybe the goal of his and Sara’s Exodus.

That's all for me but there's a secret Brunom got after this stage!


If you’ve done the previous step of the King Gainer secret an bought the Scrap (OM), you’ll find the next step in the Bazaar.

We’re finally about to enter Japan, so Bello’s decided to buy some supplies for the trip and Adette’s proud of her student’s attitude.
Mamadou and Kona will be staying with Yapan’s Ceiling, so it’ll fall on us to keep our Overmen and Silhouette Machines set up and some hardy merchants have already flocked to the area for a chance to sell their goods.
Miashey then comes over, telling Bello that someone’s sold an Overcoat at the bazaar and, from what Sochie’s heard, the seller was a huge man covered in scars who needed some funds to continue his Exodus – even stranger was that Miashey heard that he was singing some Meeya songs with a little girl.
Bello and Adette quickly have an idea of who it was and go investigate said shop.

Secret Alert!

Also available is another Dobeck and you can get it if you want the Gauli squad people to be bulkier while losing their repair capabilities.

Adette’s called Kona over to the Iron Gear and apologizes for overworking her; the girl has no problem with doing this as a farewell gift before our departure from Yapan’s Ceiling.
Either way, Gain is pretty impressed to find out that the scrap we previously bought was the remains of Yassaba’s Rushrod – at least his Exodus with Eifa seems to be going along; Kona asks if Adette wants to pilot this Overman and she seemingly hesitates a bit.
Bello wonders if she doesn’t want to use her ex-boyfriend’s mech and, indeed, it doesn’t seem quite right for her now that she’s seeing Gauli (Kona’s surprised at how unexpectedly old fashioned she is in this regard).
When Gain asks, Gauli says Adette should just do as she wants and that’s further proof to Adette of how much of a man he is; Adette seems quite taken with him and Bello’s feeling so much respect for his captain right now.

Rushrod get!

Unfortunately, this one doesn’t get to keep his auto-zeal cast effect on the OverSkill, instead it now boosts Accuracy on top of Mobility. It’s a good unit for Adette, nevertheless!


Rand vs Kashmir

: If I remember this right, you’re—
: Just you try and tell them even one of my thoughts. And, when you do, I’ll tear you to bits!
: Even if you scream and cry, I won’t hold anything back!

Setsuko vs Kashmir

: When we fought this man, my thoughts ended up being heard by Toby…and now he isn’t here anymore…
: But I will fight…! With the pride of the Glory Star that Toby, Chief and the Virgolas left me!

Garrod vs vs Kashmir

: You! You’re one of those brats that yelled those disgusting things, aren’t you?!
: You feel like hearing some more? I’ll pour my heart out to Tifa!
: S-stop! I can’t stand lovey-dovey couples!!

Jiron Vs. Kashmir

: Does he think I’m going to hesitate if he yells out what he’s thinking?!
: Rrrr! His yelling isn’t disgusting…IT’S JUST TOO DAMN NOISY!!

Getter Team Vs Any enemy

: RAAAAAARGH! I’m gonna fill in for Musashi!
: Relax, Benkei. Nobody’s asking you to replace Musashi.
: He’s right… we’re the new Getter Team. And you’re one of us!
: So fight with the Getter in your own way!
: Alright, I’ll do just that!
: (Musashi…a new battle’s started for us. We won’t forget your spirit, though…)
: (So, Musashi…watch over our fight from Heaven!)