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Part 88: Mission 26 (Rand) - Into the Nature - Part 2

Surprise! You didn’t think it’d just be some weak Fed mooks, did you?

Moving along…Kei nabs four kills while Gain snipes down a five Mon-Soonos.

These ones get clever and go for the Gekko.

Nice. Talho manages to hit all three.

Meanwhile, this one Gadeel/Daughtress group decides to go after a Graave. Normally, this would be fine but them being there will draw the attention of the Cherubims and stop them from coming over…

We’ll worry about that later because Anemone has reached our group and, since Eureka’s just too far away, she decides to go for Rand.

: What a joke! You’re going up against my The End with that clumsy machine?!
: Ah, the girl doesn’t see it…Gunleon here is BULKY, not clumsy.
: That’s the dignified presence of an adult. Ya got it now?
: Urgh! I can’t even see his face and I already know this guy’s so damn STIFLING!
Thankfully, he can handle that kind of attention. That said, it’s not often I see someone do 1800-ish damage on him while defending.

Most of the Fallen Angels decide to go for that one UNE squad instead of moving closer. The Gadeel gets killed but they’ll stay there until those Daughtresses are gone.
Son of a bitch.

Oddly enough, a lone Xibalba goes for Anemone and gets easily slapped aside.

Player Phase!

Jürgens is almost here, so we’ll keep a few folk over here while sending most of our team to the Cherubims.

Kei fails to kill any of this Daughtress crew but Talho still needs to catch up on levels, so she takes them.

Jamil takes a potshot at these guys but that was rather unnecessary.

Because Ryouma.
Also, that was some pretty big damage from Tekkouki there – I didn’t remember him being this strong of a squaddie.

As he’s approaching, Jürgens gets a fist through his windshield just to give the Gekko an easier time; meanwhile, Eureka and Gain do a number of a Xibalba’s health.

Gain himself will lead a TRI against this batch of Mon-Soonos.

I oughta buy him Focused attack when I’ve the points saved up. Either way, that’s one kill.

Baldios tags a pair of weak mooks, killing one, and moving towards the Fallen Angels while Holland finishes off the Xibalba.

Garrod joins them and his group takes a shot at the closest Cherubim.

Let’s see if Rand can’t take off the rest of its health.

With Jiron and Rag’s help, he does just that.

Finally, I once again overestimate Elchi’s firepower and this pair of Mon-Soonos hangs on…

Enemy Phase!

Kei, Eureka and Talho easily kill the weakened Mon-Soonos that attack them. No more feddie mooks outside of that one pair of Daughtresses fighting the Fallen Angels.

Gainer’s OverSkill gets going amidst all this.

Speaking of those Daughtresses, how are they doing up there?

Damn it, why won’t you die already?!

Anemone finally goes for Eureka but, with both Focus and Invincible, we’re more than ready for her.

: This KLF is…!
: Haha! What a great reaction – I love it!
: How about I kill you, then…?!
: The hell is up with her?!
: Ahahaha! You look just like The End! Hello there, my look-alike!
: And, also, goodbye! Now, please...DIE!!

Alright, that’s good.

All but one Fallen Angel stay behind to kill those Daughtresses but this one decides to trade blows with Rand.

Player Phase!

Jürgens is right where we want, so let’s take him out quick-like: between Getter and Kei attacks, he’s already on his last legs.

Time to wrap this up, Talho.

: To think the army would have warriors of this caliber…!
: Talho, keep changing our course! They’ve a read on our movements!
: Are you crazy?! I only have so much control in this weird Trapar!
: Do it anyway! We can’t underestimate this enemy!
: Not bad, Gekko Go…! You’re certainly more than just common criminals!
: Are you sure you can do this, Captain?
: Hush, staff officer! We are airmen and this is our battle! All hands, pour your very souls into the guns!

Jurgens leaves a Combat Manual behind.

He quickly realizes that further combat is impossible and orders the retreat – Dominic protests that Anemone is still out there fighting, though.
She tells him to shut up and adds that she doesn’t care whether they’re here or not. However, she does mention that there’ll be hell to pay if Gulliver gets so much as a scratch.
Dominic understands and says they’ll be waiting for her return. Jürgens is surprised to see the kid so relaxed but, regaining his composure, Dominic stammers an order to retreat to prioritize the ship’s safety.

Back to work, Gainer moves ahead and nearly kills Rand’s Cherubim under concentrated Overmen fire.

Did we ever see the dynamic finish of Sirius’ Long Range Saber? I don’t think we did…
Good man.

Holland’s posse does surprisingly little damage on this Xibalba, so it falls on Rand to make up for the difference.
It’s easy prey for Garrod after that.

Finally, Marin snipes away at the farthest Xibalba and moves a bit ahead.

Enemy Phase!

Stop sniping and keep up with us, Anemone!

Here they come.

One of the Graaves and the Xibalba also go for Gainer, with the same results.

The second Graave gets blasted away by Holland.

Player Phase!

Alright, let’s get rid of this thing first.

Had I not been in a rush to wrap things up, I would’ve remembered to check that Kei needed one more kill and this would’ve been perfect…

With some help from Gain, Kei and Eureka cut the two Graaves down to size.

Could’ve also given this one to Kei but I was too punch-crazy with Aquarion to realize it.

It just doesn’t feel right if I don’t do this at least once per mission.

Gee, thanks…

Rand and Holland wrap up the last Fallen Angels (still haven’t realized that Kei needs one more kill).

Now we just start moving people a bit closer to Anemone. Talho swings by Garrod to give him a lift, just in case he’s out of range.

Enemy Phase!

Turns out that wasn’t necessary, as Anemone comes right up.

Player Phase!

Take her down, people!

: Damn it! The dimensional walls around those clouds are getting all distorted!
: What the hell is that thing?!
: You’ll die if you keep worrying about that sort of thing! Or, rather, I’ll kill you!
Here’s Anemone’s Vascud Crisis attack, too.

: What’s up with her?! She’s tiny but I feel so much cruelty coming from her!
: Think you're so cool just because you're big? I don't like you!
: Ryou, we’re not going to beat her in maneuverability! End it with one good hit!
: Right! We’ve got this if we can just corner her!
: Save that line for after you pull it off!

: Hey! If you’re bothering Renton, you’re gonna have to deal with me too!
: Moron! No enemy's a match for me and The End!
: Quiet, you! When the chips are down, people who say stuff like that always end up losing!
: Just like your name says, this is The End of the road for you!

: It just keeps buzzing all around! This thing’s pissing me off!
: Hey! Don’t talk about my The End like it’s some kind of fly!
: If “fly” don’t work, then I’ll give ya another one! Your thing’s pitch black, so how about “cockroa—“
: GRRR! I’m really gonna kill you now!!

: HEEEEY! Flying around like that's cheating! Come down here and fight like a man!
: Isn’t it lovely how The End soars through the sky?
: Machines that squirm about the earth can’t stand up to us!

: There’s no way you can keep up with The End in a dogfight!
: Sorry, girl… Why don't you come back in around 5… make that, 3 years!
: Huh…?
: What I’m trying to say is that I don’t have the time to hang out with kiddies.
: Urgh! You’re really getting on my nerves!

: Whoa…! She’s on a whole different level than all other KLFs we’ve fought so far!
: You already got a read on our skill, hm? You’re not half bad!
: But King Gainer won’t be left behind in terms of speed! This fight'll come down to our skill and courage!
: …Keep saying stupid stuff like that and I'm gonna have to kill you…

: I know you! Holland, right? Col. Dewey told me about you!
: This Nirvash-lookin’ thing is working for him?!
: The Colonel really hates you, you know! So I’m gonna have to kill you for him!

This would be it...but when I finally realized that Kei needed a kill, I had to reload and let him finish her off. A shame, because Holland got a level of Lift Technique off that.

Anemone’s staggered and that gives Eureka a chance to make a run for the Coralian. Anemone isn’t about to let them escape and gives chase, though.

Holland tries to warn her but it’s too late and Anemone fires her Vascud Crisis point-blank; it is right then that Jabby feels something: a space-time warp is occurring right here.
As everyone’s enveloped by the light, Renton tries calling out to Eureka…

We find Renton somewhere, being told by a woman of how the Ageha butterfly can see UV Rays that humans cannot. She says that every creature sees the world differently and, as such, it’s as though they all live in different worlds.
Renton doesn’t understand and she says, for example, that humans cannot see the Trapar but the Skyfish can – thus, even though they live alongside us, it’s as if they live in a different world.

Elsewhere, we find Jiron surprised to see Timp here, who says he’s doing as he pleases, just like Jiron did when he wrecked the Innocents.
Doesn’t matter to Jiron, as he plans to put an end to their fight right here and now. Timp sneers at Jiron’s one-track mind, saying that, no matter how much time passes, he’s unable to do anything outside of chasing him around.
He says Jiron gonna stay a brat forever, unable to grow up, but Jiron shushes him saying that he doesn’t care what other people think about him – all he does is keep walking forward, like always.

Ryouma runs into Hayato and Benkei in another area and they quickly start laughing, revealing themselves to be demons.
They say demons are the other facet of humans and they've easily infiltrated all of human society without Ryouma ever realizing it. While we sit around doing nothing, the Hundred Demon Empire will quietly devour all of mankind!

And then Ryouma was a zombie demon…

Marin’s vision comes in the form of Raita, Oliver and even Jamie, accusing him of being an alien enemy.
They quickly move to kill him and Marin can do nothing to escape.

Gainer sees Sara and Gain leaving him behind, saying that he’s changed because of King Gainer.
Sara bids him farewell and Gainer screams at them to come back.

Kei finds himself back at the Space-Time Oscillation Bomb with Olson Classic, asking why he’s here.
Kei Classic then shows up and tells Olson not to be deceived - neither Keis know what’s going on with that.

: Darling...I'm actually…
: Mel…
: I…remember. When daddy was swallowed by the warp…
: Stop it! Don’t say anything!
: At that moment, you screamed and my daddy and Gunleon—
: I am THE HEAT! I would never let pain get the better of me!
: Gunleon! ain't breaking me!!

This vision starts with Apollonius and Celianne but quickly fades to Apollo and Silvia. They remember the moment they met each other, even though both wish it had never happened.
Apollo says he would’ve remained an angel of slaughter if they never met and they both remember the sorrow and the happiness that came from that meeting. Despite it all, a human and a Fallen Angel loved each other.
Then came that fateful day, where Apollonius lost his wings to save her and, together, they fought against the Fallen Angels…

Garrod finds himself alone, desperately trying to get away from something. He sees only darkness around him and wonders what the hell happened.
It is then that he starts hearing Tifa calling out to him and asking for him not to close his heart within the darkness. Garrod recovers his senses after hearing her voice and says he’s okay, much to her relief.
He asks if everyone else is okay and she confirms but there’s something about Eureka…she doesn’t get to finish as something seemingly happens to her. Garrod tries to call out to her but his yells aren’t heard.

: AHAHAHAHAHA! Hold up! Why are you running?!
: “Why”?! Because of you!!

*Renton runs away from her.*

: What's going on…?! We were near the Coralian and the Black Nirvash attacked us…
: That’s right…! What about Eureka?! Where is she?!
: I have to hurry! If that girl shows up again—
: I already diiiiiid!
: I already did!
: I’m already heeeereee!
: I’m already here!

: (At that time, I…I thought I saw a butterfly...)
: -nton…
: Renton…
: Renton…

: Renton…
: Eureka…
: …Let’s go back together?
: Yeah…let’s go back…

Somehow, everyone ends up safe but in a different place from where we and the Coralian were.
Gidget checks and it turns out were 100 kilometers from where we saw the thing – still, she’s able to detect everyone in the nearby area and it looks like they’re safe. Hap can’t believe they had a warp right as they were entering the Coralian but, if anything, Ken-goh thinks we got something out of it.

Mischa thinks everyone saw that strange vision and Tex wonders if it was a manifestation of our innermost thoughts or some other phenomenon that affected reality. Jamil isn’t worried about that, though, more concerned with asking where Tifa is.
Sara had Kid and the other look for her but it doesn’t seem like she’s inside the Freeden and it seems like she just vanished – Jamil certainly remembers hearing her scream, so it looks like someone took her while we were having our vision.

That would be the Frost Brother’s doing, of course, and Dominic thanks them for the intelligence bureau’s assistance. Shagia says they should be the one thanking Dominic because it was his information that allowed them to successfully capture Tifa.
Dominic relates that previous investigation had pointed out that being in proximity to Kute-Class Coralian can result in mental abnormalities but it seems like today’s phenomenon was caused because The End’s Vascud Crisis had some sort of effect over the Coralian.

Shagia asks how Anemone’s doing but Dominic’s not at liberty to discuss that, as the activities of their squad are highly classified - he does apologize for treating fellow soldiers like this (even if they are from a different squad). That said, Dominic is very impressed that the famous Frost Brothers had the mental fortitude to carry out their mission under those circumstances.
Shagia explains how he did it: his brother guided him, thanks to their ability to feel each other's presence at any range. Dominic doesn’t quite understand but, regardless, asks what they’ll do afterwards and Shagia says their next destination will be a place called Zonder Epta.
With that, Dominic wishes them well and hopes to see them again (Shagia wishing the same).

Olba’s rather surprised that his brother acted so humble with Dominic but Shagia says that, as Dewey’s aide, it helps to be on his good side.
That said, it seems Dewey is keeping an eye on their actions, so Olba says they’ll have to be careful but that’s precisely why Shagia says they have to lend their assistance and act like allies. Either way, it was thanks to Dominic’s assistance that they were able to recapture Tifa.
Olba extends his welcome for her long-awaited return but Tifa’s hardly amused.

Shagia does notice the determination in her eyes and sees that she’s grown stronger than the last time they saw each other. he wonders if it’s Garrod’s influence but Tifa doesn’t answer, only asking what they’re planning to do with her.
Their plan is the same as before, to get revenge against fate, and for that they’ll need her power. First and foremost, there are some tests that they need to perform and, to do that, they’ll be going to the “Sea of Lorelai”.
A 15-year old ghost is waiting for her there…

One more thing before we end: did you get the 8 kills between Kei and Shaia? Then the next step of the secret has opened in the Bazaar.

At the bazaar, Mimsy relates how Garrod’s been really depressed ever since Tifa’s kidnapping and Mel’s sure it was the doing of those stubborn brothers. Kei doesn’t know who they are, so Rand gives the rundown on the two agents of the former UNE.
Of course, Mome understands that knowing who did the crime matters little when we don’t know where they ran off to and this gives Kei an idea. He remembers how the Emaanian information network is pretty amazing, able to quickly find new information unavailable in the UN, and wonders if Mimsy couldn’t call out to other caravans and ask if they have any reports on someone seeing a girl like Tifa.
Mimsy agrees to give it a try and heads to the town’s Market to do so – we can’t leave Tifa in the brothers’ hands.

Secret Alert!

Also available are both Government and Galapagos Walker Machines – two direct upgrades to the Caprico and Promeus we’ve been using and quite reliable (for Walker Machines)!

Back at the Glomar, Mome tells Goove that we didn’t find anything significant about Tifa but our contacts promised to get in touch if anything comes up.
Nearby, Sley asks about this video disk Mimsy’s holding and it’s something she found in the Market: it seems like the salesmen bought it in this place called Hong Kong, so she figured it’d be valuable. Though it is scratched out, she can barely make out the word “treasure” written on the box and the disk itself has “secret video” written on it.
Mimsy wants it play it quick-like as she’s sure it must be a recording of some amazing scoop – maybe a recording of the location of some legendary treasure! Gainer and some other men are rather hesitant and she wonders if they don’t care about this video.

Rand says that it’s not that they’re uninterested as they are MEN but…Mimsy still doesn’t understand and remembers being told by Saegusa and Torres that these videos were quite the bargain.
Kei figures the two to be quite the “enthusiasts” but, regardless, Gainer says that it is valuable and, as such, she should keep it closed and resell at a profit. Mimsy understands and, either way, she figures this isn’t really the place to worry about that while Tifa’s still missing.
Kei decides to hang onto it for the time being and Rand agrees to leave the safekeeping to him. Mome sees that the two of them seem very happy about this but, right now, they’re both 100% dedicated to finding some clue about Tifa’s location before anything else.

In the original anime, Torres asked Camille to buy this tape for him while they were in Hong Kong…so I guess we’ve just denied the Argama crew their porn. Whoops!

Tune in next time where we'll pick ourselves up and try to figure out what to do about Tifa - the Gundam X plot is finally moving forward.

See you all then!