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Part 94: Mission 27 (Setsuko) - Prologue

Setsuko Route Chapter 27 Prologue

Last time on Super Robot Wars Z: Four and Stella show up and make Shinn and Kamille suffer. Because it's Gundam.

Current Top Aces:
1. Setsuko - 67 Kills
2. Amuro - 53 Kills
3. Shinn - 49 Kills
4. Talia - 49 Kills
5. Quattro - 48 Kills

Amuro hits Ace status, and Shinn is catching up in kills. I forgot to mention that at around stage 25 or so I got Talia Hit&Away, which really helps with her getting kills.

Down at the Bazzar, these consumable items are for sale. They're rather cheaper then usual. I buy them so that later I can sell them for a Blue Stone profit.

Finally, I pick up a Solar Panel. EN regenration is incredibly handy, after all. I think this'll be the last stuff I casually buy from the bazarr before I get more Blue Stones.

Several of the Squadmates get a little mobility upgrade

The Savior gets the Solar Panel because the thing is a majory energy guzzler.

The ∀ is equipped with a Linear Seat. This increases accuracy by 20 and weapon range by 1.

Here's the squads for this mission. Loran, Shinn, and Toga are all away on Event Squad issues so...

The Diana Counter, led by Phil, seems to be rushing ahead to Gibraltar without waiting for ZEUTH's aid.

Unfortunately, though Phil was aware of this valley's defensive cannon, he wasn't prepared for its sheer power. It blasts away his guard and he's forced to retreat.

In Garnahan, ZEUTH's leaders summarize. The Lohengrin is the model of proton cannon used by the Alliance. They've put a big one in the valley that we need to go through to get to Gibraltar, and if anyone tries to enter it, they shoot that cannon first and ask questions later. That's what gives the area its nickname: the Lohengrin Gate.

It's Guin's view that Phil jumped the gun and charged into the Lohengrin Gate out of arrogance; the man does not have a high opinion of Earthmen. He probably wanted to impress us by beating us through the enemy's firepower. That might have worked before Break the World, quips Heine, but they're no longer the top dogs in the multiworld. At least we know they're human, warts and all.

This does put the problem of the Lohengrin Gate on us, though, but they've at least had the courtesy of sending us a helping hand: Harry Ord, captain of Her Majesty's personal guard. Guin is glad to hear the name; he can vouch for Harry. The question is, how are we going to get through? It's not going to be as easy as sending the super robots in first and the suits behind them.

As the captains think, Umei comes in with a guest who claims he can show us how to get past the Gate.

How's this big guy? He's Yassaba Jin, and he claims to be a big name in Siberia - by Gengoroh's read of his uniform, in fact, a Siberia Railways officer. But he says that's all behind him. Now, we do want him to tell us how to get past the Lohengrin Gate, right?

Meanwhile, Sochie and Miashey have met a young girl named Eifa. She went on an Exodus to Indus, but it's Emaan territory now. The girls are impressed she pulled off an Exodus given all it took for the Yapan Ceiling to make theirs, but Eifa owes it all to the uncle she's with - "strong, and kind, and grand."

(Amuro is drawn to the kid. She reminds her of someone, but all he'll say about it: "Important enough to leave lasting wounds in me and another man.")

Anyway, the Federation set up camp in this area about three months ago and built all that weaponry, driving everyone who was already living there out and down to the coast. That's why the old man is helping us, and she wishes she could do more than that...

This isn't Eifa's mom, whatever Boss thinks; she's just a recent arrival in the area named Teteth Halleh, and she's got every present man in ZEUTH at her feet immediately. And actually, it's all men here; except for Sochie and Miashey, the rest of the girls are at the riverside, filling in for ZEUTH's busted washing machines (busted so bad that even with Vino and Astonage on the job, it'll take a while to fix them). These two are apparently the only ones who feel that it's inappropriate to demand that job from women and beneath them as active pilots. "Very progressive, Lady Sochie," mugs Gavane. "You'll make a good new-century wife." Wow.

Luckily, a gentlemen swings through looking for Loran Cehack; Boss directs him to the river. What's up with him? Eifa doesn't recognize him; Sochie feels like she should, and Amuro pegs him as definitely not a civilian by his bearing. Teteth plots; where Loran Cehack, the Moonrace who fights with the Earthmen, is, so should her target be...

Surprise! It's Harry Ord! And he's certain that whoever the Queen Diana on the Soleiyu is, she's clearly not the woman he knows - so she's certainly switched places with Kiel Heim. He came to find the truth, but he never expected to see...

Diana, with the rest of the women of ZEUTH (and Loran and Kappei) beating the laundry! Kiel needs Kappei's help, but he gives her some words of comfort his dad likes to say: "just do as much as you can." Meanwhile, Runa and Luna are getting a lesson in the fight that's going on on their ship while they're fighting.

They're expecting Setsuko to feel like she's wasting her time on something that won't help her fight, but actually she feels... like she's getting to live a life, I suppose. It's a feeling that's just sharpening her drive to fight and protect this sort of thing. Kiel agrees; she likes feeling like a person just carrying out her own life instead of a Moon Queen. (It's not all hand-work, though; they've roped Tetsuya into using the Great Typhoon to finish off the drying process. He didn't like it, but he'll do it.)

Gengoroh shows up to give Kiel the same "do as much as you can" speech. He says he's a traditional kind of guy; in his world and his time, it was the mens' job to go out fishing and the women's to keep the house, "or to look at it another way, it's the women that make it possible for the men to fight."

Kiel points out that if that's the way it has to be, men are the most important in times of war. Yes, but Gengoroh thinks (or hopes) that war is a passing thing. And when it's over, and the ships come home, the world comes back to the women - "not war, but home and hearth."

This is getting pretty weird, so anyway, Loran notices Harry (because he can't help crying out at the sight of the Queen doing laundry by hand). The two recognize each other immediately, and after an awkward few seconds, Harry comes out and asks Loran point blank: "Is your employer, Kiel Heim, in truth my liege, Diana Solel?"

Before he has to answer, Horace Niben arrives. He's to be the strategic consultant for the upcoming operation, and with the locals' cooperation, he thinks he's got it all sketched out. Before it begins, though, he'd really like some quality time with Loran's White Doll...