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Part 96: Mission 28 (Rand) - Prologue

Was gonna post on the weekend but my HD damn full of missions and I need to get one out there to make room.
Getter and Aquarion are deploying as events today () and we’re still stuck at 8 deployment slots:
How easy this next skill point goes depends on how much you upgraded Getter so, if you got any spare cash, give it to them to make things simpler.
Some nice parts also helps.

Both Getter and Aquarion team went off to get some training together and, unfortunately, ended up running into a Fed patrol, much to Benkei’s chagrin. Apollo tells him to quit complaining as they didn’t ask them to come along and it falls on Ryouma to tell them both to drop it as this ain’t the place for bickering.
Silvia’s surprised the Feds are coming after us but Hayato figured we were all tagged as wanted people after the mess at Zonder Epta. Ryouma, inwardly, wonders if they’ve the time for these pointless battles and, remembering the vision from the Coralian, thinks that the demons could be infiltrating human society at this very moment!

Apollo takes the Federation army for a bunch of evil guys and suggests just blowing the attackers away. Sirius calls him out on his simple thinking, saying the situation won’t change by beating the rank-and-file if the upper echelons of the Federation remain.
Apollo angrily asks if he’s suggesting that we get our asses kicked by these guys but Silvia protests that no one said that. They both quickly shut up, as they awkwardly remember the vision they had inside the Coralian and Silvia wonders if that really was a vision of her and Apollo’s past life.
Either way, Ryouma tells everyone to get rid of the enemy troops on the double and retreat, causing Apollo to grumble at how he’s bossing them around. Hayato tells him to not to complain so much if he wants Ryouma to shut up.

Another prologue battle and this one’s just as easy. There are a bunch of different Titans mobile suits and we’ll quickly break through all of them.
Once again, don’t worry about conserving your resources.

I’ll abridge this but, before anything…on the very first battle…

1 HP…1 HP…1 HP…1 HP!!!
Damn those Logos men, giving Windanium to the Titans…

With that, let’s fast forward!

In short, Aquarion and Getter took a leisurely stroll through the countryside.

The last living mech tries to make a run for it but Apollo wants to make him pay for picking a fight with us.
Sirius protests that we can’t waste time chasing after the guy and Apollo yells that he doesn’t want to kill the guy – just wreck his machine enough that he won’t be able to call his buddies over.

: Then, I’ll be the head! Such a delicate task would be impossible to you!

*Aquarion Mars!*

: What?! No way!

*Solar Aquarion!*

: Don’t be so self-centered!

*Aquarion Mars!*

: You’re self-centered, dumbass prince!

*Solar Aquarion!*

: What are you doing, Apollo?!

*Aquarion Luna!*

: Shut up, stupid princess!
: This is bad…! Our aura’s in disarr—

Damn it, people!

The Getter team isn’t able to do much about this because enemy reinforcements soon arrive and start firing, causing Benkei to switch in and shield the Vector Machines.
Ryouma doesn’t appreciate his rash actions but Hayato quickly calls everyone to retreat. As they go, the feddie redshirts are ecstatic at having beat the famous ZEUTH (“Our teamwork has even the Super Robots on the run!”) but one of them, an infiltrated demon, gets in touch with command and informs that he’s located Getter and Aquarion.
He requests that the main forces be dispatched over straight away…

Location: Eastern Galia – Glomar, Living Room

Ryouma’s taking Apollo to task for his actions but the guy isn’t having it, telling him not to go acting like he’s their boss.
Furthermore, Apollo asks WHEN did they ask the Getter Team to help them out back there - that was Benkei’s own doing - but Ryouma still can’t overlook the Elements’ selfishness.
Sirius concedes that their careless actions put everyone in danger but he still asks that Ryouma leave Element-related matters to him, the leader. Pierre cuts in right then, asking since when he’s the leader, but Silvia figures he, as the Alician prince, is the most qualified man around.
Apollo protests that it was thanks to Sirius' crap that we got into that mess in the first place and Sirius doesn’t appreciate Apollo saying that, completely blind to his own imprudence.

Pierre can’t really stomach Sirius as the leader but Tsugumi thinks Reika would make a good one.
Reika isn’t so sure and Silvia immediately speaks against it, saying that her misfortune’s gonna rub off on everyone if she’s the leader. That doesn’t give her the right to speak like that, an annoyed Reika protests.
Apollo doesn’t care who’s the boss but he’ll take on anyone if they get in his way. Sirius adds that, while he IS ready to lead, that doesn’t mean he signed up to babysit some stray dog like Apollo and he’s had enough of doing so.
Jun’s starting to get worried at the rising hostility and Pierre offers to break them up, as the TRUE leader, and before Silvia can get in his face, Ryouma cuts in and tells them to quit bickering over something like this.

Kei suggests he just leave the Elements alone as this argument is quite common with them. Ryouma won’t do that, though, saying that something like that happening again could put everyone at risk.
The problem isn’t related just to the Elements, though, he says: this part of ZEUTH is severely lacking in teamwork. Garrod thinks that comes with the territory, though, as all our folk never liked following rules and orders in the first place.

Indeed, Kei and Jiron much prefer to leave that sort of thing to our other half, who have a much better appreciation for it. Ryouma still isn’t happy and Kei tells him to relax and not take everything so seriously.
Mome agrees, saying Ryouma’s going to tire himself out if he’s always so angry but, even so, he can’t just ignore this matter. Apollo tells him to keep that “teamwork” stuff with the Getter Team and both he and Sirius agree that, the Getter having taken that much damage, Ryouma should be focusing on his own duties instead of butting into their business.
Before things get worse, Hayato comes in with training orders from Fudou to the Elements: "Imitate and become each other."

Mission 28 (Rand) – Spiritual Cosplayer

Oh boy…

Pierre doesn’t really understand what this training’s about and the best Jun can think of to start would be by emulating them in appearance and action - in other words, to "cosplay" them right down to their spirit.
Apollo’s never heard of it but Jun’s gone to several conventions in their previous world to photograph stuff. Silvia figures they have to act as someone else and Sirius, seeing no other choice considering it’s Fudou’s orders, tells Apollo to go first.
He doesn’t like being ordered around by him but Jun calms him down, saying he HAS to mimic someone. Still sounds like a bunch of nonsense to Apollo...

: Easy, Apollo. Here, lemme show you how it’s done.
: ...Oh, brother~…
: Wha…?!

: Please be nicer to your Silvy, yes~?
: UUURGH! Is that thing supposed to be me?!
: Disgusting! Don’t go insulting my sister!
: Oh no, brother! You’re being so mean, just like Apollo!
: Is that really supposed to be training…?
: But these are Commander Fudou's orders, so…
: We don’t have a choice, do we?
: Looks like the Aquarion people started their usual craziness.
: But that looks fun!
: Ooh, it’s a game of mimicry! I was really good at it as a toddler!
: I reckon I’ll join in, too, then!
: Jirooooon, Jiroo~oon! You’re so handsome! I loooove you!
: Wh-what was that…? Gross…
: Err…I was just mimicking Elchi…
: You sure that wasn’t just some fantasy of yours?
: What’s up with that, Jiron? Is Elchi giving you the cold shoulder? She leaving you…frustrated?
: N-no, that’s not--!

Tex and Mischa see the psychological purpose behind this training as, by imitating someone’s actions, the person’s own, innermost, thoughts are unleashed - like Jiron’s unfulfilled fantasy of a more head-over-heels Elchi.
Furthermore, when talking about the person being mimicked, it exposes where their flaws lie. Raita’s rather impressed with the doctors’ insight and Kei suggests that he and Marin try acting like each other.
Marin protests that he’s himself, failing to understand why he should act like someone else and Raita yells that he’ll be damned if he’d go about acting like an alien spy. Kei tells the two to stop that as it’s already getting pretty old and Oliver says it’d be pointless for them to act like each other because, as he’s learned, Marin and Raita are too much alike.

Jamie wonders if they’re always bickering precisely because they’re so similar but Marin tells her to quit joking around. Raita agrees with him, which only adds credence to what Oliver said.
Gidget, then, wants to see Oliver and Matthew act like each other and Matthew quickly figures out that she’s only asking because their hairdo is the same.
Still, Tex that the only way this kind of training will achieve anything is to imitate someone totally unlike yourself.

: Hey, Sley… How about you act like Kei?
: Like Kei?
: Yeah. Then, maybe, you'll learn how to be more proactive with Mimsy.
: Please. I’ve nothing to learn from a shallow man like him.
: And, really, there’s no way you could act like yours truly.
: WELL! If that’s how you're going to be, then take a look at this!
: H-hey…Princess Ana, w-wanna have some tea with me?
: Why did you go for Lady Ana?
: No, no, no, Sley! You’re so insecure that you’d ask out a kid?
: *SIGH*
: Looks like your inner weaknesses are already quite clear.

It ain’t easy being Sley.

: …These negotiations aren’t FAIR! Therefore, I shall act in accordance to my own laws!
: Roger the Negotiator!
: Bingo!
: That was cool! Do another one, Uncle Rand!
: Alright…Uncle Rand’s gonna keep ‘em coming!
: *sniff*…!*sniff**sniff**sniff**sniff*! FOOD!!
: You’re acting like a dog?
: I got it! It’s Apollo at lunchtime!
: Bulls-eye! You’re pretty good, Maurice.
: Enough of these kiddie tricks, THE HEAT. Or are those actually your best imitations?
: Calling me out, eh? Alright, I'm game! Lessee…next one is…
: Nobody likes to admit the mistakes of their youth…
: Umm…! I don’t get it…!
: Do another one! Another one!
: …I’ll teach you that battles aren't decided by a difference in Mobile Suit capabilities!
: I’m sure I heard that somewhere but I can’t place it...
: I know! It was Lt. Quattro!
: Bzzzt! Wrong! The guy who said that was the legendary Red Comet, Char Aznable!
: Who’s that?!

The point of this training seems to have gone over Rand’s head but, nevertheless, Benkei wonders how he knows this much about Char seeing how the guy came from their world.
Gainer explains that Rand got all this information by searching the UN and he also helped out. Sara immediately assumes they've been after porn again.
He swears it’s not so and says he was just asked to look for clues on Rand’s boss and...he doesn’t finish his sentence and, when Sara asks what happened after, says it’s nothing.
Seems like Gainer found something else during his searches but figures those were just some weird UN rumors and decides it’s probably best if he just kept quiet about it.

: Yo, Ryou. Don’t just sit there watchin’ – give it a try.
: Huh…
: Or are you implying that this is beyond you? The Getter Team members are supposed to be our seniors, no?
: So show us watcha got!
: I really don’t think that some stupid mimicry’s going to strengthen our teamwork.
: Don’t be so serious, chief. You know what they say about “all work and no play”, right?
: Well, unlike you, I can’t be relaxed the whole damn time.
: Hey, this attitude ain’t something you’re born with. Ya gotta get used to it.

Rand and Mel try to help him out and get him to act like Hayato but Ryouma has a hard time with it. Gain tells him to not think about it so much and, rather, get in the mindset of pretending to BE Hayato.
Kei suggests, if this is too hard, that he try mimicking Benkei next but that also doesn’t fly. Ryouma’s quickly getting frustrated and Rand tells him to come down to the Freeden to relax with him and the other men.
Sadly, Ana sees through it and says Rand can’t give booze to Ryouma, being underage, and isn’t fooled even when Rand breaks out his “cute” HEAT smile (confusing Michiru as to how she can think that grin is cute). In that case, Rand and Gain take off to the Freeden and tell the kids to hang in there.
Michiru tells Ryouma not to worry as everyone has their own way of doing things but he admits that they don’t really have the time to be meddling so much in the Elements’ business right now. Michiru figures that what’s eating him us is THAT and reminds him that Saotome said that they needn’t force themselves to use it.

When Tekkouki asks, Ryouma says they’re talking about Getter’s strongest weapon, surprising the demon that such a thing exists. Michiru explains, however, that it is very difficult to use and, if the pilots’ timing is even slightly off, it’ll cause huge damage to the Getter.
Of course, the Getter’s already quite powerful as is, so Hayato says there’s no need for them to use that weapon. Ryouma says they need to think about the battles ahead and, because of that, they should work on getting stronger (even if a bit).
Benkei suggests that he not worry so much about this and to take things one step at a time but Ryouma tells him to stop with that train of thought – he hasn’t even fully mastered the Poseidon yet!

Benkei does apologize as it hasn’t been long since he’s joined the team so he still hasn't picked up all the kinks but Ryouma says that’s just an excuse.
He adds that they must all be ready to give 100% in every battle or they won’t be able to defeat the enemy but Hayato tells him to cut it out as Benkei HAS been doing his best. Hayato asks why he’s in such a hurry for and says that, as the leader, he’s as much to blame for their messy teamwork as everyone else.
Benkei tells Hayato to lay off, saying what happened today was because of him, but Ryouma knows that isn’t be true and Michiru can see that he’s really concerned about everything.


: Oh, dear flower…with such a fragrant scent…why does a man get so hungry? *eats flower*

: *sniff**sniff**sniff*...Ain’t no one gonna fool my nose.

: Oh, brooother! Where aaaare yoooou? Where did you goooo~?

: Ah…how unfortunate. So very, very unfortunate…

*Someone walks over.*

: I can’t watch it anymore.
: Rena…! When did you get here…?!
: Wait, you can walk?

: You imitate looks and words yet, inside, you remain the same...


*Claps hands!*

: It’s been a while.
: Commander…you’re here…?
: Because of you. I feel that you’re misinterpreting my words.
: What, you dressed up like Rena just to tell us that?!
: Indeed.
: (Th-this guy’s legit…legit crazy!)
: Commander, what’s the issue with our methods?
: And whaddya mean we’re just imitating looks?!
: Think it over. When the commander approached, everyone thought it was me, right?
: Rena…
: It’s true…even though they look nothing alike, we still thought it was Rena…
: Oi, pops...was that one of your usual tricks?
: A frog’s child is still a frog tries to be a frog!
: …?
: …!
: Um…isn’t a frog’s child a tadpole?
: Renton Thurston. You are currently an armless, legless tadpole, wouldn’t you say?
: Um…that’s…
: Bah...more riddles?
: ………

Hayato sees that Fudou is the same as ever and Michiru’s rather amazed that even Apollo can only admit defeat when faced with the guy. Things are interrupted when Moondoggie comes over, saying that a demon has challenged the Getter Team.

Well, this is already off to a wonderful start!

Expect the rest of the mission by the weekend.

See you all then!