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Part 97: Mission 28 (Rand) - Spiritual Cosplayer - Part 1

The Getter Team soon reach the designated area but Benkei’s having a hard time believing a demon would come out and challenge them to a duel like that. Hayato’s worried that this might be a trap but, even so, Ryouma says it’s their mission to strike against the Hundred Demons whenever possible.
Plus, as MEN, they should accept the challenge issued and Benkei’s ready to help out, even if he still considers himself 2nd rate compared to Ryouma. Ryouma apologizes for his previous attitude but, before he can continue, Hayato sees their foe coming over.

It’s Gyukenki, who praises them for showing up with dignity.
Benkei’s surprised at how old the guy is, having expected some hot-shot guy like Tekkouki but, no, the challenge was issued by him. Gyukenki introduces himself as the one once called “Champion of the Skies” and Ryouma asks if he challenged them in order to defeat the Getter and gain glory in battle.
No, Gyukenki is too old for that BUT the Getter stole his one treasure in life and, for that, he’ll personally defeat them. Ryouma doesn’t understand what he means but the old guy doesn’t care to answer, already charging at them to fight.
Hayato tells Ryouma to deal with the guy seeing how he’s the “champion of the skies” and he’s ready to take him on.

Mission Objective: All enemies destroyed
Mission Failure: Any allied unit destroyed
Skill Point: Clear the map in 6 turns

How easy this skill point is depends on how much you’ve upgraded the Getter – Gyukenki is rather bulky and you’ll want to get him below 50% by the enemy’s turn 2 or you’ll have a harder time making it.

Alright, let’s see what you got.

: Getter Robo, you’ve killed so many brave demons...and today, you will also meet your end!
: What a fierce spirit… This guy’s a champion, alright!
: This may be my last battle but you’ll be going to Hell ahead of me, Getter!!
See that? This guy ain’t kidding around.

Enemy Phase!

Damn…Getter’s almost dead.

Gyukenki is decently impressed with his foe’s skills and wonders why, then, they acted in such an cowardly fashion. Ryouma still doesn’t understand and Gyukenki lets them know why he’s after them: they took away the most precious thing in his life, his only son.
His name was Gyugaki and he’s heard how the Getter shot the kid in the back in Tokyo, after the remaining demons surrendered. Ryouma admits that they fought the demons back then but says they’d never attack an enemy who had given up.
Gyukenki thinks they’re feigning ignorance but it changes not the fact that his son died at their hands and he vows to destroy his killers.

Being branded a killer does a number of Ryouma’s focus and Hayato sees that the guy’s one weakness is spilling out. He tries reminding Ryouma that they’re up against a demon – an enemy of all mankind – but, when he still hesitates, Hayato tells him to switch to the Liger.
Gyukenki doesn’t let them do so and, so long as they're stuck on the infight, they won’t have room to split up. Benkei and Hayato realize that the demon makes good on his title of Champion and Gyukenki’s keeping up the pressure.

Player Phase!

First things first, Benkei casts Guts to get our HP back.

Now, let’s take a quick look at the old codger.

Mecha Gyukenki (Gyukenki)
Pilot Skills:
Squad Leader Bonus: Critical Hit Rate +30%
Gyukenki’s Voice Actor: Kouji Yada

Yow, this guy is very bulky. He’s got a whole lot of defense which, paired with L6 Prevail and Guard, means he’ll be more than capable of putting up a fight.
As you saw above, his damage potential is also huge (especially with Getter Dragon’s paper thin armor and that leader bonus) so we’ll need to start spamming defensive spirits – unless your Getter’s massively upgraded, you’ll need to do so in order to stand a chance.

The huge drop in morale means Ryouma can’t quite get him past the threshold this turn.

Enemy Phase!

This’ll do it, though.


Seeing how it’s been a full one mission without them showing up, we hear that usual Hypnosound as the Fallen Angels choose this time to attack.
A Cherubim quickly charges after the Getter but Gyukenki swats him away from his prey. He won’t stand for anyone to interfere with his battle – “Then, we shall fight these interlopers…!”, Fudou yells as ZEUTH shows up.

He tells the Getter Team to leave the Fallen Angels to us and Benkei asks if we’re not gonna lend a hand with the demon guy: “We are not so tactless that we’d assist in a duel.” Fudou smirks.
Gyukenki recognizes Tekkouki and see that his surrender to the humans was true and, while Tekkouki protests that he’s found a different way of life, Gyukenki is less than impressed at his FORMER compatriot who’s long since forgotten the pride of a demon.
That said, he swears on the soul of his son that he’ll defeat the Getter Robo that Tekkouki swore to overcome – he calls the Getter Team away from the front lines to fight unhindered.

: Come on, Getter Team!
: Show us what your teamwork can do.
: Do you all have time for that?
: Look. Your foes are coming.


: Aquarions?!
: Are those Mythological Beasts, too?!
: High-Dimensional Quantum Pattern confirmed! It looks like those Mythological Beasts have copied the Aquarion’s abilities!
: But the Solar, Mars and Luna are all there!
: Don’t y'all go gettin’ cold feet! We’re gonna show ‘em our training’s payoff!
: Sirius…he’s become Apollo again…
: Oh, right…! This misfortune…won’t defeat me…!
: I-indeed…! Now is the time to bring all our strength to bear!
: Those three are so weird!
: They’re going with all out with that, huh…
: But is it really going to make the Aquarion stronger?
: Who knows? You can never tell what their Commander’s thinking.

Fudou seems confident but Tex sees that they’re only mimicking the surface of each other’s emotions – it’ll be a while before they’ll be able to break into the depths of each other’s heart.
Fudou, however, says children grow faster than their parents expect: practice makes perfect and those three are about to realize the secret of the “Three Arrows” that he mentioned way back. “When they have become the person whom they loathe the most, the Three Arrows will form the Great Shape," he says.
Of course, as Rena says, that’s depending whether they can pull it off before the three arrows break against overwhelming force.
Apollo’s going right in, though: “CHARGE! BEHOLD MY BEAUTIFUL PUNCH!!”

Still their turn, so the Cherubins start coming in and one gets close enough to Eureka.

Ah, well…

Player Phase!

The Mirror Aquarions are basic copies of the original but they don’t have the element system, pilot skills or special attacks (so don’t worry about Solar punching you from across the map).
You want to kill one of them ASAP and while the Luna has least armor, it doesn’t make that much of a difference – go for whichever one’s closest.

With that in mind, Kei moves right over and blasts Mars for massive damage; meanwhile, Apollo’s moving closer and takes the time to punch a Xibalba.
There are no enemy squads in this mission, so set everyone to Center in order to maximize damage.

What can you do about this, Marin?

I guess 8k HP is too much when Roybea and Hilda aren’t hitting for much.

Sara, in her debut as captain, misses an 85% shot…at least Elchi and Gainer cover for it a bit.

Get rid of this one, Jiron.

Here we go.

Eureka starts working on a Xibalba while Talho takes out Marin’s target.

Garrod tags in to slice at the weakened beast.

Barely short of a kill, though…

Gain and Rand pick new targets and start working on them.

And we might as well give Shaia something.

Pew, pew pew…

Across the map, Gyukenki and Ryouma are still trading blows.

Enemy Phase!

While Gyukenki attacks Getter once again (dealing 4k damage in one go…), Gainer’s getting harassed by the angels.

Another two, on top of this one, get slapped away.

Rand gets sniped a couple of times but this 3rd Cherubim isn’t as clever.

Garrod’s DX has plenty of range, though.

Any port in a storm.

Eureka and Shaia trade blows with the two Graaves.

And Apollo’s doppelganger comes over to have words.

: Oi, damn copycats! Buncha eyesores, all of ya!
: Ah…For an enemy like this to show up…how unfortunate…
: Do not allow your hearts to be bewildered by such disgraceful impostors! We have the beauty of truth on our side!
: This is rather silly…
: It’s not good enough yet…the Great Shape is still out of reach.

Can’t beat the original, though.
Mars and Luna also attack from just inside range. The first gets some piddly beam lasers but then Apollo has enough morale to punch the second.

Player Phase!

Alright, let’s have Kei take out Mars and I might as well take the time to show off Aquarion’s death animation.

: It recovered…!
: Damn it! Stubborn freak!
: Compose yourself, Sirius! What are they planning?!

*The Aquarions join in one group.*

: Oh no! They’re going for a joint attack!
: No fair! You already have three Aquarions and you do stuff like this?!
: Get outta there, Apollo! It’s too dangerous to take them head-on!
: Despite that, I…!
: For how much longer are you going to continue this foolish mimicry…?
: !
: A frog’s child is a frog, a hawk’s child is a hawk, a wolf’s child is a wolf…
: What do you mean, commander…?
: “A frog’s child is a frog”…?
: “Become each other”…?
: …
: Aaargh! Even if I become something else, I’m still me!
: A-Apollo?!
: He’s right! I’m me...and what’s wrong with that?!
: Well said, Silvia! That’s my sister!
: Right, brother!

: Let’s do this, Sirius, Silvia!!
: Third emotional level – the soul level – is rising! It’s going off the charts!
: The Great Shape has awakened…
: Apollo!

: You did it, Apollo!
: W-what was that attack?!
: It was only the Solar but it attacked with the skills of the other two forms!
: You guys just go and bring the crazy like always, huh?
: I don’t think I’ll ever get used to this...
: The Great complete.
: Three arrows pointing in the same direction will break before a strong enough power…!
: The three arrows will show their true potential when they recognize each other’s own way of life – when they respect each other’s own direction!
: But...if they just go their separate ways, won’t they be useless?
: Hm... If they’re separate, yes.
: HOWEVER! When the three arrows become and share a profound connection to each other, and find something that binds them together – something that unites the frog, hawk and wolf...
: A Great Shape formed by three bound vectors...
: When the three vectors stretch out from within three souls, towards north and south, east and west, Heaven and Earth…
: The three arrows will transcend their individual perspectives, creating a grand solid: the world itself!

Like this, see? It’s simple!

: We…
: By finding something that binds us all…
: We’ll create the world…
: Children! Transcend your perspectives and bring forth your grand world!

Gyukenki isn’t interested in hearing this “children creating their own world” business when his own son isn’t here anymore. That said, our people don’t much care for his ranting considering all the people that have already lost their lives at the demons’ hands.
Hayato reminds him that both humans and demons are fighting because their own existences runs counter to each other – why even bother bringing up “revenge” when both sides are in so deep?
Gyukenki doesn’t need to be lectured by youngsters and says he’s quite aware of how hypocritical and self-centered he’s being. He may be old but he’s still a warrior and, now that he’s crossed swords with the Getter Team, he sees what kind of men they are.

He sees that they’re not the type of people to shoot his son in the back and figures it was probably one of Hidler’s lies to get him fired up – that said, he still cannot stop this combat. As a father, even if his grudge is misplaced, he still has to take revenge on SOMEONE.
Ryouma doesn’t want to continue this pointless fight, especially against someone who has a heart like Gyukenki. The old man isn’t listening, telling him, if he’s a man, to fight him fair and square.
A demon’s battle doesn’t end until one or the other has fallen!

Ryouma still doesn’t understand, adding that it was this way of life, knowing nothing but battle, that got Gyukenki’s son killed in the first place.
The demons’ own way of life drove his son to join in that reckless battle, so the truth is that it was Gyukenki and that lifestyle that got the guy killed. Gyukenki yells at him to shut it, asking what a boy like him thinks he knows about a parent’s feelings.

: Do it, Ryou. He’s going to fight to the death – we’ve no choice but to take him on!
: But…
: We’re gonna shut him up with overwhelming power: the Shine Spark!
: !
: Let’s do this, Ryou! We can do it if we three join our strength!
: But, Benkei… You’re still injured from the last battle.
: !
: Is that true, Benkei?!
: I thought I kept it hidden but...You’re not the leader for nothing, Ryou.
: I… I noticed how hard you've been training to get used to the Getter…
: Ryou, you—
: But don’t push yourself so much, Benkei. Unlike the Hundred Demon Empire… escape is an option.
: The hell are you talking about?!
: I…I don’t want to lose a friend again!
: !
: Is that the bond you feel with your companions?
: You're a fool, Ryouma Nagare!
: !
: It’s true that three arrows will break against a powerful force…
: HOWEVER! What can be done when you, the one who’s bundling the arrows together, does not believe in their strength?!
: Ryou, what makes us three unbreakable arrows is that we believe in each other…it’s our trust!
: Go, Ryou! I might’ve hesitated when I first joined but now it’s different…
: Now I’m with the Getter Team by my own free will!
: Hayato, Benkei…
: …Alright!

: It’s your time now, Ryou!
: Show us the acclaimed teamwork of the Getter Robo!
: Let’s go, Hayato, Benkei! We’ve nothing to fear with our three hearts united as one!
: Benkei, remember your training thus far! You can do this!
: Yeah! Even if I’m not as skilled, I’ll make up for the difference with guts!
: Come, Getter Robo! Face me head-on!
: Here goes, Gyukenki! This is the path we chose!
Akira Kamiya's yelling is awesome and that's that!

: ...Magnificent, Getter Robo! But I’m not finished yet!

: He’s still up for more?!
: I’m a demon and a demon fights until the end!
: Getter Robo, join me in this last battle!
: Sounds like you’ve made your peace! Still, we’re also ready to go all the way!
: Do not lose focus, men! Your foes are returning!

: They’ve sent those imitations again! Haven’t they learned their lesson?!
: Well, if that means we need to give them another eyeful of the original’s power, then that’s what we’ll do!
: All units, wipe out the remaining enemies! Leave the demon to the Getter!
: Ryou, you don’t havta cut him any slack! Just get it done!
: Getter Robo, old demon soldiers don’t die! Behold my spirit and my pride!
: You damn…IDIOT!!
: I will never accept you demons’ way of life!!