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Part 99: Mission 28 (Setsuko) - Prologue

Setsuko Route Chapter 28 Prologue

Last time on Super Robot Wars Z: Drama and inter-team conflict. Lots of angst too, plus we don't have Gravion anymore. Which sucks.

Current Top Aces:

1. Setsuko - 70 Kills
2. Amuro - 59 Kills
3. Quattro - 54 Kills
4. Talia - 52 Kills
5. Kappei - 51 Kills

Kappei rocketed up last stage. Good for him.

Tetsuya is taught the Will+(Damage) skill.

While Setsuko and Katz get another level of SP-Up

Emma learns Platoon Attack!

I give several squadmate mechs a bit of a boost

As well as get the Gran Kaiser up more.

Kappei stands alone today.

Teteth reports to Midgard: she has a hunch that the real Diana is with the Militia and the double is the one on the ship. What next - does she plan to make sure? She's guessing they can't afford to wait, what with the alliance with Plant. It must be making a lot of noise on the moon, right? Midgard sniffs that it's not her place to worry about the real Moonrace.

Teteth has a better plan, though; take out both, and she's she plans to go after the easier target first, the one on Earth. In the meantime, Midgard will investigate the one on the Soleiyu. She makes sure he remembers his promise to make her an honorary Moonrace. He says he will, but only if she carries out the assassination - and that's just what she plans to do.

Shinn runs into Athrun on his way from the Minerva; Athrun's surprised to see Shinn not holed up in his room. "Eiji's one of us," says Shinn coldly. "Should I not be out looking for him?"

What's gotten into Shinn? Still mad about being hit? "I don't care," he says, "though I don't think you'll find anyone who appreciates being hit." What's really on his mind is Athrun's post to a FAITH command. This is a guy who fought for Orb, in defense of an Athha, right?

Athrun won't deny he's made mistakes, but is that an excuse to disobey him? "Do you think you're the only one in the right? Are you saying anything you don't like is wrong?"

Amuro stops Athrun and sends Shinn on his way; the kid runs to the hangar to meet the search party. Athrun's kind of glad Amuro stepped in; he knows, somewhere, that he's making things worse, just like when he hit Shinn.

Amuro smiles. "Someone once told me that no one ever really grows up without being hit." Besides, Camille's also said that he just can't leave Shinn alone. He's sure Athrun will be able to command Shinn right, another time.

Amuro may not be all there, but he still gives good advice, says Heine, who's been listening for a while purely by accident. He's still thinking about what Loran said - you may not know their names or faces, but they're living human beings. A boy from the moon whose has come, through a long and complicated route, to our side. But is Athrun, who came from beautiful Orb, so different?

: You don't want to fight against Orb, do you?
: No...
: Then who do you want to fight against?
: Who do I... I can't...
: Figure it out. We're at war, and we're soldiers.
: If you can't, as captain, Shinn and Ray's whole team will follow you.
: ...
: Our indecision is to blame for things like Eiji's desertion.
: Be ready, or you'll die. And so will all your men.
: ...yes, sir...

The G-Attacker is parked outside this town, and ZEUTH is on the case. Kappei's got Chiyonishiki trying to track Eiji by scent, so everyone else is to spread out and look around. Gavane grabs Sochie and Miashei and leaves Loran on his own (Sochie tells Loran he needs to do something himself for once instead of clinging to Diana).

Teteth arrives as soon as they leave, and the first thing she asks Loran is if the long-haired girl isn't with him. She isn't, but she also wants to talk about how she can tell he's a Moonrace (by his smell, it seems). She then tells him that she's one Earthling of many who have Moonrace ancestry, from when Diana Soleil came to Earth long ago. It may not have been the same Diana, but that Diana would have much to answer for to her attendants... and their descendants. Neither earthlings nor Moonrace, people who belong nowhere...

"But my, what are we talking about? There's no one here to stop us this time, so let's pick up where we left off, shall we?" Loran sputters that he has to find his friend.

Another side of the search party is the Godsigma guys, Setsuko, Leele, and Shinn; Setsuko has no idea what she would even say to Eiji when they find him. Kiraken's sure they could just tell him to get back in the fight for justice!, but Shinn's not sure. Even if that's why each of them is fighting, that doesn't mean they can use it as an excuse to force someone too. Besides, Setsuko and Julie agree that even if he wanted to fight for peace or whatever, he could always go soldier for the Federation, or ZAFT. Kiraken doesn't have a high opinion of the Federation, but Setsuko says they're not all like the Titans. Julie generalizes: "Even if the group is corrupt, not all of its members necessarily are. Shinn, do you understand?"

Shinn isn't up for another lecture, but Toshiya remembers what Loran said too. Shinn snips that it's not that easy for everyone to think in such nice terms. Toshiya replies that it is more fun, though. After all, our own team has aliens like Marin and Duke, and hell, even oni like Tekkouki. Why write them all off as enemies?

And look, Lolotte's found Eiji!