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by Caphi

Part 94: Rainbow (Part 2)

The current goal is to defeat every enemy, now including Arietes - and...

There's absolutely nothing special about the Chevaldamon - it's a Dinodamon like any other we've fought, though Dinodamons are fairly special in their own right. The endgame database entries reveal that Damons were created from Insaraum's foot soldiers and their mechs, while Bulldamons were commanders. Rhinodamons are those with the potential to become Archsabers (the King's personal knights), and Dinodamons are, like Cheval, actual Archsabers or units with the equivalent power and talent.

Anyway, there's your Insaraum history lesson for the day.

Oh, and I think it bears mentioning that the process of converting a manned unit into a DAMon is called "Violation."

Speaking of Archsabers, Marguerite's been shuffled up to where the bosses are.

I'm trying to get everyone up to her, but it's a fairly wide map and I've had to bounce from one side to the other twice now. Geez.

Oh hey, Nia has Hope.

Ime's going straight for Crowe, by the way.

Uh oh.

I've been waiting for this day, Crowe Brust...
Well, I'm tired of your face. Always sneering down at everybody...
I apologize if it bothers you, but it's simply the way I am.
I know you wouldn't understand, but...
This world's full of people who fought for their lives and their beliefs, and died fighting!
And people who died dancing on your little puppet strings!
And what of them?
You know what, getting mad at you would just be a waste of energy.
Heh heh heh... that fiery passion... that is what I wanted.
Today, I will be one step closer to my long-desired goal!
Is that why you summoned Gaioh and wrecked the world with your Imperium?
If I said yes, then...
I don't actually care to hear your answer. Whatever excuse you gave, I'm still going to crush you...
A man who loved freedom and a man who wanted peace... I'll crush you for them!
Buckle up, Ime! For the first time, I'm fighting because I'm mad!

You have your ancestors to blame.


no what


I'm sorry, Cheval.

Two rounds to clean the map!

Ime's Arietes is mostly as we've seen it. It's equipped with a DM Adapter S, which is an S-Adapter that also makes him faster by two squares, and he has an Ace Bonus: At 20% HP, he casts Panic.

Karen, of course, has nothing to say to Ime, so I'm putting her on Rhinodamon cleanup duty.

Photonic energy! The power of a demon! Its wielder will bring ruin to the world!
Do you really think anyone believes you at this point?
Even if you weren't lying, I'd never let Mazinger be a demon!
I'll use my power for good! Like fighting against you!

This isn't going to be hard at all, huh?


Come on, try one of your lies. We'll see if it can make us flinch.
I only speak the truth. In fact, I shall now foretell where your own paths will lead.
Soon, you will reunite with someone you do not expect. This person is...
That's enough. I don't want to spoil the fun, now, do I?
Right now, all I've got in mind is beating you... and paying you back for all you've done to us!

Would you like to know why spacetime quakes only occur in Japan?
Human arrogance damages the dimensional wall and pours energy into it. It is the evil of the Japanese that--
Cut that out! Your lies won't work on us now!
We'll shut up all your lies for good!

Ime Liard! Whatever lies you spin, you won't budge my heart an inch!
Where... where does he get this conviction?
The sun shines its light on all! And its radiance is by my side!
Then allow me to shroud you in darkness with my Arietes...
I know what Spheres can do! And I'll fight yours with all of my and Daitarn 3's power!

So we're done, right? It doesn't even matter that he's in Panic time. Time for a words dump.

Three minutes until the world ends...
That's the reaction you wanted, right, pants-on-fire?
I see. My lies will not work on one like you who acts on instinct alone.
Glad you get it. So come on, let's tangle!
But you should know I have no patience for liars and traitors!

This is the last lie of yours we're ever going to hear. And we're not even going to miss them.
Heh heh heh. You're in Earth WILL's thrall now, so I suppose there's no saving you.
I hope you don't think you're going to stop us with a lie like that.
We're not here because WILL or F. S. ordered us to.
We're fighting to destroy what needs to be destroyed... and protect what we have to protect.
All of us are together on this.
And now we've come this far, you're not turning us back. Here we go!
Let's go wild, Ime Liard!

You could have used the Imáge to return to your own world...
Oh, will you lend me your ear, then?
Are you crazy? There's no way Touga would ever listen to a bad guy like you!
Eiji is right, Ime Liard! I have only one response to one with a heart as twisted as yours...
I will defeat you, defeat the Imperium, and restore peace to this world!

The Machine Angel Aquarion. Is that really your power?
Th' hell do you think you know? You think you can shock us?
It doesn't matter if you believe me or not. I will bury the Legendary Machine Angel before it can awaken.
Who cares about some legend? I'm just going to punch you because I think you reek!
You stink of bad guy so hard I think my nose is going to fall off!

If you only asked, I could use my power to reunite you with Kamina.
Somewhere in a parallel reality, he lives. I could summon him--
No way!
My bro's dead! Dead people died, so they're dead!
But he's still alive! In my heart... in all our hearts!
And if you think you can just replace him, you have no idea what being alive means!
So there's no way I can trust you!

(quick comment: pretty much all the attacks so far that I used to snag these conversations? They would have just finished him if I didn't reload.)

Heh heh heh. No matter how much you flail, you'll never be a match for your father Charles zi Britannia.
He knows who I am...
Relax. Join me and I will keep your secret.
You think that's all it will take to make me break?
I will end you before you can finish! The world has no place for a cur like you!

Chirico Cuvie, your existence is a miracle brought about by a kink in causality itself.
Say the word and I will show you how to use your power to the fullest.
Then, Proto One's whereabouts--
Can you afford to blabber like that?
I have no intention of listening to you anyway.

You've been making us hesitate with your lies too long!
You are just as guilty for letting your own heart waver between two women.
We are the same, you and I. You don't live as yourself, but playing a role someone else desires of you...
Your existence itself is a falsehood. Only lies...
Wrong! I fly the way I want to!
My anger is my own, and so is my will to take you down!

I've seen some dirtbags in my travels, but not one of them was as pure evil as you.
I'll take that as a compliment.
And that's what makes you so evil! Why would I even want to talk with someone like you?7
I'm afraid you're quite wrong to think my power is in lies alone. Behold the power of Arietes and my Sphere!
I'll pass! I'm going to catch you and make my way back to our world!

Ime Liard! You're the one that put Holland up to all of that!
Please, don't misjudge me. I only helped them on their own quest.
If I am the villain here, it was their mistake not to refuse my aid.
Then I'll stop you... I can't let you worm your way into someone else's heart!
I can't let you loose in this world Eureka lives in!

With my power, I could reunite you with your sister.
You won't fool me!
Mayu's dead! How dare you use the dead to bargain!
I see you're angry. But I am not lying, you know.
My Arietes will send your soul to join your sister!
You're still saying that?!

His mind... it's like a maze with no exit, getting more complex with every moment...
So you touched my mind. But you have also seen my power.
My lies won't work on you... so I will mangle you with force.
Using the power of your Sphere? But I won't let you finish me!
We've got to defeat the Imperium! When we're done with you, we're moving straight on!

You Colony Gundams persist in your pointless fight...
Though you have no proof that Elgan Roddick is telling the truth.
Do you think you can make me doubt like that?
You are an enemy to the whole world. I will shoot you down.

Heh heh heh. Don't you want to know what your future holds, Celestial Being?
I have looked through the dimensional veil and seen into the future. Celestial Being will fall, and you and your comrades will be scattered.
I'm not listening to you.
Even if you were telling the truth, I would keep fighting until this world has peace.
That is my fight... Gundam's fight!

Newtypes, a breed of humanity with the potential to understand one another without misconceptions...
I don't suppose my lies would have any effect on you.
Ime Liard, we have some questions to you. Come out of your mech quietly.
So I'll have to use the power of my Sphere born from lies on you.
My Arietes is enough to crush you easily even if I cannot fill you with doubt.
His Sphere... is more advanced than Rand's or Setsuko's...

But this once, the boss's head will go to...

You finally come seeking revenge after all this time? It's almost amusing, Marguerite.
I'm all too aware... nothing can ever make up for what I've done, not even this.
Still, my honor demands this as my final charge... a battle with you, and with the King of Destruction!
Do you really feel that way? Then I will show you what it means to die like a dog.
Sir Cheval... Chene... my lord, my brothers! Grant me the strength to strike him down!

Marguerite learns her last Spirit, Awaken.

It's not so! On the noon when the stars fall, the shrouded sorrow at the bottom of memory will boarc lantion asefioqwupegfhiau...
Of course! The envoy will gather the hearts of Sol and all the cosmos... hahahaha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
He's still got it in him to fight?
And his nonsense is making even less sense now!
Is... his mind completely broken?
Then let's put him out of his misery. I'll make it quick.
I'm afraid not.

False Black Sheep. It seems you've succumbed to your Sphere's power.
Asakim Douwin!
That must mean what's happening to Ime...
ZEUTH should already know what happens to a Sphere bearer as their Sphere awakens.
You mean what happened to Setsuko's eyes...
Or how Rand was in pain when he unleashed his power...
Those were the dooms borne by the Sorrowful Maiden and the Scarred Lion.
The False Black Sheep's power comes from the lies people tell. When it awakens, the bearer becomes unable to tell the truth, or even anything with meaning.
Roger said that Spheres have an effect on their bearer's bodies...
So that's why Ime tells all those lies?
Ime Liard! I claim your soul!

Farewell, False Black Sheep!

Ime Liard...
Too bad for you, Crowe. I took his Sphere.
I don't care about that. I just wanted to finish him myself.
Hey, Asakim! We needed that guy to get back to our world!
Don't you swoop in and take him out!
Your world? You don't have your own world anymore.
What does that mean?
Didn't I tell you? You're Accursed Wanderers, just like me.
Why, you--
Asakim, you're going to tell us everything!
Crowe, I'll claim your soul next time. You're not worthy yet.
Awaken more of your power by then, Wavering Scales!

What an asshole. The others look at Crowe worriedly - it's not like him to be so intense - but he's okay for now. He just regrets not getting to finish Ime Liard himself. "But I guess we'll see how well your lies work in Hell."

So what did I say, six turns? It's just the fifth, and what we've got left is cleanup and Chevaldamon. And of course, most of GOONZ' turns haven't really been taken.

I'll skip to just the Dinodamon.

I suppose there's no point trying to call you back, Cheval Reptail.
All I can do for you is stop them from using your power and your soul any more.
We were enemies, but I can still pay my respect to your honor and conviction.

Sir Cheval... you're no longer with us, are you?
I still don't know why you did what you did.
But I do now understand what I must do as an Archsaber...
Sir Cheval! I swear on my honor as an Archsaber - I will strike down this DAMon!

Sir Cheval...
Once you're a DAMon, the only thing left is an animal's death...
Dammit! This is disgusting!
Crowe Brust...
Stay with me, Marguerite! If you want to do right by Cheval, live long enough to stop Gaioh!
Of course!
(Sir Cheval.. I still don't know why you pretended to swear fealty to Gaioh...)
(But I will carry on the honor of the Archsabers. You just rest in peace.)

Farewell, Cheval Reptail. May your soul, indeed, bloom in heaven.

And that was a multi-play 100% run of Super Robot Wars Z2. But of course, it's not quite over yet.

Also, Eureka and Renton are finally free. Eureka is still scared, but Renton is... oh, you know how this goes.

No, actually...

(Renton... I'm still so scared...)
(I know the world is still full of fear and evil...)
(There are a lot of good people, too, but I think of all the things bad people have done to me...)
(But it's okay. Because... because I met you, Renton. And many other people.)
(The time I spent with you and with them are precious to me... my treasured memories...)
(I'm going to give all that, all those memories to the Imáge.)
(But I don't mind losing them. If I can change the Imáge with my memories... if it will let you and everyone else live longer...)
(I don't even mind not being myself...)
(Renton... if you can keep living, keep dreaming, I'll stay alive in your dreams.)
(That's my dream... my only wish...)
Goodbye, Renton. I love you.
Let's meet again in our dreams.


Renton wakes up outside the Nirvash, still at the pole - and Eureka is with him. He's so glad that the Imáge are gone, and it looks like humanity's saved. But Eureka doesn't have any words to give back to him. She just wails wordlessly...

Holland explains that Eureka transferred all her memories to the Imáge. She won't remember anything, not even Renton. However mad we may be (but are we, really?), of course, Holland knew this would happen, and of course, so did Eureka.

Tifa stops Garrod from going postal on Holland. Eureka made this choice of her own free will, to protect Renton and everybody else. Even so, there had to have been another way...

Nia begins to sing Aimo. Not because she thinks it'll bring back her memories, but because the only thing she can think of to do is to sing the song she and Eureka sang together.

Ranka joins in. She may not have known Eureka herself, but she knows all the stories she heard from Renton, and how he feels about her. And she sang that song with Eureka too, to protect everybody...

One by one, everyone begins to sing.

And Eureka remembers - the song of joy, everyone who sang it with her, and Renton, who never left her side.

So the day is saved, and at last, Holland realizes what the kids really did - never stopped fighting, never gave up, and that's what brought about the miracle. He, too, will fight to the end so the whole world can have a happy ending as well. Even after he dies, as long as the world keeps turning, there will be those who can carry on his spirit. Just like those who have already fallen left their goodwill to us.

There's only one thing standing in the way of that now - the King of Destruction, creator of DAMons. Finding him won't be easy - the Great Axion has vanished off all sensors. Why would they hide now, after they went around and made so much noise for this long? Did they really lose that much of their DAMonpower today? Or do they have something major up their sleeve? Even Marguerite is in the dark about their long-term plans - if they even have long-term plans, since in her experience, they just do whatever Gaioh says. Is it even possible to predict that guy?

Traia thinks she's got a lead - Carlos Axion Jr.? Apparently he ditched the Imperium, fearing for his own life, and he's our best chance of getting a real insight into the Imperium's movements. And if we can track them down, we can finally challenge them to a final battle with the future of the whole world at stake.

The Great Axion is actually floating over the Pacific, and Shioni is really nervous now that Ime and Cheval are gone. Gaioh is not impressed with her panic, nor her putting the Great Axion into stealth. She begs Gaioh to destroy GOONZ himself; with us and the UNF destroyed, the Imperium will be invincible.

Gaioh was just about ready to chew us up anyway, of course, but there's one thing he has to do first. He orders Shioni to take the ship to the second moon; he's prepared to guide it through the dimensional barrier himself. He's regained his memory, then? "Getter rays, WILL, the spiral warrior... the Black Revelations..." he mutters. "I've got a good chunk of them out of those, but to fill in the last hole, I've gotta go to the moon." But after that, it's go time between him and us.

The Gekko's upgrade funds are finally returned.

Anyway, it really is the final mission next, and yes, I am going to fill out the rest of those conversations with Ime by then. Enjoy!