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Part 12: Treasure Mountain! pt 3

We're climbing up the tree and onto the second level of Treasure Mountain.

Elves live here. That's why there are trees and also treasure.

And Morty stole all the treasure and crowned himself king of the elves even though his ears are big and round, not big and pointy.

This was a tall tree!

The elves have built themselves a neat little home away from human civilization, you have to admit. Nice signage, too.

The first level was nature-themed, this one is mine-themed. Even the elves need industry for their tiny little economy!

They mine for magic gold, which they forge into coins and trade for treasure, scrolls, and nets.

Even when I come around and start messing with the order of things, the economy still stays stable!

It's amazing when you think about it. Treasure Mountain is a very industrious city-state, that can withstand mischievous dictators, elf-trapping foreigners, and treasure-stealing anti-monarchists. Plus I am just straight up throwing coins on the ground to make them disappear. Out of malice. And spite.

I don't think dictators are normally mischievous, though.

Now that I think about it, what's Morty doing here, anyway?

Maybe he enjoys being a giant amongst mental midgets.

How does this sign even work in a two-dimensional world?

Also: I got your two rocks RIGHT HERE (I can't find another scroll-elf so I'm trying to see if the clue-word is 'round'. If I find treasure, it is. If I don't, I'm down a coin).

That elf is smirking at me. All I can see is his behind, but I know he is smirking at me. I will capture one of his brothers and torture the information out of him as revenge.

What a completely sturdy bridge that would surely never collapse on me at a higher difficulty level, forcing me to jump over it every time I play this game out of instinct.

So far, Morty has been to the school, the television station, and now this mountain. I don't get it.

I mean sure, there's an artifact of insurmountable power here, but what would Morty want with a crown that is vulnerable to treasure?

This is what you get, when you mess with us (The secret league of Super Solvers)

Small rocks? I haven't seen those since high school gym class!

I just think equating rocks to genitalia is funny. This picture isn't convincing me otherwise.

Two small nests should net me (HAH) a treasure!

*&%^! Boxcar! BOXCAR! Inside the treasure: 4 children trying to eke out a living with no adults. By solving mysteries. They're my biggest competitors, except they live inside this tiny boxcar, so they're also my smallest competitors.


This is what this level's tunnel looks like. It has no secret passages.

Have you ever wondered what "RIDE THE WATER" means? It's a lot like riding the lightning.

Except you aren't sentenced to death by the state.

You just get a soggy ass and scales in your butt.

I wonder what the theme of this level will be!

This must be a temperate climate mountain. Between the tree and the fountain, we went up pretty far and even though the air is thin, there's only a smidgen of snow.
Man, how weird would it be if the entire mountain was covered in snow?  FORESHADOWING