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Part 16: Treasure Mathstorm! Ending

The biggest difference in difficulty level in this game are the Snowbullies, animated snowballs that go around the level. Morty made them with his voodoo or something I guess, and there can be up to two on a level. This WOULD be terrifying, except that the fastest way to move is by ducking and moving, and you avoid the Snowbullies by ducking... So the only time you would get hit is when you stand up to check snowball piles or go into doors.

Getting smacked by a Snowbully does not dissolve it into a pile of animated flakes, but instead takes 5 cents from you and sends the Snowbully on his merry way. What a jerk!

The scale room scales difficulty ( ) by putting balances on both sides of the scale, removing balances from the bottom so you have less to work with (only 3 fit on a scale), or

Giving you a MYSTERY BAG. Guess the weight! (You should always guess 5 first to cut the number of possibilities in half!)

The gem room gives you blocks of 10 and 100 gems to make it more "difficult". Of course, if you get it wrong, you just see how many are in each pile. It gets tricky when you have 10 piles of 10!

I just noticed each level has a different shopkeeper. The second level is an old man, and this is the third level. She is the only black person in any Super Solver game ever, and that's including Ancient Empires which partially takes place in Africa. This excludes the Super Solver himself, because even though his face is a formless void, his hands are lily-white.

So do you want to see the ending to this game? Do you? Do you want it BAD? For those of you who never had this game in your childhood, picture the most delicious-looking candy bar in the world. You spotted this candy bar when you were 5, but you were never able to obtain it no matter how stubbornly you begged, cheating and cajoled. This continues for 10 years. Then, one day, a benevolent stranger hands you this prized candy bar.

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To be honest, the candy bar kinda blows, doesn't it? (No sound because of MY FAULT - If you beg me to fix it, I will, because honestly what the fuck else do I have on my to-do list) (The benevolent stranger is UNFORGIVABLE GOON)

Next time: I'm fucking sick of the snow. You know what? I want to go somewhere nice for a change. Someplace far away from Shady Glen and this fucking mountain. Someplace warm where I don't need a fucking parka.