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Part 17: Treasure Cove Intro

I have to be honest with everyone. I love this game. This is one of the most colorful games put out by the Learning Company, and its contemporaries (Ancient Empires, Treasure Mathstorm) all came out in 1994 with this game but don't really hold a candle to its graphics and sound (except AE). So what I did was captured the sound, put it on Youtube/Google, and I'm making you listen along. Just minimize the video and read along for the sooting sounds of...

Intro - Google - YouTube - Backup

I'ma go deep like Jacques Cousteau

Jacques Cousteau could never get this low

Wait wait WAIT don't tell me. 1) Morty followed me to my vacation spot. 2) The elves never properly disposed of their highly destructive magic gold 3) He destroyed the only way for me to get home and now I'm going to have to leave my car here in the salty ocean air it's going to RUST and its value will DEPRECIATE and god damn I should have gone for the lease.

Well at least he's back to fooling around with the dark arts instead of trying to take over the village gazebo.

THIS time he's gone too far? This is the ONLY time his tricks have backfired on him? Funny, I'd call getting frozen in a giant trick of ice a pretty big backfire. (dare I say that particular incident was... an ?)

Look, Minnie, I like you. You're a good minnow, you swim around underwater and I take pictures of you and your friends, your name isn't completely retarded. That's cool. But god DAMN if I am not on vacation and 100% determined to enjoy it, you little fish fuck. Plus, you know the expression about plugging a leak and several more springing up? That applies not only to the Goobers (sorry, GooBIES) but also to Morty, because once you plug up one of his plans six robots show up determined to steal whatever parts you have and use it to assemble a giant, retarded blimp. With rainbow decals.

What? No, I didn't agree to this! No, come on! Please!

I don't even think I have a choice in the matter, do I? As soon as I go to grab some scuba equipment for my next expidition I'll be drafted into the Green Army's fight against pollution. Maybe I can meet Conor Oberst and tell him that he's a good artist... FOR A WOMAN (The implication is that he is a woman, and also woman artists are held to lower standards) (The Super Solver is tan! He is also hard to see)

Well call me Deidre and steal me a mind worm. Looks like the only way to win is to fight for everlasting peace!