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Part 26: Spellbound! pt 1

I want to tell you a story, about way back in the day.

Before I knew Morty as the weird little freak who transferred into our science class and spent all of his free time oogling at girls who would never speak to him.

A time where elves weren't trapped in mountains frozen over by dastardly plots, or enslaved by idiot dictators.

A time where magic roamed free, and we all partook in it...

The time where I was handed a magical radio that would let me cheat my way to the top of the spelling bee.

The time where I was at the height of my pimp-game. Mackin' ladies left and right, I was, right up till the moment Morty started causing, well... mischief. And my joke membership in an age-old society suddenly became all to real. You know how hard it is to get ladies when you have to stop some guy from throwing invisible paint onto a school? You think the ladies respect that? You think that makes for a good pickup line? "Hey there, lady, I've seen robots made out of paint brushes that couldn't paint a prettier face than yours". ...Wait. I might be on to something there.

I chose a wordlist comprised of people I never saw once the head of the Super Solver agency informed me that I would have to start doing actual work or else they'd swipe my sweet uniform.

Didn't mean I was gonna make it hard on myself.

So here's that radio thing the elf gave me as training. It would read the future, pick out the pool of words that the judges would choose from, and then let me train with them through a series of games. Once I got a certain amount of points from the games, I could move on and sweep the spelling bee with my flawless knowledge.

Every time I click a letter a little spark flies between the two dishes on top. If I remove a letter, it flies in the opposite direction!

It's worth the time to complete the puzzle instead of grabbing two words, getting frustrated, giving up and starting on a new one

As I earn points, the destination of the next spelling bee is slowly revealed.

I had to fill in the blank puzzle with the words, and this is what I got. There's no one solution you have to get, anything works as long as all of the letters are correct.

We hit the target score, so the screen flashes...

And reveals the classroom! So we show up, I'm expecting a bunch of ratty faced kids who can't tell their shoelaces from spaghetti. This should be a piece of



...Well. My shot at the top was short-lived. I guess I should have expected using elf magic to cheat my way to the top would have unintended consequences.

Wow. That was a whole lot of worrying about nothing. Robot can't even spell "nerve". Guess that's because he doesn't have any, fraking toaster!

And this ...guy, he can't spell "teeth". I get it right and reap the rewards!