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Part 28: Spellbound! ending

States. I made it to states. I beat god damn robots at their own games, and now I was on the cusp of statewide victory. The prize money, the women... Everything was going my way.

Even the host of this round was hot. The way she enunciated "contestant" made my neck hair stand up. She was electric, and I was gonna channel that electricity into an EMP blast. Because my opponents are robots, you see.

...wait, what?

The moment I laid eyes on this guy, I knew it: He was trouble, through and through. His wild hair suggested an untamed genius, his scowly eyes meant he was up to no good.

What's the exact opposite of a soulmate? Because that's what I knew Morty Maxwell's relationship with me would be like the second he spun onto stage. Maybe it was some residual elf magic floating around, but I knew that he and I would never, ever get along. Not in the feuding schoolchild way, either, but in the angry, sociopathic way.

He was good. His eyes never left the prize, and he didn't hesitate for a second over the silent 'c'.

And then there were two.

Look, let's be honest. When a hot chick asks you to spell a body part rather prominently featured in front of you, you choke. But this was my chance to shine now, I just had to focus.

If I got this wrong, it'd go back to Morty, and then we would battle back and forth for another ten rounds before he slipped again.

Eye on the prize, Morty. Eye on the prize.

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