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Part 3: Midnight Rescue pt 2

So now we got some clues. Let's review our lineup of possible robots:

Buffo was wearing a top hat and had a pig and a box and was talking to us when we took a picture of him. The picture also has the words he was saying in it.

You'll notice that the clues (the words we got from reading stuff) are numbered. We know the robot is actually Morty if the clues match the picture. Later difficulty levels remove the numbers.

TURBO. Everyone seems to have a problem with this guy I guess! Honestly Rollo is way worse. I hate that guy.

That's the last robot picture I have so let's talk about the Wikipedia article for this game. It has some real gems to offer us:

The weird people at Wikipedia posted:

The robots all had different paintbrushes as their feet.
* Buffo - a buffing brush
* Lectro - an electric paintbrush
* Pogo - a rubber cement brush
* Rollo - a paint roller
* Turbo - a spray can


OKAY moving on let's ransack the Principal's office! And get ambushed, again.

This article proves that the Super Solver is not only real, but a member of an Organization. There are several Super Solvers. We are one of many. We remain nameless, but in death we... Sorry.

if you think about it, it totally works though. wandering the streets everyone has given up to the night hours, battling your worst nemesis (yourself, or your dyslexia), beatin' on robots, committing acts of chaos to remind everyone of who they truly are in this commericial culture... wait that doesn't work at all.

Quick, which one of these incidents is not like the others? Also I guess Morty started painting the school invisible and then got lazy and figured he'd do it after Science class. If Betsy talked to him in Science that day, he'd call off the whole deal.

Unfortunately, Morty thought making fun of girls was still the proper way to get them to talk to you. Morty really hasn't advanced past 5th grade on the social level

Fuckin' Brusho, the robot who is also a Brush. Brilliantly named, Morty. (M upside down is W, coincidence? I THINK NOT) (You defeated Coincidence Man! You got: Observation Power)

Solving puzzles means you can refill your film. (I also just came downstairs again)

Yeah, like that.

You can mark robots you think don't fit the criteria. Pogo was a real close call there, guys.

Higher levels of difficulty mean you need to take multiple pictures of a robot before you can see all of his characteristics. And since robots are randomly spawned as you wander the halls, you can get some very close calls before you hit midnight. The game ends when you hit midnight FYI because then Morty's plan succeeds. He has a penchant for the dramatic, and the impractical. Also, the fact that he can stay out for this long proves my point about having a dead mother. What parent would let their kid out that late when it's generally acknowledged that there is some plot to dissolve the school at midnight?
...Wait. Then where is the Super Solver's mother?

Auditorium! This is the final room. Harder difficulties means that puzzles can also be in the halls, and some rooms might have a robot but no puzzle. Also it boosts the robot encounter rate to dizzyingly annoying heights.

This is a joke about balls. They give you the actual recipe, but the addition of arsenic kind of creeped me out. Especially since the rest of the story is just a rewrite of that Roald Dahl story about the nice old woman who has young men over for tea... Which she spikes with formaldehyde so she can preserve their bodies and keep them forever.

Okay, that really wasn't what this story was about. I didn't actually read it, I just guessed "box" because it was the only one of those objects I saw robots holding. Once you play the game a few hundred times (which you need to do to beat it, no joke), you'll notice that every one of those clues is an object the robots could be holding. I have to say, the amount of thought and programming acumen that went into this game is really quite impressive. Later series aren't quite as impressive, but they have a bit more varied gameplay (Three levels instead of an upstairs and a downstairs!)

Okay guys it's time to end this mystery ... ONCE AND FOR ALL. Well, next time. And then we can solve it one hundred more times! For fun! For flavor! For energy.