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Part 4: Midnight Rescue Endings

Alright guys, it's time to put an end to this madness once and for all!

J'acuse! Or whatever you say in Clue.

In the school! With a bucket of invisible p, hey where did the paint go???

Morty changes back into Morty. Apparently he's more than meets the eye.


His one weakness is the TRUTH. and how many shots of film we have in our camera

We get points for things like winning, and being punctual.

Morty disappears and we do a sweet dance!

Lots points = better rank. And you thought I was joking about having to play 100 times to get the max rank. Which presumably gets you some sort of ending animation.



Morty will now taunt us occasionally. Also, you can't accuse anyone until you have at least one clue.

Close enough. I know in my heart that this robot has committed evil, and I will not rest until I take it down.

This ends here, Turbo. It ends now. It ends... tonight.

And also of being a giant d-bag, polluting the environment, existing as an anachronism, lookin' really creepy, being uncaring, not respecting thy parents...

Oh. Well, I kind of want to take you out anyway. You see, I am not really part of any organization. I'm a renegade, you might say. A vigilante. And on top of that, I'm a loose cannon who doesn't play by the rules.

**REVEALING MISTAKE** The bucket used by Turbo, the Arnold's tin with handle, was not in widespread production until 1972. Furthermore, the angle of the handle would preclude tossing out any sort of liquid without contaminating the handle and the hand of the person handling it... Handily.

I believe this qualifies as "rubbing it in".

Welp, we're dissappeared now. And so is the school. The good news is we can totally sneak into the girl's changing room next district over!

Wait. That's it? We found Morty, and took out Turbo, but it wasn't enough? The school will still disappear? We've been living a lie this entire time?

Well fuck you, game, and fuck you, Shady Glen. See if I ever save you aga... What? The TV station has been taken over by a madman? ...Well geez. I sure like my TV.