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Part 7: Outnumbered! pt 2

Even when I hit Telly, he flashes and disappears instead of being useful and giving me a hint. These are the ordeals of an Expert.

This is the Cartoon Room, can't you tell by the graphs and piano? Well what did you expect the Cartoon room to look like, mister? This is where serious work is done! Did you expect the room to be made out of actual cartoon?

I like graphs!

Master of fuckin' Mischief right here, guys. (I wonder what's so perky about paula )

this works like the film dispenser in the school, except unlike a film dispenser it makes no sense to have in a television station.

Equipment room. It's obvious this game was made before Midnight Rescue, because of the quality of the backgrounds and such. But it only came out a single year before MR. It's pretty impressive how much better MR is than Outnumbered, for only being a single year ahead. (The real reason I feel this way is because every time you jump in this game, the music starts at the beginning again. In MR, this does not happen. It's infuriating because jumping is the quickest way to get around, and hearing the same three notes over and over is fucking infuriating.)

This is where the limitations of the calculator really come into play. You have three operands, right? In any calculator in the real world, you can just do 252 + 274 + 140 =. But this calculator forces you to press = after every two operands, so you have to do 252 + 274 = + 140 =. It doesn't sound like much, but it's frustrating when you have 5 or 6 operands and you have to press = 5 more times than necessary in the real world. On the plus side ( ) I sometimes press Enter instead of = out of habit, and they're not equivalent ( ). Enter commits your answer, while = just finishes the calculation. So if I do 5 + 6 (ENTER) it doesn't commit 6, it tells me to press = to finish the equation first. That's saved my ass a few times, but it hasn't stopped me from trying to summon the devil whenever I run into that particular limitation.

oh sure THIS tv works just FINE to give us clues about how to destroy Morty's tenuous grasp on the broadcasting industry. I guess because it's not midnight yet or whatever.

Sound room, with the death throes of a LiveWire in the background. I've evaporated him into the ether.

This is my favorite puzzle in the entire game. Interestingly enough, my tastes have changed significantly from when I was younger. Back then, the Game room held my favorites. I was pretty dumb back then, because this is way better.

What the fuck are these band names supposed to be. Alliteration? Animals? "Tomato Potato"? God damn there are like a billion better names for bands than this shit. I was so disgusted by this puzzle that I didn't even attempt to solve it. I just thought about Perky Paula and put down the first number that came to mind.

I went down the elevator, and on a whim, tested out my favorite feature from Midnight Rescue: Walking into walls. Yup, it still knocks you flat on your ass. Don't ask why.

What happens to a Telly that gets struck by lightning?  It has a 50/50 chance of shrinking into nothingness, depending on the difficulty level you play at, or flashing at you and forcing you to play a stupid math drill sequence 

Yaaaay! Game room!

Yaaay! Best room in the game!

This was my #1 favorite... when I was FIVE I liked presents Also Bob Barker RIP (he's not dead just retired)

This is the weirdest fucking game. The number values are completely inconsistent and there appears to be no way to lose, making it more of a child's toy than anything. What were they thinking putting a child's toy into a children's game! Children are basically adults that are young! I am outraged and composing a letter to the editor of the local paper as we speak.

Like the decision screen from MR, we have to collect room clues (by doing a number of puzzles in each room) and the secret code (drills from Telly). You thought I was joking about spending all my time getting hit by Telly or having him disappear instead of giving me clues, didn't you? Also the Match Rule changes with difficulty; easy levels, it's just the same, harder levels, it has a more complicated pattern. Anyway, it's time to grind Telly for the secret code.

This is what a drill looks like; you're given a question, you write the answer as quickly as you can because the clock is still running. Yes I am a colossal retard who doesn't know his times tables and got the first question wrong. or was I SHOWCASING IT?!?!? (no)

I am all out of energy so I run away from Telly and get on da elevator

You know how you have to solve problems in order for the energy recharger to work? Well if you have solved all the problems and got the energy already, but you run out, you can get a free refill. Most Learning Company games are like this.

I don't know if it's intentional or not (it probably is) but you almost ALWAYS need to get every single code in order to know the answer for sure. It's frustrating as hell, I should be able to use my amazing powers of deduction to grind quickly through this game instead of going through all of the retard motions.