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Original Thread: That's No Moon, That's Mode 7! Let's Play the Super Star Wars Trilogy!



That's No Moon, That's Mode 7! Let's Play the Super Star Wars Trilogy

A long time ago, in a valley far far away, a young boy played this game on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. That boy would, in many years time, follow the Star Wars series with a supposedly passive interest and own too many games of the series to claim anything else.
Despite this not being his favourite Star Wars game of all, it was most definitely his first, and when combined with watching both the original trilogy and PLAYING the original trilogy around the same years, this game left a deep impression on him.
That young boy, was this dipshit here known as FinalGamer. Hello everyone, and now that I can get out of this third-person narration, I'll explain this a bit better to you.

So what the hell's this?
I'm going to play all three of the Super Star Wars SNES games, which was a series of games made by LucasArts themselves, while joined by another company called Sculptured Software, in order to bring their greatest saga to the home consoles themselves.
You might recognise them for their other famous works such as Captain Novolin, Bart's Nightmare or the Space Jam PS1 game. The reason why I wanna do this is because I have them, I love them, and somehow I actually finished them when I was a kid.
Seeing the games haven't really been covered in this forum, I'm going to take it on and hopefully you all enjoy the great ride along with me.

How's this work then?
I'll generally be playing about two stages per video since the stages themselves are not massively long but they are quite tough. Nerdy talk is encouraged but no arguing about movies vs. movies or some shit because nobody cares. There'll be plenty of nerd rage to throw about in the games themselves without anyone else needing to add to it.

If anyone would like to guest commentate with me I'd be happy to have you hop on board and strap in for the ride. Just PM me and we'll see how things work out!

So, without further ado, let's head on into the game!

Episode List

======== SUPER STAR WARS ==================


========= SUPER RETURN OF THE JEDI ======


FreezingInferno, despite his best efforts, still could not make the last levels awesome. But he came damn well close.
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