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Super Star Wars

by FreezingInferno

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Original Thread: The Hard Games Thread!



Do Or Do Not, There Is No Hard Game: Let's play Super Star Wars!

Well, here's an interesting little specimen. Released by JVC and Sculptured Software in 1992, it's Super Star Wars! JVC had previously released a Star Wars game for the NES in 1991, but this one is a much better game because it's SUPER. With 16 bit graphics and Mode 7 and stuff. Oh and also because it's a legitimately good action platforming game, with lots of running and gunning. One of those rare instances where a video game based on a movie wasn't total garbage. I suppose it helps that the game came out 15 years after the movie in question, so they had no need to rush development or anything.

This game can also be one tough little bastard. It doesn't rely on instant death traps to kill you(though there are a few along the way!). Rather, the game will throw lots of enemies at you and slowly drain your life away. For the most part, the game is pretty fair with its difficulty and you can blast through it... barring a few "unfortunate" segments. I'll be playing on Jedi Mode (read: Hard Mode) because this is the hard game thread and it feels appropriate. Hard mode doesn't really change much beyond giving you a little less health. If you can beat the game on Normal, you can probably pull it off on hard.


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Part 5: In Which The Ability To Destroy A Planet Is Insignificant Next To The Power Of A Plasma BlasterYouTube
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