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Tryrush Deppy

by Robotnik DDS

Part 1: Tryrush Deppy: Stage One - New York City to Buffalo

This is a typical screen in Tryrush Deppy. It consists of the following components.

A. The Neon Star Counter - Oddly enough 100 neon stars do not instantly give you an extra life. However, in the instance of a GAME OVER, 100 stars can be traded for a continue.

B. The Life Counter - Deppy starts the game with five lives. He can gain additional lives by collecting 1ups within a game level or chaining a combo of 13 items/enemies while invincible.

C. A Deadly Enemy - Enemies, while not able to directly kill Deppy, can lower his gas reserves (see figure D) to the point where he loses a life.

D. The Gas Gauge - Deppy must constantly collect cans of petrol on his journey. Much like the classic game Adventure Island, the meter is constantly counting down. This gauge lowers faster when suffering a status effect like burning or freezing, when you are pulled over by the police, and when you use boost.

E. Deppy - He is a Man-Car who is on a quest to win the cross-country Tryrush Rally race.

F. The Boost Meter - The boost meter can either be released in short bursts or charged for a stronger attack. It can be used to harm enemies who cannot be jumped on and to break through walls.

Tryrush Deppy: Stage One - New York City to Buffalo
Special Guest Writer: American Poet Maya Angelou
Special Guest Musicians: The Tanguy Ukulele Orchestra featuring their Theme to Space Harrier