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Part 2: Round One: The Forest

This is generally agreed upon as how a grasshopper looks.

Accounts of what Space Grasshoppers look like vary by culture, however.

Tempo is sometimes also known as The Other Fun Game For 32x. (Your mileage may vary regarding the first). It was a platformer in the vein of Earthworm Jim. You played as an alien grasshopper from the Planet Rhythmia who had to save the galaxy. Tempo also had a kind of less fun game for Game Gear called Tempo Jr. which had great animation for an 8-bit system, but somewhat bland and repetitive level design.

The Japan only Sega Saturn sequel Super Tempo is still a platformer, but greatly changed the game mechanics. Still, the animation is better, the colors are brighter, and the game is even weirder. The game also has lots of Japanese text cutscenes that I can't read so I cut them out of the videos!

Round One: The Forest

This suave pimp is Major Minor. He was the host of a gameshow in the 32x version and now he is your boss. You have to save a good space bug from a bad space bug or something!

He tells you to go to the forest to go kill a frog! What could happen next??????