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Sweet Home

by Miketopus

Part 2: Chapter 3

When last we left our-


Kazuo ducked!

CRASH!! Received 3 damage!

Well, apparently chairs do as much damage as chandeliers.

Anyway, the dining room. It's got Oak Spear, Wood, and Wax Candle. Bats, too.

Touching a bat will trigger an encounter. You can kill them, but they respawn the next time you enter the room. Leaving someone in the room will prevent this minor nuisance. Don't worry too much about leaving someone in here with the bats, either, because the bats only move when you switch to an active character in the same room as them.

There's also a doll and some broken glass.

Kazuo: A doll!!

Okay... creepy.

Let's go upstairs.

Old Sword, Tonic, Wood, Note, Skeleton. There's an offshoot to the west which we'll explore later.

Make sure you get the Old Sword. It's insanely strong against physical monsters. Taro went from having an Oak Spear that did 16-12 to doing 25-15 with this thing.

Oh, now's a good time to go over that. Reallycoolname explained this quite well:

Reallycoolname posted:

Some of you guys might have noticed a subtle oddity in the status screen: Attack, Life and Pray both have two numbers each to them. For Life and Pray, the right-hand number obviously states the cap for that stat, but Attack works differently.

The two numbers actually represent the two different types of damage the characters can deal out to enemies. You see, in Sweet Home enemies can either be physical (like bats or worms) or spiritual (like wisps). The left-hand number represents the strength of the character's attack against physical enemies while the right-hand number goes for spiritual enemies.

Some weapons are mainly good for physical damage, while others hit harder spiritually. Not terribly complicated, but it's always good to know.

So there you have it. Most stuff, sadly, won't do as much damage to ghosties.

Asuka: A note: "Shogo, To go beyond turn on the generator first." Oh! There must be a generator nearby!

Asuka: Dead...


Asuka: A mouse...

Don't worry, the mouse isn't hostile.

The Key unlocks the northern door, but the east remains locked.

A dark room. Let's check out those glowing-


Well, that wasn't very nice. No damage, at least.

Going west. Along the way to making this bridge, I meet a new friend.

He's awfully grabby.

This evil bastard can hit very, very hard. Akiko, for example, got smacked for 20 damage. It's advisable to use Pray against the first few you meet if you have the points. At 17 experience, you're working a lot harder than if you just fought Skulls downstairs for 10 each. Hence, grinding in the dining room is a fairly good idea.

Rune Axe, Log, Fresco, Note, Wood, Rope. The swirly blue thing is an evil wisp that teleports people when touched, but this one follows characters around the room.

Kazuo: A note... "Shogo, The generator is east...

The fresco doesn't require anything special. As Taro makes his way toward it from outside, however...

That is a very strange thing to yell at your helpless teammate. Anyway.

Taro: Used Camera... Letters appear!

"1-23 The Mallet is under the desk in the room with a small beast."

Right. On the way out...

Taro meets the wisp.

And winds up exactly one room away next to that old desk with the small beast.



Poor Akiko... actually, none of the females are doing too well in this Mansion. I'll have to break out a Tonic soon.

Tune in next time!