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Sweet Home

by Miketopus

Part 9: Chapter 10

So. Akiko versus the Mansion. As she retraces her steps back from where Yamamura abducted her...

Three of these guys bug her along the way. One fully charged Pray attack is enough to kill each one instantly.

The Low Key won't unlock any of those other doors we saw along the way. We'll need to bring Emi back for those.

Two Maniacs also want to say hello. I use regular attacks in order to conserve PP. As you can tell by the only HP on the right that isn't full anymore, this has mixed results.

Akiko has never been so happy to see a blood-flooded basement before.

With the whole gang reunited, we get ready to explore the new area. Also, Taro grabs the F-Lite in case we run into "Jinbi." Whatever the hell that is.

The first thing to do is raid that boulder room that Mura was kind enough to bash a hole through.

This seems rather... familiar somehow, doesn't it?

Oh yeah. Not this time, Mr. Rolling Deathtrap.

In a battle of brains I was "boulder" than the rock!

I know this may raise a sea of protests, but the Long Sword is one of the best weapons in the game, and Akiko is the only one without an updated weapon. I'll put it to vote, though. If you guys REALLY want the Shiv back on Akiko, tell me and I'll consider it.

Oh, I also grab the FireX, because I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be here if it was unnecessary later. Anyway, there was also that Fresco on the left side of the room, so let's get Taro and Asuka in on the action.

The Bow is immensely useful. It fulfills all the duties of the Rope, but it has better range.

Vacuum + Camera = Message.

Fresco: 4-22 Use at the site with 4 stones.

This one is very, very vague, but it's telling us where to use the Low Key.

Team Fresco sniffs out a couple more pieces of art that need photographin'. Save your game before entering, by the way. Apparently it's possible to have one or more characters trapped in the upcoming rooms.

Note, Pipe, Bow, Fresco. And... spirits. Great. It looks like this Fresco is free of dust, so we'll have Asuka wait outside.

Note: Takashi, Need the tool to go below...

Um... right.

Well, this isn't so bad.

Oh dear. Well, what does this Fresco have to say that's so important?

Fresco: 4-4 My wife... Killed a child... For a playmate...

This is one part where the game and the movie match up exactly. After Mamiya's baby died, she began to capture and murder local children. The idea was that she wanted playmates for her dead baby. A moment if ever there was one.

The Bow won't work on the chairs, and there's nothing else to use for a bridge. So, how do we get out of here? Simple:

Taro's unfailing capture by flying spirits, of course!

Well, that works. Time to check out room number two.

Tonic, Rope, Long Sword, Heavy Axe, Fresco, and more spirits.

I grab the Long Sword for Taro on the way down to take the picture.

You know, I really should've seen this coming. Good thing Kazuo's still carrying some Rope around.

Unlike the previous room, it's possible to cross the gap using the Bow or Rope. However, I sent everyone out to avoid being nabbed by spirits. Except Taro. As punishment.

Fresco: 4-14 Melt the blue statue for a sign to the basement.

This is another one of those times when you have to pay attention to the dates. This event comes before the finding of the basement. The solution lies in an earlier fresco. Remember how we used blood to destroy that very old bronze statue? Well, it would probably take a bit more oomph to destroy one of those fresh blue statues, right?

I don't know why it didn't show up, but the blue statue is still here, where Mura left it. Kazuo decides he's man enough to try pushing it.

Heave ho!

There we go!

The statue melts into... umm... hopefully not the first thing that springs to mind.

You aren't helping, Kazuo.

So, we take the "sign" to the basement to a site with four stones. Which is, coincidentally, right where Yamamura was going before he got ambushed by a baddie. Also note that Yamamura is no longer here.

A Hound of all things wants to stop us. Remember when these guys used to be intimidating?

Kazuo: Used Tool... (ugh)

(Literally fifteen seconds of screen shaking later)

And finally, there's the basement.

Hey, Wood! Glad to know you've come back to annoy me with more gap puzzles!

We're still going strong. Let's go exploring... next update.