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by Miketopus

Part 11: Chapter 12

I must be insane for writing this instead of working on my finals. Oh well. I'm insane.


Okay, so let's go unlock that Diary. Also notice that Kazuo still has the "in water" sprite.

Fortunately, the sticky Diary room is only two screens away from the basement.

The next part is poorly indented, so I'll try to make it more legible:

Emi: Let's read it:

"9-23 She's herself up in her room. "

"10-4 The door is locked. I have to enter through the veranda. I must stop her!"

Emi: This is Ichirou's diary!

"Her spirit has become possessed with rage! The innocent deaths must stop... Even if it means losing my own life."

Emi: Did Ichirou fall victim as well?!

So, the ultimate point of this was to find the back entrance to Mamiya's room, which is through the veranda.

You know... this veranda.

The one with the immovable...


No, you can't just move the statues. They won't budge until you unlock and read the diary.

Go Bow go!

Over here we find a Rune Axe, a Silver Sword, and a Flash Knife.

The Silver Sword is the best weapon we've found so far. It outstrips the Fork by a wide margin.

(Mamiya's Quarters:

Emi: What a strange wall...

Your lead character will say this if you touch the northern wall up there. I'm not entirely sure why.

Up here we find...


...Say guys, Emi hasn't been pulling her own weight, has she? Let's have her scout ahead.

Emi's solo solution to the rolling stone...

...Should be painfully obvious to anyone who's played the Caves section of Resident Evil.


No sweat. Is this all they can throw at me?

Hey, a split. Let's...



Fortunately, the Knight spent its first couple of turns blowing wind on me and failing. It hits for a solid 80 damage, and has easily twice as much HP as its ancestor. It's worth 82 experience.

I decide to have everyone catch up at this point.

Akiko gets a 10 HP sap for her trouble. What happened to 3 damage from a falling chandelier?

Another rock.

Hey, two doors and a corpse. The east end of the hall is a dead end.

Corpse: The room is close... must find the two keys...

He's talking about an item we don't have yet, but as we move on...


This guy hits for almost 100 damage, and can also inflict Fear. He's worth 105 experience though, so this can be a nice place to grind if you're underleveled and have some Tonics to burn.

Well, the right door remains locked, but the left opens. Let's give it a shot.

Ah yes, an ice sliding puzzle. Generic RPG puzzle #304. Fairly standard regulations, you know.

Don't go on the ice. Trust me. Anyone could sense this one coming. Let's just turn back around quietly and note this for later. Better yet, don't go in this door at all if you can help it.

Another rock. Yawn. Key works fine on that door.

Ooh, an item. And... um... I'm not even sure what those are there.

Rope and Bow. And what appear to be frozen corpses underneath the ice. You really should be picking up some clues by now.

I think... this looked about right.

Kazuo seems less sure.



If you land in these guys, get out! You take 10 damage per second or step, either way. And your team is automatically separated when you step on the ice, so move them quickly as well. If you don't have a Bow or Rope here, you're in deep trouble.

That item we've been seeing, by the way, is a Blue Candle. It'll come into play later, so we'll be taking it with us.

There were only enough spaces for two people on that Blue Candle floor area, so we leave Emi near the post for the moment. Obviously, that proves to be a mistake since we need the Key here.

Fortunately, Team Fresco makes the save.

Promising start.

Statues? This smells like a trap.

Yyyyyup. Also notice that Taro took 5 damage from a statue crushing him, while Akiko took 10 from a stray dagger.


People! I don't think enemies can attack you in this little room, either, so if you have stragglers in that hall you can bring them in here. Or, you can unlock that door up there. It leads back to the boulder hallway, next to the two keys corpse.

Like so!

Anyway. The skeleton is quiet, but everyone else has something to say.

Maid 1: Madame was badly burned trying to save the child.

Maid 2: This is the servant's quarters. It's relatively safe... I hope.

Maid 3: Madame awoke after her baby was dug up. She no longer recognizes us. I'm scared.

Shovel Retard: Two keys are in the back passage.

Corpse: Don't need... the Low Key... Uh...

Note that you can, in fact, drop the Low Key at anytime you wish now. Let's try the stairs in the lower right corner.

Go to it, Kazuo.

Fresco and a Tonic. How nice and simple.

Fresco: 6-7 The tomb was broken... She's possessed the house...

Corpse: You need two possessions to confront Lady Mamiya.

I hope he means items and not literally two people possessed. Let's try the stairs.

These halls sure bring back a lot of memories.

The Wolf hits harder than the Hound, and that's about all there is to it. 78 experience.

Wisps and narrow hallways... this could be trouble.

Shiny Spear and Tonic.

I know I'm in a hurry to avoid those wisps, but da-yum.

Down there is the "Two Key." Let's nab it and scram.

Fortunately I elude the wisps and make it back safely.

We've come full circle, now let's try the southern route again, past the ice room door.

I start to go right, but holy shit, rocks. So I go left instead.

A Cut Axe and a Tonic.

We're finding all sorts of goodies in here, aren't we?


Double bitch.

Normal Key works here.

Wire, Pills, and Match, in case you lost Emi, Akiko, or Kazuo.

Why yes, we did just see a blue version of this hall. Why do you ask?

A Fresco and another Shiny Spear.

Fresco: 6-17 A man awaits his master's rings.

Another Camera or Broom in case Taro or Asuka croaked.

We can't push these statues, so that item is temporarily out of our reach. Time to backtrack.

The boulders were guarding this doorway.

Knights are walking around and would like to say hello.

Hello, Knight!

Up here is a Tonic in case you need one. My team's taken a pretty heavy beating, so I fight a Knight so I can chug a Tonic to heal everyone.

Hmm? An open door?

Another Blue Candle, and a crapload of rats and cats.

The stairs lead down to that Ring we saw earlier!

East of that cat/rat room we find a door... that's unlocked by the Two Key...

Find out next update!

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