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Sweet Home

by Miketopus

Part 13: Chapter 14

So, that little square is a Slide. Interesting. It has no use now, but we'll be taking it along for the ride.

That iron cage is locked, incidentally. None of my keys work on it.

Before we go any further, let's go back to Kazuo and Akiko. It's time for them to go back to the bedroom.

Still clear in here. No evil shadows or melting Yamamuras to speak of.

Mamiya has flown the coop, too. There's a Fresco and the Gold Key. We'll need Taro for that Fresco, but the Gold Key will come in handy.

The Gold Key is sort of like the Helmet Key of this game, if you're acquainted with Resident Evil. Its sole purpose is to make us backtrack through the entire mansion to a select few locked doors and open them for new stuff. Starting with that quick exit out of the bedroom.

Uhh... hi there.

Back in the Jade Ring room, there lies a secret.

In case you don't recognize where we are from that gif, we're on the second floor directly above the dining room in which Asuka and company woke up. Sadly, this secret passage is one way; probably to prevent people from skipping most of the game and running into a gory end from a Ghoul.

Thanks to the Gold Key, however...

This will work just as well. Let's have the whole gang meet up again.

So, we need Taro for that Fresco in Mamiya's bedroom. But after that, we're flying blind. That clue had better be groundbreaking.

So what does it say?

Fresco: 7-7 I need the Tool, Diary, Photo, and Coffin.

...Well, it's a start, anyway. Though I have my reservations about that Tool. I mean, even in the movie it looks kind of wrong.

See? Well, anyway...

Since we know where to find the Diary and Kazuo's got the Bow, let's send him up to grab it.

You have to pick up the Diary as if it were an item now. It counts in your inventory.


I had thought that the coffin would be down in the flooded basement...

They're all still here, but they've all become skeletons that poison when disturbed. Seriously, all of them did that.

Since we're heading back downstairs anyway, let's check out that little offshoot in the caverns.

Skeleton and bloody writing. The skeleton does nothing.

Bloody Writing: Gold Key... 4 doors...

That would've been more useful earlier, but eh. Whatever.


The Ghost tried to blow away one of my party members, and then was squashed by three consecutive Pray attacks. Freaky son of a...

Oh, I almost forgot a very well-hidden secret. It's one of three or four concealed items in the game, but it's by far the most useful.

Look at this section of Mamiya's bed.

Taro: Dress...

Introducing the dress. It's a significant item in the movie, as it originally belonged to Emi's mother/Kazuo's wife. Akiko uses it to concentrate her will and bolster her courage in the face of Mamiya's onslaught.

In the game, however, it is just an awesome item. Uses it restores all Pray Points. And it can be used unlimited times. In other words, I can now go through the entire game with Pray attacks if I want to.

Going back downstairs...

Look familiar?

We're now a few rooms away from the East Garden and the generator.

Gold Key door.

A Fresco and a fire circle? Okay, well, I can just avoid that.

It's a trap!

Picks won't work here, but you can walk on the ice. 10 damage a step or per second, whichever comes first.

Fresco: 7-13 The projector shows the way.

Hmm... Slide, Corpse, Tonic.

Corpse: Takashi... Push the bronze statue...

Remember this in a little bit.

This door won't open with any of my keys. It's probably locked from the other side like a few have been.

There were some shadows around here, but F-Lite made short work of them. Gave us a nice shortcut too.

Don't cross the Wood back to the foyer area. There's nothing new down there.

Gold Key door.

A Note, and what kind of looks like a telescope.

Note: Etsuko! Don't come! I will follow Takashi!

Also, there's a Cut Axe up here, but nobody needs it.

All right. Let's go check out that machine.


DAMMIT TARO!... I mean, Akiko!

That would've been a bit more useful a minute ago.

Ah, it's that projector we heard about before. Let's try those two Slides we grabbed earlier.

Taro: Inserted...

Well, two-thirds isn't too bad. That means there's probably only one more Slide kicking around here.

You might have to do some browsing through the first couple of updates if you want an idea of where to find this room. We were here before, but it was ages ago. Those bronze statues are now movable.

Hmm... a vast field of thorns... and nobody is carrying Gloves... who do I feel like hurting today...?

Oh, right. Asuka, go.

Asuka: We better split up from here.

Taro: Take care.

Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow

Swell, a Fresco and a Slide. We grab the slide and clean the Fresco. Taro, come on down!

Taro: We better split up from here.

Emi: Um, okay...

Show them how a man waddles through thorns, Taro!

Ow ow ow ow ow ow owwwwhhhhhhh CRAP! PRAY! PRAY!

Fresco: 7-24 Three memories open the way.

Connecting the dots here:

Fresco: 7-13 The projector shows the way.

Find the Slides, open the passage. Simple, no?

Good job, you two. Now go back across those thorns!


Pray attack on an Evil Doll.

I love the smell of burning Worms in the morning. Smells like... victory.

All right, since we have the final Slide, let's go use it.

I really hope she doesn't come out of the projector. Fatal Frame 2 scarred me for life because of that.

Nothing else is happening, so let's Pray.

Taro used 92 pray points. The light causes the wall to fall!!

Sorry, no fancy animation this time. It just becomes this.


Wow, we saw this place forever ago.

Well, hello there Silver Sword! Let's give it to Taro.

Oddly enough, the Two Keys opens this door.

Another area we could see but couldn't access previously.

To the right...

Is another Cut Axe. Boo.

North, however, leads to another Silver Sword.

And northeast of that, we find the Iron Key! This should get us past those iron bars in the Caverns in a flash.

Survivor update:

Next episode, the Caverns! For real this time!