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Part 16: Chapter 17

All right everyone, this update will be pretty short and final.


Here we are, the endings. Just as there are five characters, there are five different endings you can get. They tend to get more detailed with more survivors. I've uploaded all of them to Youtube, so I'll provide the links up here and after each corresponding ending. Enjoy either the video, my commentary, or both.

In order of survivors:

1/5 -
2/5 -
3/5 -
4/5 -
5/5 -

Music for all of the endings:


Ending 1 (Also known as the hideously impossible alternate reality ending)

So, let's assume I fooled around while fighting Mamiya and something... impossible... happened.

That's right everyone, Taro was the only survivor at the end of the battle. I want you to think about that for a second.

I can't believe this...

This is where each ending starts to divert. Right after the mansion crumbles.

And it only took him seventeen tries.

And that's ending one.


Ending 2 (Also known as the damn quicksand ending)

In this ending, Kazuo and Taro both survived. What can I say, having the best stats in the game gave them an advantage over the girls.

And that's ending two.


Ending 3 (Also known as the hey this looks like ending 2 ending)

This time Emi also survived. Good for her.

And that's ending three.


Ending 4 (Also known as the most likely first ending you'll see)

Guess what? Despite the graphical glitch with the XXX, the only one who doesn't make it out of this one alive is Asuka!

I rather like this ending, character preferences aside. It's the most realistic, and it seems like the developers actually spent time on this one.

It may be a bit hard to understand, but after playing through enough of the game to get this far, it is a little regrettable when the characters die. You try your best to see them all through to the end, and something, whether it's quicksand, a far-off trap, or maybe a monster that was a little too tough and a Tonic that just wasn't close enough, kills them.

Well, anyway, that's ending four.


Ending 5

Well, did everyone make it through okay?

Yeah, everyone's there.

Good, good.


You CA-!

And... umm... that's ending five.


Well everyone, it was a wild ride, but that's the end of Sweet Home. How does it compare to the movie? (Don't read this next paragraph if you haven't watched the movie.)

Well, in the movie, Asuka and Taro are killed. Taro is melted clean in half by Mamiya, and then Asuka beats him to death out of fright. Then an axe cleaves her skull as she's trying to get out of the house. The Mamiya confrontation is done by Akiko and Emi; Kazuo attempted to barge through the darkness like Yamamura, but after Mamiya leaves the mansion in an angelic glow, he is found unconscious in a cupboard. Although there are the remaining servants in the game, and many previous survivors who left notes everywhere, there is nobody else alive near the mansion in the movie except Yamamura, who runs a gas station a few miles away.

The movie tends to be more of a comedy for the first third or so; there's a lot of humorous conversations and a bit of slapstick. The game is lacking in virtually any lightheartedness.

Which is the "real" story? Well, since both the game and movie came out at the same time, and since Juzo Itami is no longer alive, that may remain a mystery. Unless someone has an observation outside of this assessment. If so, please discuss it here.

If you want to learn more about Sweet Home and Juzo Itami, Wikipedia offers several fascinating articles:

This is Miketopus, signing off. And possibly leaving the bathroom light on tonight when he sleeps.


Well, another LP down. Hope you all enjoyed it. As always, if you have some requests, I'll be happy to consider them. Here are some games I've especially been considering doing next:

Bard's Tale (PC game)
Deja Vu (NES game)
Live a Live (SNES game)
Who Framed Roger Rabbit (NES game... and if you guys make me do this one, I may go prematurely bald from yanking out my own hair piece by piece.)

I'll be happy to answer questions about Sweet Home, or offer opinions where necessary. Adieu!