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Sword of the Berserk

by supergreatfriend

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Original Thread: Meeting new people and eviscerating them: Let's Play Sword of the Berserk!


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Sword of the Berserk isn't a complicated game. You won't be playing it if you're in the mood for multiplayer, or if stats management tickles your fancy. It's not for you if you feel like a collect-a-thon, or perhaps some platforming action. No, Sword of the Berserk is all about one thing, and that's swinging around a giant sword at anything that's moving. It doesn't really matter what it is that's moving, it must be chopped.

This 1999 (2000 in the US) Dreamcast game is based on the Berserk manga, which is not what you would call a happy tale. It's a story that takes place in a desolate, dying world; we follow the adventures of a seven foot long sword as it kills a lot of people. A LOT of people. We also meet the guy who uses the sword, a fellow named Guts. Well, OK, there's more to the story than death by giant blade, but that's beyond the scope of this LP. We're only going to be looking at this particular game, and there are only a few details from Berserk that you need to know to follow it. The game's story itself is sufficiently explained, but I'll be including any points from Berserk that are needed to understand certain scenes.

Something that surprised me about this game when I first played it in 2000 was the length of its cutscenes. Considering the game plays like a beat-em-up with a sword, I didn't think that as much effort would have been put into the cinematics as they did. Generally, such games of the time were very light on story, but Yukes really poured it on here. Honestly, I would've liked it if they had longer hack n' slash sections, but it was the cinematics that got priority in this game.

I can only assume the game didn't sell well, as the Berserk game for the PS2 was never released outside of Japan. From what I've seen, the gameplay looks like a more polished version of what they started on the Dreamcast. The Berserk manga is still going, so perhaps there may be a chance for another game in the future.

Now, let's get started!


Part 1 – A Friendly TownYouTube A YouTube B
Part 2 - Terrible NewsYouTube A YouTube B
Part 3 - RebelsYouTube A YouTube B
Part 4 - Mandragoran Monsters!YouTube A
Part 5 - PuebloYouTube A YouTube B
Part 6 - Zodd the ImmortalYouTube A YouTube B
Part 7 - Guts vs. EverybodyYouTube A YouTube B
Part 8 - Knockin' on Balzac's DoorYouTube A YouTube B
Part 9 - Balzac's StoryYouTube A
Part 10 - Guts vs. BalzacYouTube A
Part 11 - Final BattlesYouTube A YouTube B
Part 12 - QTEs!YouTube A
Part 13 - BoniiYouTube A
Part 14 - NolimitYouTube A
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