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Part 7: Turns 100-121

An endless sea of bugs (spawning inside the sun) Lets Play Sword of the Stars 2: Hiver Imperium

Update 7. Turns 100-121

Before we get going, lets talk about Lore!

When you start a game of SOTS2, this is all the introduction you get to a race. 2 lines.

Lets compare it to its predecessor.

That's right. In the SETUP SCREEN it tells you tons about WHO the Hivers are. Not just how they play.

So much so that there is a section on ART.

Once you get in game, if you look in the Encylopedia, there is more Lore. But you have to dig for it.

And it never stops trying to remind you that you're only playing a game. And of course, this being SOTS2, the Up and Back buttons don't work. There's even cross-promotion for novels and stuff in the entries. Also nothing I've clicked uses the golden sidebar.

The Hivers didn't even suffer any serious retconning in SOTS2. Unlike the magical space dolphins who are getting their own Lore update when it comes time to murderise them. The only change Hivers get Lorewise post-SOTS1 launch is that cheese is the equivalent of catnip for them.

Anyhow, since I have been told I am playing a game, lets get back to it.
My gate fleet has arrived to put my gate back up. There's no defensive fleet, so it is a matter of charging in and murdering the colony.

The outcome is predictable.

My scientists also develop technology to allow us to regain ship numbers parity with Kerberos.

Also, remember how I am using Pursuit stance for my ships now?

Yeah, this guy is great.

This is also the turn that sets up the bulk of the content for this session.

I order fleets to hit the three enemy systems of Yith (located by our spies), Garnet (located by recon fleets) and Grayson (located by seeing where the enemy fleets are coming from). As well as finally securing Tunguska.

We also get our first level 3 civilian station. Which gets us a new habitat module. I suspect that one of these modules is required for their traders to visit your stations.

Naturally the UI doesn't help any for figuring out if I am right. Since it needs one anyhow, I just balance the different types out as best I can.

Also while we're in the station manager, lets talk about the Terraform module. Why this isn't on Science Stations, I'll never know, but this little gem gives a 25% bonus to Terraforming speed? (It uses the term efficiency. Which is Cost/unit produced. Whether that reduces how much you pay, or increases how much you terraform per turn, I cannot say). Since Bob is a 1 planet system, there's no point building it here. Pavarati, in the previous shot, has 2 uncolonised worlds at present, so it is well worth setting up there.

For some reason I didn't think to rotate the fleet here, so we have an inbound construction fleet that threatens our Gateship. Maybe they'll run like the colony fleet so it'll live?

Now, based on this screenshot here, you'd think I'm safe. The Boarding pods are removed, yeah. Admittedly by friendly fire, but I'll take it.

NOPE. Even without the boarding pods, apparently boarding action continues.

Scratch another Gateship.

When we catch up, we wreck the 3 ships, even with older Armour cruisers.

While we can reach our gateship. We cannot reclaim it since our fleet is built to murder from afar, not steal.

RIP another Gateship. Damn it. I guess they scuttle it at the end of the turn.

I get something to let my gate ships defend themselves against this sort of thing maybe. And make pretty colours.

I commission another fleet. Clearly my problem is not enough ships! I also save the invoice before I remember that it is missing a couple of required ships. If I had remembered that it would have been more useful. And of course the new torpedoes mean I need to redesign all of my support ships really.

So here is the new design of gateships. The most important upgrade: Forward facing point defense guns. I didn't even notice it was set to engage at point defense range for ages.

Once again, when it rains etc.

They're even running AP drivers (the red shots). Must get around to researching those.

I guess these are Assault ship destroyers? I dunno, I've legit never seen them before.

Such pretty space-art

The slavers don't actually reach the planet before the battle times out. Thanks, pirates. Our salvage teams finish unlocking another tech too.

First time I've seen this window in over 100 turns. Which possibly means the AI hasn't fought a single battle... I just want to point out that SOTS1 could Auto-resolve battles just fine without initialising the combat engine.

Garnet has a pretty solid defense force. It's going to take a while to secure.

It was seeing this that got me to build the extra fleet. While I was checking on its progress, I noticed this gem.

Hurrah, more research based on salvaged tech.

I've got a lot of 2 turn techs, I'm seriously considering devoting a bunch of turns to tech tree cleanup.

Speaking of devoting turns. I have multiple fleets about to arrive in enemy controlled systems. I don't really have enough spare ships to rotate into all of them. I did just set up a new gate though, so I can get QAs For Wimps back. I debate using a construction fleet to do the survey, and eventually go for it. A starbase 5 turns later isn't likely to cause me as much grief as not having enough warships.

This here is why I wanted more ships on hand right away.

The siege begins.

Strangely, there is only one battle despite Kerberos having 3 fleets present. I'm glad because attrition here would be a cow.

Missile spam commences. I have point defense ships though, so I have the superior firepower here.

My point defense ships sure are friendly.

The rest of the fleet deploys maximum bloom.

I have no idea what this ship is. A repair craft maybe.

The first battle quickly swings in our favour.

3 kills for 2 damaged. I'll take that.

Apparently the Suul'ka have stealth tech.

Because I didn't secure the Gate point, and Blaze no longer has a gateship, I am cycling them out regardless. Having fresh ships is important. Especially if the Gate goes down.

Another turn, another battle.

Excellent news. I'm able to defend my gate!

And within a minute anyhow, we're fighting the enemy fleet.

Not that they aren't able to deal some damage this time.

Weapons do still impart kinetic force. But it's not as impressive as with Destroyers in SOTS1.

Battle in SOTS2 is mostly about control of rectangles though.

Hey guys, remember this from the other LP?

At least we've got plenty of time to solve it

It is clearly a major threat to the empire.

Always be Cyclin'

Also, my super-power is opening multiple new fronts on the same turn.

We take the opportunity to cleanse the outermost colony in Garnet.

Meanwhile, on another front...

Another set of strange modules. I take the time to shoot them off.

Point defense - deadliest weapon.

Thanks for the warning I guess

Cheap 1% research bonuses hoooo!

And another salvage project

Grayson actually has some starbases. Lets blow them up.

At Garnet, Kerberos gets violent.

We return the favour

This must've been one of their COMPETENT fleets.

Space Debris

At Grayson, they've deployed defenses. For all the good it does them. Buys them time, I guess.

Hey look! Slave ships!

Also a fusion torpedo.

Spoilers - the combat UI has bugs too

Oh yeah. IO lost the gate ship here because I deployed my fleet on the wrong side. And other casualties for the fleet means next turn, while they set up their own gate, is gonna be FUN.

Also, they did almost as much damage with their heavy drivers as we did with mediums. I may need to look into War sections.

FyI this is still happening.

This is what I've got to work with to re-establish the gate link at Garnet. Oh boy.

But hey, we destroyed a fleet.

This is how the battle STARTS

Space is mostly explosions at this point.

Still, we're holding the line.

Kind of

From a certain point of view at least.

Or inflicting damage, at least.

We clear the orbitals at Yith and Grayson, at any rate.

Oh right. I have pirates or slavers or something.

If there was ever a reason to play Morrigi...

Its even got a name there uuuggggh. (Fuxhal 1)


Even the less speccy ones are amazing

More Tarkan Details.

The Morrigi built a naval base in Ilona

I also take a look at our stations - This one is a Science station.

Also my new trade station.

As you might notice, Hivers build their stations around asteroids! Tiny tiny details.

Here is an Embassy as well. This is what happens when I don't auto-resolve pirate raids.

Oh right. I am fighting Kerberos at every turn. And the Suul'ka too! Given the status of the fleet when we STARTED that battle, this is a pretty good result.

It is so weird having a fleet at full health here now!

Pow! That is what it looks like when a fusion torpedo hits.

We rip the enemy fleet to pieces.

Though they did do SOME damage.

my Armour ships like to get up close and personal with enemy defense platforms.

Just letting you know, there is a super nova in 5 turns. Also look at the quality news ticker message.

Also, that last battle eliminated a full fleet.

Grayson has fallen

Oh, by the way.

Also, we get this from our salvage project.

The tech that is always unlocked...and we already finished researching!

I set our special projects to this purely because I am doing an LP. Normally you do them one at a time since it gets you the research done quicker. Since neither will be done this update anyhow, well.

Oh, also. I went to my tech tree to have a browse. why can we study this racial specific tech? Also, they're the Suul'ka now! EVEN YOUR GAME ISN'T INTERNALLY CONSISTENT.

The Imperium now controls the Space above Garnet.

This sometimes shows up when I alt tab. Neither Alt nor Tab activate it. It fades after a while at least, so it doesn't stick around to ruin my screenshots.

Another system falls before our inexhaustible might

On Turn 118, we get this warning!

Also the tech I've been waiting for. Because what I needed was more Micro!

That said, this tech is AMAZING at increasing your ships' durability.

Cue retrofitting all my ships.

it can be a bit expensive.

This is what the build queue ends up looking like.
For those in the audience wondering - the whole list was scheduled to take about 6 turns. Not that you can tell from the queue.

While we clean up another colony in Garnet, not all of space is becoming safer.

Also ran a feasibility study on new colonies.

I decide I need to know about this tech.

I really don't want to deal with this fleet. I should be able to take out the starbase next turn. I wonder what will happen.

We continue our work here.

You know, I possibly should've ended this update last turn. Just so I could open next update with this. Oh well.

67%. That's like 2 out of 3! That ain't bad.

Unlike this game.

I decide it's time to test multiple fleet deployments. While it's SAFE.

On turn 121, the siege of Garnet ends.

Not shown all update: Me slowly upgrading civilian stations and building freighters.

Nothing else interesting happened that turn