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Part 10: Turns 160-181

An endless sea of bugs (spawning inside the sun) Lets Play Sword of the Stars 2: Hiver Imperium

Update 9. Turns 160-180

Micro hell

So, the plan is to hit the capitals of both Kerberos, and Online Retailers.

Our flet arrives at Bolovan Nik, and engages the defenders.

Things start off poorly for the Retailers.

One of our ships is caught out of formation and gets pounded by the planetary missile defenses.

It is not the only ship to fall in the battle. With the loss of the command ship, the fleet breaks up and the survivors retreat through realspace.

I guess I'll be more careful and try again.

There is an Energy Weapon Tree, and an Energy Tree. Not confusing at all.

Looks like both fleets in Ilmater had the same problem.

After last turn, there are no defensive fleets deployed at Ilmater.

We secure the system then start attacking the stations.

4 Star Bases are all that defend their homeworld.

Even turrets can't save them.

The Liir continue to attempt to raid our worlds.

They are the first race to meet our disruptor whips!

Of course, the fact that our fleets are closing means that our cable doesn't remain taunt. Oh well. The dolphin still explodes.

My Continue Button class ship seems to love grabbing other ships.

Turns out our new ship is a bit of a death trap. Oh well.


We clear the Kerberos capital on turn 164.

One down.

I built a science station. The Right click menu doesn't let me manage my station, of course.

Not quite what I expected from the Manhatten project.

Bolovax Nik - take 2! This time I'll protect my Gate and command ships better than last time.

Looks like they chose their fleet from last time.

On the home front, I grab something boring so I can make more provinces and boost my trade income a bit.

I wish there was some way to know where Gates are going to come in.

To make things worse, my fleet spawns at the sun.

I've dropped multiple fleets on the same system. The second round of the three battles, and somehow I have no blocks in the system. No idea how that works.

We sweep part of the system, then get to raiding the orbitals. And a part of the defense force.

The third battle mostly involves clearing out starships.

Sweet salvage action!

Another battle, and we take time to kill the dragon civilians.

Once we reconnect to the gate network, I let the assault fleets return to get repairs and resupplied. Especially since we have cleared out the last of the defenders.

As THE BUGS advance across the stars, their scientists come up with ways to better protect their precious stargates.

And also uncover the secrets of the Utukku.

And I finally remember to research this. Expect Batman references if I ever deploy these on warships.

Our Salvage research uncovers something potentially amazing. Deploying these will prevent energy weapons from striking our ships from the front.

I can build these in every system I own. That's about 20 systems. And it is only going to increase.

Fighting more Liir, this happens. Our guns paint the enemy now I guess.

Also some balistics upgrade is feasible.

The Amp module is one of the main reasons to get these. Even at level 1 it gives 6 more gate capacity. And puts the gate in orbit of the planet, making it a bit safer from raiders.

The Liir have 3 fleets incoming, while we have 3 fleets moving to deploy gates in Retailer space.

After about 10 battles, the Liir cannons finally demonstrate their armament.

Our point defense shatters the shots before they get to our ships.

Though when our fleet gets astern of the dolphins there are some friendly fire incidents.

That closes out this session. Two Homeworlds down, And infinity gate stations to build and upgrade

On the up side, now I can play some SOTS1!