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Part 12: Turns 200-220

An endless sea of bugs (spawning inside the sun) Lets Play Sword of the Stars 2: Hiver Imperium

Update 12. Turns 200-220

In which I remember that I'm supposed to be making fun of every decision involving the launch of the game...for a while.

This is what happens when you relax your constructors for a few turns, then send them all out at once.

I've said it before, but I can always use more dolphinmurder in my games.

Online retailers flail against the inevitable storm of BUGS.

They cannot hold out against the storm.

Our BUGS have an irrefutable knowledge of machines. Production boosts are always nice.

Oh hey, here's something I haven't seen in a while. Lightning guns! Which may be because it's a first level tech, but you know.

I keep going with production boosts while I put off researching Anti-matter.

Bugs don't differentiate between friend or foe in their quest to forever prevent the rise of The Finished Product.


My carrier wing gets assembled and sent off on their mission. I suspect it's all for naught, but I'm going to try to catch some of the pirates to speed things up a little.

Huzzah. We also get our psi point counter at the top of the screen. I assume this is just a flat % boost to production. I haven't seen any way to deploy psionic powers to speed up ship building on the UI.

I finally cave, and start Anti-matter research.

I actually started rebasing my fleet, before deciding that I'll keep my Fusion fleets in Beta, and move naval operations to Pavarati when I get Anti-matter engines. Every time I grab a type of ship, the list wigs the hell out, so I end up having to make caravan fleets for each class of ship i have.

So many caravan fleets.

This is a Morrigi Construction ship.

See those little arms on the bottom? They're animated.

Spoilers - we never actually catch the ship.

I really wish they noticed when you researched the tech they had salvaged. I think we've had this one for what, 40 turns or more?

Now I have Anti-matter drives. My entire navy is now a bit obsolete.

Of course, if you REALLY want to go fast...I might study this before I actually field Anti-matter equipped ships for comedy purposes.

I am happy to see this unlock after Anti-matter, because it means that I can still possibly get them in SOTS1.

We actually manage to catch a pirate attack.

Of course, I forgot I tried this earlier and couldn't pick where they came in, so I set up wrong.

Time to kill dolphins in their homes.

Hell yes.

Obviously I need more gate capacity.

This is a Command ship pulling 3 cruisers. This just happened.

The Liir are using disruptor torpedoes. So they randomly disable weapons when the torpedoes hit.

I guess this is where all our freight goes? It's that tiny because that was the first zoom level I could fit it all IN.

This is how battles start against the Liir these days.

Wait what. I haven't lost a starship in ages. That one just caved like paper! Looks like the Liir are going to put up a fight after all.

One of our ships gets out of position and surrounded. Worse, it is a command ship.

Hopefully we can get him out of there.

He didn't make it. We take revenge on the rest of the fleet.

If it's killing Dolphins, it isn't a warcrime.

Also, not sure why this turned green and got our logo when we exploded it.

So yeah. Actually losing starships again. How novel.

Our freighters are manueverable. Shame they didn't get a thrust bonus too. But oh well.

Also, check it. New sections! With the second heaviest guns in the game. We only get two on our Cruisers though.

This is not the first time this playthrough I've seen this salvage project.

The Liir are causing some casualties now they're packing AM torps regularly.

We continue exchanging ships.

A bit of time compression explodes the planet's surface a lot.

It's nice that we're getting actual fights now, rather than just rolling over everyone.

We double our Farcasting range, though get a bit more inaccuracy for our troubles.

I haven't used these since I got casting, so finally scrap them all. Salvaging isn't too bad, I'll talk about it when I replace my battlefleet.

We are sending constructors to every corner of the galaxy.

Actually getting close to winning. I wonder if I should declare war on the Tarka.

I'm going to get Reflex Furnaces, and then Energy Deflectors before I commission my Anti-matter cruisers. I'll probably play with some alternate mission sections. Impactors for sure. And I'll see what else takes my fancy before grabbing DNs and obsoleting my whole navy again.