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Sword of the Stars 2

by Aethernet

Part 29: Turns 343-354

Turn 343

With most of the galaxy in our claws, some Zuul are permitted to shift their attention to feats away from conquering. Every world the Zuul have taken has been despoiled in a different way, and now visiting as many different types of desolation as possible has become a pasttime for Zuul without mind-eating to perform. To aid in this new 'tourism', Greatfather has mandated that node tunnels can be opened closer to stars, to shorten travel times for these Horror Spotters.

Turn 346

Our War Astronomers note an unusual effect around Madyha. Apparently the enormous rings placed in space between the systems of the Internet have a similar impact on the fabric of reality as our Node Tunnels, limiting the number of tunnels we can create from the star. The invasion of Ilona is delayed until this matter is resolved.

I am getting really sick of this particular bug. I've reported it before but received no response.

Turn 349

The invasion of Ilona does not go entirely to plan. Our new StarTear technology results in our fleet dividing in half and appearing on opposite sides of the sun.

I suppose I should count myself lucky they didn't appear INSIDE the sun.

Turn 350

In the end it makes little difference, of course, but such incompetence angers Greatfather, and he resolves to devote himself to smaller projects in the future.

Turn 351

The star's defenders are noted to be trying something unusual. Apparently having eschewed all their fancy energy technology, the Internet is reduced to throwing bits of itself at our ships.

While we appreciate this sudden burst of imagination, we prefer their earlier work. Indeed, the Enveloping Torpedoes our ships now deploy are much more effective.

Turn 352

Only one server remains that hosts the Internet, a lone world at Prion. A second system apparently only contains an outpost. A third iteration of Goonfleet, with weapons upgraded using the Internet's own designs, is on course to invade.

Turn 354

Their gifts are much appreciated.

Turn 355

But in the end, even The Internet must accept the rule of Martin Cirulis. There is no space for Opinion in his domain.

Enveloping torpedoes really do a number on cruisers - even Loa ships can barely stand one barrage of them. Get them today!

Meanwhile, our pirate fleet, lead by the Tomn brings back not bounty, but intriguing information - the location of the Publisher home world...