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Part 18: Chapter 25 Text Logs

The one place in the game where "This thing's ssstuck!" would be most appropriate, and she doesn't say it. Anyway,


Unlike the Emperor Penguins they visibly resemble, Siberian Penguins do not constantly carry their eggs on top of their feet; nor do they build stone nests like many other penguin species. Their eggs are uniquely adapted to survive direct exposure to Antarctic Arctic ice.

The eggs of the Siberian Penguin are also notable for their unusual shape and markings, and their distinctive odor.

Siberian Penguins are sometimes called "The Piranhas of Antarctica Anywhere Except the Northern Hemisphere, Really the Arctic," but don't let the name fool you: they are birds, not fish! Their diet consists mainly of large aquatic mammals, though they will eat terrestrial mammals in a pinch.

A swarm of Siberian Penguins can skeletonize an adult narwhal in minutes. Siberian Penguins will often carry the bones of their prey to shore, surrounding their nesting sites with artfully disheveled skeletons.