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Part 3: The Kazakhstan Infiltration

Update 03 - The Kazakhstan Infiltration


Syphon Filter Episode 3 - Rhoemer's Missile Base|(31:51)
After locating Rhoemer's base in Kazakhstan, Gabe and Lian are sent to destroy the compound and if possible eliminate the elusive terrorist. Logan employs a new, devastatingly illegal weapon alongside his trusty taser and Lian demonstrates her psychic powers.

~Equipment Database

We've only got one more weapon in this game to go! Also we're kinda-sorta at the halfway point now. It only gets harder from here...oh god does it get harder.

X_countryguy posted:

According to the Internet standard issue tasers are shot at 50,000 volts, not 500,000. I guess Gabe is just 10 times the man.

The outro was made just for you

Hope this wild ride stays entertaining for all of you. I, personally, can't wait to get to the second game, but there's still plenty of silly shit in this one!