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Part 8: Russian Around Moscow

The night before the day we recorded commentary for this video I drank about 4 cans of ale and got pretty drunk. I'll let this belated chat log speak for the rest of it as I lead into the next update


3:43 AM - Lunethex: I had a feverish, extremely drunken dream (4 cans of beer last night) where I was playing omega strain, the PS2 syphon filter game, and me and 3 other people tased four people in sync and they all burst into flames. It was a good thing.
3:44 AM - Lunethex: I also don't recall ever actually lying down to sleep but I was in bed somehow :/

The odd thing is I never saw a video of that kind of thing happening and I only tased about two people in my practice runs in Omega Strain. This game is doing things to me

Also my videos keep choosing the best thumbnails. I don't know how they do it! You know what else too, I'm surprised nobody has noticed the little joke I put into Chance's links in the OP and relevant update. It's in the face pic and the actual description URLs

Today is my birthday and this is my gift to you all!

Update 08 - Russian Around Moscow

Lian calls a meeting with Uri Gregorov of the SVR, heading to meet him at the local Club 32 where Mara Aramov ambushes him and causes him to flee. Lian learns that everyone in Moscow seems to have a gun and wants to kill her, but gets a little help from Gabe's spirit animal.
Syphon Filter Episode 10-1 - Moscow|(27:53)
Syphon Filter Episode 10-2 - Disc 1 Game Breakings|(11:10)

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I have some weird knack for pausing videos at the right moment. Greg

edit. Vegas is such a fickle thing. I hate when I see I missed a fade in curve, namely on the outro to the main video, but it removes those if you accidentally push a clip into another clip on the timeline. Curse you, Vegas, stop hounding me . I can't even begin to describe how many times it renders blank clips and that I have to fully restart Vegas every time I want to render to hopefully avoid that.