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Part 10: SYPHON...FILTER!?

I hate when I get near the end of things because I get super excited about certain things (like the ending of this game) or start having an 'interest drain' because I want so badly to do this or that next and want everyone to see it. I'm a very impatient person. With that being said, here is the Agency Bio-lab!

Update 10 - SYPHON...FILTER!?

Syphon Filter Episode 12 - Agency Bio-Lab|(37:00)
Syphon Filter Bonus 2 - I DO|(0:19)
Gabe's final option is to allow himself be captured by the Agency so that he can get close to the synthesis lab containing Lian's vaccine. Alone in the heart of the Agency that's been hounding him, he must avoid detection and somehow escape a facility 100 meters underground. It's going to be rough, as even the lights are wired to the alarm system!

ONE MORE EPISODE AND WE'LL GET TO GAME #3. THIS IS GOING TO BE GREAT. Also, upon retrospect, maybe I should have put a shadowy form of "Nanomachines, son" in there at the point it became a Thing. Oh well. You all know it well enough, I'm assuming

Also I can't stop fucking laughing at the thumbnails YouTube picks out. Holy fuck I'm dying at this point. It knows me too well.



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