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Part 11: One Man Army

Update 11 - One Man Army

Syphon Filter Episode 13 - New York Streets|(50:54)
The Agency and the local police force are both hot on Logan's trail, each side tearing at each other like dogs to get at him. With Lian's vaccine in tow and a chopper waiting for him, he makes his way through the streets. the sewers, and all the MiBs the elemental plane of goons has to offer blocking his path for an ultimate showdown...

I'm glad I've been able to play this game for all of you. I'm going to take a break for the next week and we'll be back the following week. I have some things coming in the mail and then AssCreed Syndicate is coming out. Look forward to the third and final game of this first trilogy! It's going to kick ass. I hope you all appreciate the new microphone I picked up for this LP. I actually used the wrong setting (it still sounds fine) I intended but that will sort itself out over time.

I also finalized my plan for Omega Strain: Each update will do what I'm doing here, for example all the Michigan levels in one video. Then, after I show the "regular play," we're going into the CheatVerse and levitating, noclipping, and speedhacking for 100% of the objectives. By doing this we'll see all the game has to offer easily and be able to point out its flaws, shortcomings, etc. It might make the game short, but we'll see. I haven't actually run through the entire game yet to leave myself some imagination


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