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Part 15: That was definitely an experience

IT'S HERE. Posting early because I may pass out in a bit as of this posting. I hope your reaction will be along the lines of or something, at least that's what was going through my mind when I worked on it.

Update 15 - That was definitely an experience

Syphon Filter Episode 18 - Gabe's Second Testimony
Look gabe is talking to jowls mcjowlerson but then something really bad happens ok and we are in big trouble and I'm at the local doctor now for having my finger shot off.

"" -Coolguye
"w-what the fuck" -TheLastRoboKy
"I'm stunned." -Jade Star
Why don't you let TORGUE do the thinking huh genius? - Mr. Torgue

The game has changed. Fuck Rhoemer.