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Part 18: All The Things

Update 18 - All The Things

Syphon Filter Episode 21 - D.C Senate Building|(26:54)
Logan makes it to the end of the Syphon Filter scare and finally stops the Agency and thwarts the Consortium's plans to use the virus ever again. Now, he can only look to the future...

I love Coolguye's "God damnit" it's like my favorite voice clip ever for agitation. So, what have you guys thought? I'm gonna take another break and we'll be back with the second trilogy, no doubt about it. Look forward to it. It's going to get far, far more exciting than ever seen. Also for those in the thread who play XCOM 2 I'm going to get a Syphon Filter character pool worked on shortly. If you want to guess at character nicknames be my guest


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